• Quadral Estafette: Silhouettes of Time Through Progression of Types by Gulenko

    Quadral Estafette: Silhouettes of Time Through Progression of Types

    - by V. V. Gulenko , 25.07.1995, Kiev.

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    1. The place of Quadra among other groups

    As typological groups, quadra were created at the inception of socionics by A. Augustinavichiute. The properties that were attributed to these groups were one of the most comfortable and productive collaboration. Since those times, this concept has been elevated to a kind of a cult. Aushra herself even put forward the slogan of "quadratization" of society [1] i.e. connecting people in groups on the principle of their quadra trait, which was supposed to provide a person with a welcome sense of freedom, contentment, and acceptance. Unfortunately, many of the current schools of thought in socionics haven't progressed far beyond this hype and are still looking for the causes of social and psychological dissatisfaction and frustration of an individual in supposed conditions of "alien" quadra.

    The school of type analysis* essentially opposes any kind of absolutization, for such an approach is deprived of any logical rationale. If, in reality, there was any such an ideal grouping, then it would have become established and reinforced by social norms and practice and by natural selection. So far, the magic power of quadra have not been demonstrated and proven in any experiments. This, of course, doesn't mean that quadra are completely useless groupings. Among other subgroups of the Socion, quadra occupiy a special place because they allow to model natural chronological cycles.

    To take a broader look, A. Aushra, in fact, has had the honor of discovering the first functionally complete groups. Functionally complete groups are defined as those groups which include four Jungian functions that reflect the main "aspects of the horizon" of communicative space: perception of outside world changes and influences through the senses (Sensing - S), their formation by methods of generalization into abstract concepts (Intuition - N), their comparison and contrasting for decision making (Logic - T) and subjective-emotional assessment of people and events (Ethics - F).

    Quadra is one of such functionally complete groups, and therefore it differs from functionally-specific groupings that may have only one or two of Jungian functions in common. Certainly, it is not possible to come up with the grouping of socionics quadra based solely on Jungian functions. It is possible to dismantle the Socion into six types of small specialized groups by method of pairing of functions i.e. by method of combining sociotypes that are functionally more similar to each other than different. This set of groups that can be derived on basis of Jung the reader can find in my work "Typological Wholeness of the Socion." [7].

    I have been interested in concept of quadra for a long time due to its particular historical origins. Quadra dynamics has been my first independent theme in socionics. This topic I have discussed at length with A. Aushra. The main conclusion that I have achieved at that time was the intraquadral progression of the socion for modeling of processes that transpire along fairly long period of time [4,5]. Since the quadra provided for a good approximation to the peculiarities of psychology of finished historical eras, I have used this concept to model macroevolution in society.

    The fact that functionally specialized group strongly depends on the place in the communicative space: if there had been, for example, a group of strong managers in the humanitarian sphere, much good it will not be enough - it just planted his "technical" way of life, or will put in place united against it humanitarians.
    Same functional group full of space communication is practically independent, because it is universal in the class of tasks. But it depends on the time factor: fast start such a group does not work, requires a certain period of lapping, when there is a distribution of informal roles and is produced in the temporal sequence of communicative transfer relay. Endowment functionally complete group fixed internal rhythm and gave me the idea that the squares reflects turnover discrete periods deployment of any natural process over time.

    Topics on quadra in the historical development have been many heated discussions at seminars in Kiev club Socionics, as well as during sotsionicheskikh conferences. However, many questions still remain unclear. In particular, it required that one or another quadra era in leadership positions in society were owned by this quadra sotsiotipy? Or what specific role within each of the four quadra its participants? In this paper I will try to give a systematic presentation of all the information that has accumulated on the quadra over the years.

    2. Differentiating traits of Quadra

    Qaudra, as well as any other subgroup of four sociotypes allocated in socion analytically described by the commutative (not changing from permutations) the amount of the three dichotomous scales. The three opposition I call differentiating features quadra. They are all included in the list of known Reinin, but practically very little studied.

    One pair of signs, I'll refer to as Ausra and, as the name already fixed in everyday practice socionical. It is about the dichotomy of the "aristocrats - the Democrats." Two other couples get other symptoms other than Aushra names used, as the old name as an extremely unsuccessful in fact, and in its use, which places them on a par with everyday vocabulary. They have the character of random words chosen in haste, but would not leave the new concepts without terminological designations.

