• MCV: Systems of Si/Ni

    Note: Something has come up in my offline life that is requiring my time/attention. Which means I won't have the time to spend doing the Si/Ni as I had initially wanted. But I wanted to try to get this part of my 'promise' down, and the other 'promise'...about the questionnaire...is going to have to wait until things calm down in my offline life. So, Si/Ni are being combined into one entry, this time.


    In my current view, I've linked the Dynamic elements with the Where/When Pathway. This is the pathway that tracks the movement of an object, where it's located (space/time), what direction/course it's following, how fast it's moving along the course, and any other relevant vectors.

    This is also the Pathway that then takes that info and calculates or projects where that object will be at a given moment in time.

    In terms of playing tennis, that projecting of where/when would let us know where the ball is going to land, where we can situate ourselves so we can hit the ball, and even how we can hit that ball in such a way as to send it on a desired course back.

    In terms of the farming sector of economics, projecting where/when would let us know where the farming sector is going, how soon it will get there, and even what we can do to alter it's course into the direction we'd like it to go in.

    In terms of our personal $ budget system, projecting where/when would let us know where we can expect to be financially at a given time..barring any outside changes..., how soon we might get there, how outside changes may alter that 'location', and what we can do to change that movement and direction ourselves.

    The Where/When pathway leads us to taking instinctive action and/or an action plan.
    The tennis player doesn't have time to formulate a well thought out action plan. But the player's practice incorporates action plans for certain situations. In effect, training her body/mind to react in certain ways, upon certain conditions of movement. Her training, in effect, creates an instinctive reaction towards hitting that ball back into a path that she wants it to go.

    When we are dealing with things like farming sectors and personal budget systems. We have time to make action plans, consider what outside forces are in effect (what other TPE are doing, how they are moving, how they will affect our desired system), and consider what change we can implement to alter the TPE's course/movement.

    At this point, we are dealing with Systems of Interactions. Or, since "actions" caused so much problem, perhaps we'll call it Systems of Intermotions? Systems of Inter-Vectors? or just plain Systems?

    So, Si and Ni deal with the Systems that involve a TPE's location, motion, direction, and vector. May I please shorten that to something? "actions" wasn't liked, so maybe LMDV? Ok, LMDV it is, unless I get a better acronym or term.


    Si deals with concrete Systems of LMDV.
    Systems such as those involving
    * physiological processes occurring within the body,
    * sensory LMDV changes occurring to/with the body (ahem, such as during intimate and sensory contact,
    * physical mechanics such as required for engines, electrical/gas systems, heating/cooling systems, etc.,
    * changing physical traits of objects..such as the LMDV to get the desired color, the desired shape, the desired sensations,
    * the LMDV involved in cooking...the style of cooking where one knows how a herb/spice will alter the flavor of a pot of stew, just how much to put into it, and how it will likely taste after putting a particular amount in, and how to correct for mistakes related to this...not by using abstract rules read in a book, but by actually tasting the stew, knowing what the herb/spice tastes like, etc.,
    * and other such physical systems that can be physically observed and physically interacted with...er, physically Inter-LMDV'd with.

    Ni deals with far less concrete Systems of LMDV.
    Systems involving TPE that are separated in time/space....beyond what can be physically sensed and projected in the here/now. Such as those Systems that involve
    * extended time, future
    * extended time, past, history,
    * non-physical 'location'
    * non-physical LMDV
    Such as the Economics example: the Farming Sector is not a concrete entity. It is an abstract nest that incorporates a variety of TPE and their LMDV, and their Inter-LMDV influences. So it lacks a location in space from which to sensorially track. Yet, it's LMDV IS being tracked, and projections of where it might move to and when it might get there are made. These types of projections are from Ni.

    Ni is also often related to spirituality. It helps then, to think of spirituality as a System of LMDVs. I'm not talking religion nor belief in God. I'm talking about Spirit...similar to "the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law". Spirit.... as in how all things are connected and influence each other, The Butterfly Effect, etc.

    I have a couple of stories that I wanted to share, but I haven't the time right now. So I'll post this, and if/when time/energy (and will) presents itself, I'll post a story in the comment area.
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