• Esenin, Male portrait, INFp by Beskova

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    Esenin, Male portrait, INFp by Beskova

    The young male IEI is usually charming and pleasant in appearance. His essence is poetic. His initially melancholy gaze soon enough becomes sly and playful. An endearing smile lights up his lips. A pensively bowed head, long hair down to the shoulders, black sweater and jeans make up the image of modern day male IEI. However, extensive conversations about looks and style are usually not within his circle of interests. As children and adolescents male IEIs are characteristically slender and gracious, though they can put on weight with age.

    In younger years, the male IEI is timid and amiable, goofy and whimsical, flighty and adventurous. He sensitively manages his own emotions and those of his conversation partner, so that you find yourself at times laughing out loud at his ridiculous jokes and antics, and at other times fall into melancholy together with him.**
    [**Translator's note: This profile seems to be describing IEI e4 specifically and may not be as relatable for IEIs of other enneagram types.]

    He is sufficiently sociable, readily initiates contact and talks to people, but generally does not strive to ascend to the top of the social ladder, preferring instead to remain out of the limelight. He rarely takes initiative, and more often than not will wait until the right moment arises. He may quietly stand alone, aloof and away from the group, until he is noticed. If this occurs, he begins to make light conversation, showing attentiveness to other people, smiling, and throwing in light jokes once in a while. One of his distinctive traits is that you can physically move him to the right or to the left. The IEI does not resist physical force, unless it's too crude and rough.

    Frequently, youths of this type write reasonably good verses (usually poetry about nature and love), or he will read you the poetry of his favorite authors, desiring to make an impression and positively predispose you.

    A boy of this type usually does quite well in school, if his upbringing was good and his his parents have guided him with a strong hand. If this is the case, such boys generally earn decent grades and are well-behaved. Otherwise, the complete opposite may be be true. They gladly attend school because they have many friends there. And even this is not the most important - they also have many female friends! These are very quick, active, boys who will literally on the fly come up with various mischievous, yet harmless entertaining games and jokes. They don't wish for anything bad to happen, but simply want to have fun.

    If a boy of this type takes up sport, he usually prefers the types that require quick reaction time and speed.

    In school, humanitarian subjects are recommended for Yesenin. With the right amount of diligence he can master mathematics and physics, but more often literature, languages, and arts attract attention of this type of youth. Frequently, the male IEI is drawn to theater, literature and poetry clubs, where he can engage in unlimited self-expression, finally finding an application to the wide range of his emotions.

    Although male IEI tends to solitude, he, nevertheless, enjoys spending some time in the company of other people. He typically has a small circle of friends, but knows how to become acquainted with unfamiliar to him people and then the entire evening consider them his friends.

    When all around him familiar and unfamiliar people gather to spend time together, Yesenin's moods improve. While he is in this good mood and elevated energies, he will joke and cheer and entertain everyone from his very soul, for he is not lacking in charm and is overflowing with positive emotion. But this is not a loud youth, so that if the company that gathers is too numerous and too noisy, he may choose to remain in the background unnoticed.

    Male IEIs are friendly, charming, non-aggressive, and resourceful, so that they are often attractive to the girls. They are also easily conquered, because they are often yielding and indecisive, so if girl acts with enough energy and persistence the male IEI will more often than not yield to her. However, it is necessary to consider that at first the male IEI may become absorbed in the moment, give in to the momentary emotions, even propose to get married tomorrow. But, just as easily as he asks this today, tomorrow he may change his mind. And if he has changed his mind, he will have enough stubbornness and persistence to escape from his momentary promises. Young male IEIs are very careful and try to avoid any "traps". Moreover, they have the talent to foresee the undesirable course of events, which helps them to protect themselves from unnecessary encroachments.

    If you have married a male IEI, take the reins of management and decision making into your own hands, because the major decisions, substantial purchases, repairs, changes of apartments, and other serious everyday matters will fall to you. You will have an attentive and caring husband, who usually won't refuse to help you in all your undertakings. Well, in almost all, since it will still be difficult to get him involved in repairs and maintenance and similar matters.

    An example from life: "I have been trying to persuade my husband to do a kitchen renovation for a while now. When the money appeared, I proposed we leave on Saturday morning and go to the store to order the design that I liked. On Saturday morning he woke up in bad spirits, and as soon as I said that it is time to go, he started to nervously pace around the room and then asked: "So we just go and spend all this money immediately?! Do you think all of this renovation really necessary? Why are we making this decision so hastily? We should discuss and re-calculate everything again. What's the hurry?" Seeing how he has become very anxious, I proposed that we put off the purchase. Two weekends we have spent discussing this step. On Sunday evening he was in the state of complete prostration. Monday he stayed the entire day at work where he has been apparently distracted by something else and calmed down. After work we met up, went to the store, and purchased new kitchen design."

    On the other hand, your IEI husband will hold absolute leadership in the family in terms of maintaining a vibrant emotional atmosphere. When in good spirits, he warms up his family members, relatives, and friends with his gleaming playful jokes. He knows how to cheer up and to inspire people. He adores jokes and pranks, loves to fool about and laugh, to have fun and to even sing about it. Wife and children next to him feel as one family. Warmth, faithfulness, devotion will always be valued very highly.

    Lifestyle in male IEI's family is distinctive. Here you will often find yourself traveling to new, unknown places. As soon as the wish appears (and the wish to travel visits him fairly often), you together with your family will be lifted up without too many preparations. Under the management of this untiring traveler your family will visit such places of which some have never heard about. Moreover, he loves not only to explore, but also to tell about the historical past of what he has seen. He is attentive and perceptive of the distinct styles of different epochs, can study architectural styles, is easily fascinated by history.

    Needless to say, such trips bring joy and amusement to his family and contribute to the spirit of constant novelty and renovation.

    It is necessary to say that Yesenin likes not only to travel, but also simply just to take walks, to talk and wander around. Therefore, it can happen that if you sent him to buy some groceries on Sunday morning, he will return only in the afternoon. In this case you must know that he simply went wandering around nearby areas and visiting other places, and strayed sufficiently far, this is why this has happened. His mistakes and oversights the IEI typically hides. Do not hope that he will directly tell you the truth. Most likely, he will act sly, build up an image of mysteriousness or importance, and with the most serious demeanor will try to pull the wool over your eyes. He can tell elaborate, extraordinary histories that nevertheless don't exactly describe how events have really transpired, because he possesses flexible intuitive imagination a remarkable ability to tell about the most breathtaking and improbable topics – talent is talent. Probably for this reason, Yesenin loves to induce in others the state of slight surprise and even stupefaction. He is entertained by this. This also serves to protect him. Indeed, if his behavior is wrapped by a halo of fog and mysteriousness, then others won't know anything about him accurately, and, therefore, they will not be able to use this knowledge against him.

    The main annoyance of coming into contact with an IEI lies in the fact that he will frequently turn down your initiatives, foretelling with melancholy that your undertakings will not end in success.

    Male IEIs make outstanding journalists, since the writer talent is often inherent to them and they can easily express their thoughts. Frequently enough they find themselves working as designers, stylists, modellers, artists, and singers. They love to photograph or to make movies, which sometimes also becomes their main profession. With their general interest of history, they can also dedicate themselves to studying or teaching it.

    The IEI, as no other type, loves having the type of job that he would enjoy, and this, for him, often means diversification and trying out different types of work. He is constantly trying to avoid boredom and routine and this extends to his workplace. With great pleasure he goes on trips and meets up with new people. Least of all he likes monotony of daily routines, in which he finds no place for his creative ideas and undertakings. He hopes for something new and novel – he hopes for a constant change of impressions.

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