    Rather far from the requirements of scientific dichotomy "funny - serious" I insert a pair of opposite signs of "upward - downward." And instead of a couple "sensible - decisive," which brings considerable terminological confusion, as "sensible" is often used as a synonym to the grounds of "rational", I will use the more accurate in the sense of dichotomy between "central - peripheral."

    2.1. Aristocrats and Democrats

    NOBILITY (second and fourth quadra). For these sociotypes significant predominance of vertical communication above the horizontal. When vertical communication links always present hierarchical inequality boss - subordinate, senior - junior, the - another etc. Such communication will inevitably be in the nature of subordination. Man in aristocratic quadras estimated primarily by its communicative status on who evaluates (my level or not), and then on the other criteria.

    The degree of severity of gentility, understood in a broad sense as subordinativnost, two aristocratic different blocks. The second consists of squares aristocrats brighter than the fourth. Aristocracy second quadra - hard and undisguised. It is always the division into servants and masters, talent and mediocrity, and their enemies, which inevitably leads to a caste social structure during the second quadra.

    In the fourth quadra no such social contrasts, and therefore their gentility smoothed. However, this type quadra also guided by the principle "my - alien" in assessing people. Whether they live on the other to the same laws as we do? Doubts about the optimality of its priorities, as a rule, does not arise. The image of the enemy, as in the second quadra is not formed, but behave uncivilized way or just intellectually immature individuals enrolled in the category of second-class.

    Aristocratic blocks time flows linearly and not cyclical. They are able to clearly separate the past from the future. Second squared towards the future, it is like an arrow fired, piercing time. Past for the second is not valuable, on the contrary, it always has a negative connotation. In the best case it is declared that it is necessary to take out the most valuable thing and move on. It is the second quadratic produces ideas of the "ideal" of the future and trying oschastlivit their construction all mankind.

    The fourth quadra more focused on the past, which is usually a positive image of established traditions that should not change, and observe. Sotsiotipy fourth quadra - opponents every social experiments. Anyway, thanks to the linearity of time perception in these quadras no recurrence of events marking time. During aristocratic blocks do not appear long stagnation or stasis.

    DEMOCRATS (first and third quadra). In principle these quadras reigns horizontal communication, ie communication on equal terms, when there is no input and output, better or worse. Partner Communications as it is put together, and not above or below. And accordingly no specific attributes for aristocrats subordination. Instead superior power center Democrats organize coordination between subjects one level. Hierarchical authority in democratic quadra period gives special privileges.

    More pronounced democracy as a principle of social organization in the third quadra. This is the most changeable Quadra, which is committed to representational forms of government, elections and constant re-election. During the third quadra formed many tens or even hundreds of different parties that enter into ad hoc coalitions. Interpersonal contacts maximize informal, titles and ranks are very light weight.
    First squares are not so democratic. Although horizontal communication for it is a matter of course, but sometimes Trespassers familiarity third quadra its shocking. In the first quadra no such individualism, democracy is not used it for its bulging public deviations from the norm. In the first quadra no struggle disadvantaged minorities for their rights, for the simple reason that no one infringes, but they did not form at a harmonious lifestyle. Democracy is understood as a rational pervokvadralami following the laws of nature.

    Democratic quadra do not live in a linear and in a circular (cyclic) time. Third squares has a distinctly undulating rhythm of ups and downs, which are almost impossible to predict. Therefore, the third quadra sotsiotipy focused on the present moment. Traditions of the past few meaningful for them, and they only care about the future soon. Stagnation of life in the third quadra alternates with periods of turbulent Reformation, as well as its economy is dominated by the element of market supply and demand.

    During the first time at all quadra like stops. This quadratic homeostasis - the dynamic equilibrium of society with the environment. Violent clashes happens, life goes on peacefully and harmoniously. First there is the quadratic time as one big family in which one generation intrudes on the other's place, reproducing almost unchanged waste lifestyle. Is in a "cocoon" very comfortable, but at the same time dangerous to any aggression from outside it quickly destroys.

