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    Logical Sensing Introvert: The Inspector

    General description:

    Is distinguished by thoroughness, precision, and concreteness in professional matters. Carefully plans events, thoroughly examines and works out all the specifics. Puts work matters above sentiments. Takes all regulations into account. Keeps his personal things in order. He can always be relied on. Stoically endures life's hardships.

    This is a man of strong will, diligent and enduring. He is insistent and demanding in execution and verification of tasks. Takes care of those who are confused and uncertain, explains to them how they can do their work. In his assessments - a sober realist, who does not tolerate infertile, unrealistic fantasies. Proves his point and supports his case citing numerous facts that he has collected.

    In communication with friends and colleagues, he is polite and courteous. Can make an impression of an intelligent and well-mannered man. However, in closer, more familiar relations, he can be rather insensitive. Despite the fact that he is quite communicative in a small groups, periodically he needs to spend time alone. Has a tendency to be didactic, to deliver lengthy explanations on his understanding of a subject. May lecture on ethical topics.

    What he deems himself capable of doing, he will also require from others. May become too deeply immersed in the details and the calculations, at which point he risks losing sight of the broader view. Uncompromising in his convictions. The fall of the ideals that he has previously followed treats as a personal tragedy. Distrustful of strangers and people about whom he knows too little. When he discovers some negative traits in another person, loses trust in him for a long period of time.

    Detailed description:

    LSI studies any matter that occupies him in great depth. He stubbornly and persistently collects information to attain a thorough understanding of the subject. He favorably views well-organized and smoothly functioning systems. Anything that does not fit into the system he rejects as nonsensical. He will regularly check the progress of any venture that interests him. Consistent and operative, strives to do his job well and looks to same from others. Is perceptive of existing hierarchies. Does not take into account personal sentiments when it comes to business. Cannot tolerate when someone takes his things or moves his belongings without asking.

    Sober realist: sets only feasible goals for himself and in most cases achieves them. If explanations and warnings did not have any effect can shift to pressuring methods of influence. Knows how to force his opponent into a corner and squeeze him. Stoic: can keep himself in control, tolerant of adversities. Will force himself to do that which is necessary but uninteresting to him. Helps and protects those who are weak and defenseless. Looks after the old and the sick. Can be lone-wolf fighter for justice who keeps a low profile.

    In public, he holds himself politely and appropriately. Can make himself be cheerful and sociable. Easily makes short-term, situational contacts. With his behavior evokes trust. Patiently listens to those who have approached him, sympathizes with them, demonstrates his disposition. Even though he comes into close contact with many people, he rejects excessive familiarity. Stern with family members. Loves to educate using terse statements. Reliable in his affections, although it can happen that he gets torn between two objects of his sympathies.

    Very attached to his worldview. Does not change his views easily, not inclined to make concessions and compromises. Chooses friends who have compatible views to his own. Uses himself to judge the capabilities of others: "If I can do this, then why not others?" Knowledge gained through direct experience serves as a substitute for intuition for him. Can trust someone who is well-wishing and attentive listener, who does not take sides. Values intelligent, artistically gifted people, may even forgive them selfish and unethical actions.

    Often is in a gloomy, serious mood. Accumulates negative emotions. Periodically pours them out on someone else and feels temporarily relieved. To be in good condition, he needs frequent fluctuations of emotional background. Cannot stand to be pressured by negative emotions - crying, whims, accusations. It is easier to give in for him than to ignore them. Internally rather touchy and vulnerable, although does not show this considering it to be weakness.

    Finds it difficult to tolerate people who are not punctual and who cannot fit into allotted time. Lives at a measured pace. Does not like unnecessary disruptions in schedule. Frightened of what fate may bring, of unpredictability. Although he generally rejects mysticism, will warily listen to prophecies, divinations, interpretations of dreams. Becomes mobilized when there is an unexpected but important job that needs to get done in a short period of time.

    Very thrifty in his work and shopping. Will keep used and worn-out things just in case. Seeks to do more with less effort. A supporter of mechanization and automation. Would rather control revenues than expenses. Exercises control over actions of other people. If they are illogical or inappropriate, suspects that something is wrong.

    Monitors his appearance and pays attention to appearance of others. Strives for tidiness in clothing, at home and workplace, although not always maintains it. Often is capable at handwork, repairing or tinkering with something at his home. Good at delicate manual operations, especially if they are related to design and decoration. Likes simple but healthy food. Steadfast in his tastes and habits.

