• Dreiser, Male portrait, ISFj by Beskova

    Dreiser, Male portrait, ISFj by Beskova

    Male DREISER is a person who is to the highest degree decent, worthy, and conservative in his outlooks. He makes a very positive impression. Collected, sensible, well-groomed, he dresses inconspicuously but with taste. Clothing will never hang loose on him as on a hanger, nor it will be stretched out as on a drum, and neither it will jut out to different sides, haphazardly. Competently selected colors, convenience, and a good carriage - all this creates the appearance of a traditional man, with a solid figure. Their posture and manner of speaking testify of their force and reliability.

    The basic characteristics of his face is its roundness and solidity, trim short hair-cut, and kind, affectionate eyes. Man of this type moves with weight and at a measured pace. His gait in no way suggests lightness or (God forbid!) any frivolity or levity.

    The honesty and diligence of these boys already manifests during their school years. They are assiduous and responsible. Their industriousness and conscientiousness is pleasing to their teachers. Young DREISER neatly does his homework and his chores, and in general, makes for a good student all around. True, he needs to be given sufficient time to do all his assignments; he should not be rushed neither allowed to procrastinate. Fortunately, school teachers, as a rule, do not require of their students to quickly master the material.

    Boys of this type often favor humanitarian subjects. However, DREISERs can master mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics, if they set it as a goal for themselves.

    Story from real life: "Last year of school, DREISER was so afraid of the final examination in mathematics that he decided to break his arm. He accelerated on a skate-board, jumped off from it at maximum speed and, with his full force, flew against the parapet. As he planned it, so everything went. From the examination in mathematics the boy was freed."

    Although young DREISER willingly socializes with other children, nevertheless, he usually has very few friends at school. If he is constantly being surrounded by different people, he will grow somewhat tired of them and attempt to limit the number of those that he associates with. Moreover, he is interested not so much in quantity, as in quality of relations, and therefore he will not want to associate with everyone. Therefore, it is no wonder that with his exactness, the candidates for his friendship go through a rigid selection process (of course it should be noted that he does this unconsciously).

    Boys of this type enjoy being engaged in sports, frequently preferring power forms of sport to others.

    He loves meet with his close friends, but such that people will not be numerous. This way is more convenient for him to conduct his quiet, calm conversations tet-a-tet. Youths of this type can evoke a lot of interest in girls, but, despite the fact that DREISER can for an entire evening look at you with his kind, affectionate eyes, he is not so quick with taking further initiative. He is pleased by quick, ingenious, clever girls, which are capable of stirring him up a little.

    After marrying DREISER, you will discover that your husband is a domestic, well-meaning, responsible, industrious man. He loves for his home to be clean and can himself prepare tasty food. He walks to the grocery store to purchase the products. But it would be better if you tell him what it is that you want and explain this to him in detail, without hurrying. Better yet, write a list for him of what is necessary to purchase.

    Sometimes you can boldly invite guests into your house. Best for this will be a traditional occasion, for example, an anniversary or any widely celebrated holiday. DREISER will take care that everything is at its apex. He knows how to show respect to people, and he awaits the same in response. So, it will be better, if you bring your old friends, whom he knows and trusts, and still so that there would not be too many of them.

    Being austere and strict adherent of his inner moral code, DREISER imposes serious demands on those surrounding him and does not attempt to hide this. He knows well what respectable relations between friends, colleagues, and relatives should be like.

    Man of this type make for good, thoughtful fathers. They are real friends to their children, although at the same time they are exacting and demanding.

    In his measured, ordered life, filled with household and family concerns, DREISER tries to avoid unexpected contingencies, surprises, and any abrupt changes in plans.

    Nonstandard situations, all kinds of misunderstandings and differences can provoke the usually calm and peaceful DREISER to an unexpected splash of emotions. In addition, he knows how to demonstrate his noble anger in a way that others around him begin to share in it. In this case, know that the matter was seriously complicated and it is necessary to take measures.

    Since DREISERs understand people very well, they also know well how to work with them. They are well suited for any work that involves children or adults. They make for good doctors and pediatricians, television show hosts, HR managers, sales managers, journalists, soldiers and policemen.

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