    2.2. Ascending and descending

    ASCENDING (first and second squared). Rising sotsiotipy move upward trajectory of social development. They are donors socio-psychological energy as carry collectivist beginning the long communication. And when connecting independent but collectivist-minded units into one, as we know, there is an amplification efficiency of action by agreeing directed efforts toward a common goal. In the surrounding society this generates additional energy, which is the acceleration of social processes.

    Another explanation for the acceleration of development processes in ascending quadras: among their priorities include infoaspekty E and L, are responsible for the purposeful use of human emotional energy. These infoaspekty in the first and second fundamental program positions occupied blocks ego and Superid defining goal-setting in style. According to the function E occurs emotional involvement of people, and on the function L sotavlyaet logically reasoned action plans.

    Most orderly, energetic is second squared, which carries a maximum expansion in society. During the second quadra public speaker directed path maximum ascent up to a climax, after which comes the downward portion, energopoglotitelnogo development. Second squared so full of energy that when they lose sight of the purpose for some reason struggle, she begins to destroy itself.

    By vigor and capability it is far inferior to the first quadrature, although she occasionally still brings energy into a social movement. Pump energy in one continuous stream, burning it, the first can not be squared. It accomplishes its mission to accelerate portions cyclically introducing into the minds calm and carefree people living embryos of a new lifestyle. Starting first quadra associated with static and quiet, but as the development of new beginnings as its impulses are becoming stronger and stronger, until it ignites second squared.

    Downward (third and fourth quadra). Sotsiotipy descending blocks absorb more energy from the surrounding society, than bring it. So they can be counted among the recipients of social and psychological energy. When these blocks are coming periods, the trajectory of social development is leaning down and has a strong tendency to decrease in the level of social dynamics. Decreasing sotsiotipy inherently individualistic rather than collectivist, so join forces to improve the Intra-building they do not desire.
    On the other hand, downward quadra have common priorities P and R, which by themselves are not motor business logic P this movement because of the previously stored energy, and the ethics of relations R symbolizes attachment to the established system of relations. These are categorized infoaspekty inertial, i.e. decaying with time processes. Therefore both quadra slow self-movement of society, turning life to decline and abandonment of the future, as it happens to a person in the second half of his life.
    More downward, and therefore "turning" should be called the third quadrupole. The onset of the third quadra brings economic disruption, falling spirituality and morals massive damage. The third and most individualistic squares. It operates every man for himself, and services to each other require payment. During the third quadra is a sharp revaluation of values, conflict of generations, society is experiencing a "breakdown." Energy devoured a large scale on internal competition and internecine war.
    Fourth squares and quiet character endowed with a sober outlook on life. Therefore, stored energy is not spent so rampant as in the third quadra. Descent fourth quadra like a secure old age: it is comfortable, without spikes, people feel healthy and vigorous, so the damping almost non-existent. But it still deepens and eventually leads to the agony - sharp disturbance of coherence in the usual rhythm of life and loss of interest in the achievements of the past.

    2.3. Central and peripheral

    CENTRAL (second and third squares). The periods of these blocks occupy a middle position in the overall macrocycle social development. They are the most eventful and most expansive, and therefore attracted a lot of attention from the outside. They kontsentriratsiya energy per unit of communicative space to reach the highest values ​​of a given society. For this reason, the second and third blocks - the most violent in history.

    Common priorities central blocks - it infoaspekty F and T, under which functions in the theory sotsionicheskikh understood force component in the communication aspect and change under the influence of time and fateful. The fate of society is solved in the central period of its history, and not at the beginning or the end of its existence. That central sotsiotipy most susceptible suggestion - suggestion and uncritical adherence to any program of external origin.

    While representatives of both these blocks will inevitably fall into the center of public events, but still "centrality" as a sign of more pronounced in the second quadra and not in the third. This is due to large organizational gift sociotypes second quadra and their innate penchant for collective action within the discipline. Whatever the era was not "outside", but in the center of any organizations are strong as the first person sotsiotipy second quadra.

    Third squares represents rather a center of instability and anarchic tendencies. More precisely, it is polycentric - no breaks several local centers, competing with each other. This squares much better defended by force than attacks and grabs.The third quadra usually characterized by the adjective "vague." It gives space to different actions fraudsters, impostors. Instead, the official religion in society are gaining popularity mystic, satanic cults and all exotic.