    Manner of communication

    The LSI easily comes into contact with other people, knows how to establish close personal distances. Catches the attention of others by his witty commentary or jokes, especially persons of opposite sex (for male LSIs). Often behaves like a gallant cavalier, exquisitely and politely considerately. Knowingly courts the ladies, plays well the role of a "hussar" (for sensory subtype). Often becomes the communicative center of a company. Gravitates to performance of romantic songs with a guitar in the spirit of the movie "Cruel Romance". At official level of communication, he appreciates accuracy very much. Pays great attention to numbers, indicators, factual material, concrete logic of objects. Any question or issue he considers thoroughly, considering and working through all the details. In judgments and assessments - he is a sober realist. Dislikes unsubstantiated speculations and reckless proposals. Believes that any issue needs thorough preparation. In his speech one can frequently hear basic truths and educational statements, which are appropriate to the moment. The LSI is characterized by a tendency to edification. Likes posters, wall prints, and other visual aids. In an informal atmosphere, in a tight circle of close friends, he is inclined to discuss and speculate on philosophical and moral topics. Sometimes he has a certain attraction to religion, mysticism, predictions, and other forms of manifestations of deep intuition. When someone comes to him with a question, doesn't turn the person down. Will always give advice where to go, whom to talk to, which order exists in some business or project.

    Features of behavior

    A characteristic feature of behavior that allows to confidently identify a person of this type - is good adaptability to his position within a hierarchy of power. As a child, the LSI tends to be obedient, good kid, respectful of his elders. At school he may set an example to others, given responsible assignments by his teachers. Very operational. A good organizer. When he is appointed to a post, shows clear administrative inclinations. Maintains strict discipline. Doesn't cut slack to anyone. Tough in asking about implementation and completion of adopted decisions. Likes and respects the hierarchy of degrees, titles, and positions. Follows the chain of command. The LSI is very trusting in matters of human relations. Being aware of this, he is suspicious of people who violate basic ethical standards of behavior. Sometimes he imagines conspiracies, poor intentions of other people. Those who do not openly express their relation to him fall under suspicion. He loves and collects books, especially reference books, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. Doesn't like to admit that he doesn't know something in his field. At home he maintains almost a military order: all his things are strictly within their designated areas, even if he has many of them. The LSI dislikes it when they are moved, or handled carelessly. Around himself he constantly creates comfort and order. Knows how to tinker, how to repair something, and in general how to work with his hands. At home he is unpretentious, doesn't need sophisticated food. His diet can be one and the same, but has to be of good quality.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your strengths lie in being realistic, careful, capable of following through with any project or activity you take upon yourself. You are a responsible person who doesn't throw promises to the wind. You are characterized by a desire for order, discipline, clear rules and regulations. You are impatient of any kind of negligence and irresponsibility. Your thinking is realistic, grounded, guided by objective, concrete factors, not by sentiments. You can perform an in-depth development of specific areas of operations. You are assertive and purposeful. There is no doubt that you make a good administrator.

    You also advocate of the use of disciplinary measures against people who are not performing their duties. Do not overdo with applying pressure to others. Try to first understand what constitutes a true instance of misconduct worthy of punishment. You may be too uncompromising in meeting high standards in the home and at work.

    One of your main problems - lack of confidence in situations that require breaking the established views without clear prospects, distrust of unexpected ideas and proposals that require rejection of past values. In such cases you may be overtaken by a feeling of impending chaos. Try to abandon old outlived stereotypes after carefully weighing the pros and cons. Keep track of new, unconventional ideas so that they do not catch you by surprise.

    Trust people more, don't imagine causes of failures as someone's deliberate machinations. Do not demand same performance out of everyone, remember that everyone has different abilities and talents. Try to develop a more individual approach.

    If you are the leader, do not suppress creative initiative in your subordinates or try to monitor their every move. Do not seek to prove yourself by following every regulation and instruction, however obsolete. Extend your range of interests and hobbies, do not focus on one thing. Remember that the most advanced ideas of present times were not recorded in any book in the past.

    Your other problem is occasional sharp variations and irregularities in your dealings with people. You display unnatural, abrupt transitions from showing kindness and sensitivity to manifesting authoritativeness. Remember that you have a tendency to show insensitivity and rudeness in close relations. Try to keep a moderately restrained attitude to not escalate possible misunderstandings and conflicts to dramatic resolutions. Do not consider that others are obligated to help you. Do not bore people with redundant moralizing and lecturing. Even if you are right, your didactic tone can make them shun you.

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