• Huxley, Male Portrait, ENFp by Beskova

    Huxley, Male Portrait, ENFp by Beskova

    Thin and pulled up, with light, swift gait, usually men of this type stay like that till old age, preserving an almost youthful figure. Face of HUXLEY typically has large eyes and mouth, ready to smile at any moment. However along with general affability, HUXLEY as a whole makes an impression of a serious and calm person.

    Friendly and well-wishing disposition, encouraging smile and endless enthusiasm - all this distinguishes the real HUXLEY. Magnificent haircut - in short or long version - usually creates an artistic mess on his head. This same mess can reign in his clothing - a jacket negligently thrown on top of a sports shirt, an open coat with a loosely hanging scarf - all this looks unconstrained and elegant, reflecting a certain recklessness inherent in his character.

    Sometimes one can encounter thorough and disciplined men of this type, however the majority of representatives of this type have an inherent scatterbrainess and vague ideas about order. Instead, they know how to be liked by others. Thanks to this, all their matters usually become resolved.

    HUXLEY is sincere, direct, resourceful, charming, and it takes him no effort to establish contact with somebody with use of unconstrained jokes and welcoming looks, everywhere he wishes - on the street, public transport, shops, university campus, bank, ministry etc. He does not feel subordination and acts naturally around any managers, knowing with certainty, that any official is first and foremost a person. And people - both on the street and in the high offices - are inclined to respond to the requests of this good-natured, calm, sincere man, while he will never forget to charmingly smile in return.

    Real life example: "In Budapest, at the currency exchange center, there sits a handsome, welcoming middle aged fellow. He diligently counts on his calculator and does not forget to face it towards the client, so he would see the final figures. He smiles to the visitors, looking into their eyes with warmth, and talks with them on other subjects. This is probably the only currency exchange center in entire city where near the window stands a little box, and in it - tiny candies in beautiful many-colored wrappers. Not only does he exchange your money with a smile, which is hard to forget, but he also offers you to taste the candies. How can anyone be indifferent to such approach? Obviously next time you need an exchange center, you'll go there again."

    In childhood - he is a merry, dreamy and enterprising boy, who is never bored. In fact, life is full of such interesting things! And from all this, of course, the most interesting for him are the people. They go to school mostly in order to observe teachers, trying to understand their characters, and also in order to socialize with friends. Socializing for him is always meaningful. However, as far as content is concerned, only those HUXLEYs are successful at studies, who have a good memory. Otherwise, he has to spend the whole summer learning the multiplication table, which may literally poison his life.

    During teenage period HUXLEY starts to pump up his muscles, so he would look like a "real man". Afterwards, many of them for the same reason regularly engage in sport, although for them it's doubtful pleasure.

    The selection of higher education institution is agonizing. The fact is that HUXLEY matures very late (around the age of 40!), while he has to enroll to the university much earlier (and the idea of attending the army is not very popular among the representatives of this type). At the age of 17-18 almost none of representatives of this type know what they want to do in life. HUXLEY lives in order to extract the maximum possibilities from his contact with people, not in order to learn dry and useless formulas or lifeless integrals.

    Thankfully, though not many HUXLEYs can brag about good memory, many of them join humanitarian departments in colleges. Here they study with greater pleasure, if they can consider studying as pleasure at all.

    On the other hand HUXLEY has lots of friends, and even more acquaintances. He is liked by everyone and everyone is ready to spend time with him because a positive energy is coming from him and life is boiling around him.

    Generally, informal relationships is their domain. Through friends and acquaintances he learns about life, moreover precisely socializing helps to broaden his horizon and acquire knowledge in most various of fields. That does not mean that he knows about everything only by hearsay (although partly it is true). Simply friends and acquaintances hint what would be better to read a little, where and what to watch, on what to focus attention. He does not like the idea of standard education where you need to regulary attend classes and take exams. However he has enormous curiosity to everything around him and he is ready to learn about world in its various forms (and later on - of course - discuss it with friends). Indeed HUXLEY not only curious but also thoughtful young man and for him it is important not only to know but also understand what caught his interest.

    Since HUXLEY moves through life with unusual ease, he can successfully be pleased by a quiet, calm and thorough girl. Its only needed for her to attentively listen to his reasonings and support his notions.

    In a group often HUXLEY is the best storyteller, knows how to inspire everyone, involve, entertain, shake them up. It happens that guests just gather and sit and only when HUXLEY comes the party starts.

    Actually, this young man does not go astray under any circumstances, does not fall in spirit of any hardships. To the contrary, in situations where you need to quickly find a way out, in stressful situations, mobilization of all his charm and resourcefulness helps him to keep up the tone. If life came to a stagnation, friends left somewhere or are always busy, at work every day the same thing, then its not that far from depression.

    HUXLEY becomes serious about marriage usually quite late. Until 40 years they are attracted to freedom and an enormous amount of opportunity that they always see within arms reach. To get acquainted and fall in love "head over heels" does not take great effort of him. If the beautiful girls were not that abundant then maybe he would stop somewhat earlier. So even if HUXLEY has married a bit too soon due to "big love" (and he falls in love easily), then most likely there will follow a divorce, and after that - sexual freedom and new, bright victories at the love front.

    If HUXLEY, however, stays in the family, then know, you have a soft husband, who is very distant from manly chauvinism. He acts with the wife as with equal partner, not against helping around the house, eagerly hangs out with children, especially with little ones, with pleasure entertains and interacts with them. His optimism and ability to easily relate to everything in the world makes him cheerful and beloved father.

    If HUXLEY was taught manual work in his family as a child, he is able to maintain the house in some order. He does not refuse to buy products and to make repairs. In general, he takes care of the household, though he will need help with some remaining details, because when everything in general terms has been completed, and the work needs to be brought to the end, he loses interest. He believes that once the major work is done, the rest can be done later. As a result his apartment may have unpainted skirting-board and non-hanging chandelier for many years.

    Since HUXLEY is oriented at originality, he likes to invent and refine something. At this he may be really talented. So his improved object might be unique and you wont find another one like that, however it will always be brought to operating condition.

    The main enemy in HUXLEY's life - formalities of any kind, from filling receipts for rent to various rules and agreements. So this part of everyday problems better be handled by his wife.

    Men of this type do not fit into the measured, standardized life of society easily. Thing is that he with difficulty handles mundane, routine work. He needs at least some freedom, so he is better suited for work that is related to business trips or having a more loose schedule, where he for example is giving lectures. He finds the use of his talents in many humanitarian fields, works well with adults as well as with children.

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