    PERIPHERAL (first and fourth quadra). Priorities combining these quadra - it infoaspekty I and S, ie, free from ideological impurity intelligence and comfortable, nonviolent life in harmony with nature. In peripheral sociotypes no inclination to fight for power, for expansion or competition, as in the central. They carry out their mission in the communicative early onset of social development or in his later completion, when the hot passions peak periods has subsided, or has not yet begun.

    Peripheral sotsiotipy rarely occupy key positions in the leadership, and if you still get there, then they are not long held. Much harder if you peripheral widely famous, make an outstanding career go down in history. Even if representatives of peripheral blocks to achieve something, the success of their activity accompanies only when they are on the periphery of public attention: they live in the province, working informally occupy ordinary post.

    If we compare the degree of peripherality, the focus of attention away from society is the fourth quadra. Squares opposite the second quarter, which is always the most likely contender for the center position. In addition, both of these quadra aristocratic, so it is understandable that their co-existence is possible only when the guideline takes second squared. Thus, chetvertokvadralnye types still relegated to the periphery.
    First squares as a whole gets better with the second, since it feeds their ideas. Vtorokvadralnoe guide can even zoom pervokvadralov yourself. In human society occur periodically shifting to territorial margins to the center. At this time, one of the first quadra can "slip" and thanks to their unconventional ideas or harmonious, non-destructive behaviors to take the place of innate bosses center.

    Each quadrupole can be defined as a commutative (not dependent on the order of the signs) the intersection of two dichotomous axes. The number of combinations of three pairs of two features is three. So in total there are three ways to build geometric blocks using the cross-shaped intersection polar differentiating features on the plane. These methods presented graphically:

    [table not included]

    3. General characteristics of Quadra

    3.1. First Quadra: ILE, ESE, SEI, LII - preparatory.

    Given the differentiating features can be called the first quadrupole peripherally-ascendant Democrats. For brevity, we refer to them preparer as macroevolutionary cycle they take on the mission of preparing the start of rapid social and psychological growth later time.

    "Star" pervokvadralov always goes somewhere on the periphery. When this is meant as a place periphery and periphery time. They used to refer to the study of other phenomena that are only in the bud and does not attract the attention of powerful and influential people of the moment. A place that stimulates especially preparatory to think up brand new possibilities of life of society - this crossroads run-ways and joints conserved regions of the "sleeping" society.

    Preparatory low energy potential, so their period there are only temporary surges of public activity, which by themselves are not able to withdraw from society symbiotic state of hibernation. However, the energy is already beginning to slowly seep into every pore of a stable society, step by step approaching a critical point. And then there is an explosion: the curve of social dynamics rushes steeply upward, signaling the beginning of a broad expansion of new forms of communication, quickly displacing the old way. Time first impulse beyond the preparatory quadra - it represents the transition to the second quadra.

    Preparing ascent always going to be the democratic principles. While still very far from the future triumph without also no guarantee that this is the attempt to give healthy seedlings, a group of people united not materialistic, and reminiscent of informal friendship ties. A group of enthusiasts had time yet to be born direction does not need bosses, combines in one person who directs, with those who obey. Hierarchy of positions and titles of preparatory makes no sense.

    The main outward sign sociotypes first quadra - a "childlike", which is easily detected in the expression of their faces, and in his eyes. Their facial expressions trustful and direct, reflecting their underlying emotional state. Various deviations from nature, tricks and attempts wishful thinking so alien to them that sometimes completely "shut down" of their communication or being forced to fence his world of inner harmony of hypocrisy vnesheney environment impermeable membrane.

    Pervokvadralov eyes see the world confidently and uncomplicated. They have a double bottom, as reflected in their designs harmless. Even when they get angry, their anger is not taken seriously. It seems that it is simply passed over a small cloud that will soon dissipate and re-warm sun shine. In the wide-open eyes they show their friendliness and insecurity. From preparatory nobody expects serious danger, so harm them - is the same as that hurt children.

    3.2. Second Quadra: EIE, SLE, LSI, IEI - implementers.

    By differentiating features trio gets the name of the second quadratic Central ascending aristocrats. Their generic name Voplotiteli because they like no other set plans for implementation in everyday life. Energetically most powerful Quadra, Voplotiteli capable of reversing the society.

