IRC Chat

November 20th 2005

Socionics has a new IRC chat room, join us on server in channel #socionics. If you need help connecting, ask in our forums or visit and click the Chat link.

Site Rearranging

July 8th 2005

Finally did some rearranging, moving the groups quadra values to the groups page, and took the computer generated type analysis that was in 'beta' into another place in the Type Description page. Very active forums now, with at least somebody browsing about 90% of the time. Come and join the discussion!

Beta Test for Site

March 4th 2005

If you visit a page for a type through this site, you will see at the top a explaination and link to a computer generated type analysis for each type. It is based on a theory in the Socionics Gazetta. Please try it out and give me feedback, thanks.

Site back up, working on new features

February 20th 2005

I changed the functions around to have positive / negative ( or close and distant aspect, whatever the better translation ) functions, and was working on the code to show the right positive or negative aspect in the per type model A chart, which accidentally took the site down for a few hours. My problem is there seems to be no obvious logic to mapping types as having first funcitons as positive or negative, besides first and third quadra's rational functions being negative and irrational being positive, and those are switched for the second and fouth quadra. It's a complicated piece of code. I should have it done tonight.
To Hugo, who has been emailing me about the quality of translations and lack of subtypes but not leaving an email address: I speak English but not Russian. Sometimes the only thing I have to rely on are poor automated translation programs, and I always accept better translations if they are donated.

CSS Styles

January 23rd 2005

See how this hits you. Don't like it? Switch back. Check out our forums, if you are interested in Socionics it's one of the best resources I know of.

New Hosting

January 13th 2005

The site has been moved to a server under my control, so no more slowness or downages problems. If you want a nice account, visit

Looking for co-maintainers

November 21st 2004

If anyone would like to help me maintain this site and add information to it, please let me know. It would certainly help if you understand PHP programming language and MySQL databases, and Cascading Style Sheets, and socionics also. Or, if you would like to learn about them. I have added Gulenko's Communication Skills and Erotic Attitudes to the groups and type pages, which I find to be fairly interesting, giving the type pages even more information to describe or find out your type. I have also added some simple descriptions of the blocks(ego, superego, id, superid) to the models page.

Reinin Dichotomies

November 14th 2004

There are now Reinin Dichotomies under groups, and on each type's page the groups they belong to are now listed. Also, the types view page was redone to have multiple views (check it out).

User Edited Dictionary

November 6th 2004

I've changed the dictionary so it can be edited and added to by visitors to the site, so hopefully it can expand into something much more useful with your help. Hopefully it will not become abused, if it is then I might have to remove it. I'm also going to be adding some Reinin traits to the site, if I can find the right place to add them in.

More activity on the forums

September 28th 2004

...and more activity by me. I've redone the type pages so the division between the socionics types and the proposed Oldham ones are more seperate, and now it flows a bit better. I've added relations and charts for each type page, I also added a simple Model A chart, and then some beginners material. I've made a 4 question type-yourself test , and was able to get the downloadable Socionics Type Assistant and place it in the beginners section also. Our forums have picked up, which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside:) Some interesting information being placed there. Coming soon: Type by function, important and historical socionics documents machine translated and archived, and better beginner's material (because the one I made is crap).

Updates this week

September 19th 2004

Recently I've added socionics type profiles, relation descriptions, a functional analysis article, and added disease and oldham style type descriptions proposed from the Ptypes website for Inventive and Artistic personality styles. I've also added a functional analysis graph for each type. Coming soon: Full chart for relations for all and per type. New articles for beginners, and perhaps a full model A explaination. I'm also hoping to get more traffic and more discussion on my message boards...I'm hoping google will someday index my site and take care of that.

Site Launches

September 10th 2004

I have registered this domain and begun work on populating everything. I'm using style sheets to keep everything looking the same and to have a central point of design. I also am building all of my information in database format, being pulled dynamically and using PHP to format the data. This is a lot of work right off, but hopefully it should pay off later. Even now, instead of making 16 pages for personality types(which making one change to each page later would take forever), I've made one php page which pulls all 16 entries out of the database. Currently I'm picking and choosing information I've found on other sites, basically selectively copy and paste right now, but later I plan to either document all of my sources, or translate/write the information myself.

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