    Due to its activity and aggressiveness vtorokvadraly always hit the center of any social dynamics. They especially rampant in government activities, as well as in the sphere of ideology and culture. Main carriers of "centrality" - a sotsiotipy Mentor and Marshall, who often act in concert. No such problems conquest that would not resolved this dangerous pair. They work well in the underground, creating illegal centralized organizations.

    Voplotiteli perfectly controlled directed energy flows. They are always on the rise, they do not accept defeat in principle. They are easier to kill yourself than to admit that their plans have the final collapse. Second squared very ideologichna: it doubles and triples its unifying force due to their faith in the ideals for which they are able to self-sacrifice. Voplotiteli so efficacious in implementation problems because due to its emotional and volitional influence they involve radical solution to problems large numbers of people.
    Quadra Voplotiteley has extremely clannish nature. On a rigid hierarchy and drawn strong hand kept their discipline. Irreconcilable division on their own and others inevitably leads to ideologically and patriotically colored wars. Two squares will not rest until the build authoritarian centralized state and destroy the opposition. Very typical for rulers Voploiteley cult and national heroes. End of the second period is characterized by the flourishing of quadra power of the state. At the same time the transition to the next era - tretekvadralnomu period, carrying with it the collapse of the state ideology and disorganization.

    Representatives of the second quadra you learn externally by mimicry of anger and intolerance that appears from time to time on their faces. Their facial muscles as it adapted to the expression of superiority and aristocratic election. Their gestures are either demanding, decisive, or prim-cutesy, like everything they do has a "make or break" point. Since they are compressed lips or eyebrows shift, issues inherent intransigence and vindictiveness.

    In the eyes of the observer will notice Voplotitedey mad fire fanatical gleam. It may be present constantly, and can dive to the bottom of the eye, indicating that these are not the people with whom you can happily joking. Sometimes the nature of the view changes to besstrasno-violent. In these moments Voplotiteli capable of action of any degree of violence, they seem to turn into inexorable executors of the will of higher powers. It pursues voplotitelskuyu quadrupole terrible disease obsession and madness.

    3.3. Third Quadra: SEE, LIE, ILI, ESI - vibrators.

    By differentiating features tretekvadralnye sotsiotipy receive the following characteristics: Central descending Democrats. Their generic name - Vibrators - emphasizes the side of their period of macroevolution, which is associated with social instability, clearly-vibrational character development, irrationality of life at this time. Vibrators in different directions rocking mutual boat until it falls apart into separate parts. Someone will survive, while others will go to the bottom - this is the final vibrational period.

    Vibrators Voplotitelyam like fighting for the central place in public life, but they have other methods. If the second quadratic militarized and reaches its mainly by force of arms, the third quadratic abhors war. In the center of life, they are knocked out or economic or political means. Vibrators able to earn money by trading and financial speculation, they are great at negotiating and diplomatic tricks. Their trump card - no guns, and the "golden calf".

    Since tretekvadraly produce its activities destructive vibration, that is our continuing program moved to those areas of the communication space, where there is left over from the previous period, resources and energy, the time begins to degrade their collective as a whole. There is a sharp decline of morals, removed almost all taboos come to the surface the worst human instincts, starting with ending greed and perversion. Vibrating period reminds one big cleaning or washing of the social organism.

    When dominated tretekvadraly crumbling discipline and any signs of insubordination. Becoming allowed. Society is vaguely anarchic time, recovery time and the new order in the band creeping lawlessness and arbitrariness. Waves deteriorations and improvements overflowed man undermine his faith in the future. Increases the number of suicides occurring sharp stratification. Only at the end of this difficult period is gradually being established civilized democratic forms of government. An era of rebirth. But this is a transition to the fourth quadra.

    Vibrator of the outward signs draw attention to themselves, some features of their posture. For them quite characteristic short neck, causing the impression that they draw his shoulders. Often also unusual deflection body back, which leads to tilting the head forward and protrusion of the abdomen. Their posture as if reflected across the oscillatory nature quadra, generating a person "sea" ability to counter roll.

    Vibrator communication accompanies mimicry displeasure, which is read on the lips and lower face. On the other hand, when the situation in their favor, mimic signals change dramatically: there reaction smacking of lips, winks. And guess what they like and what is not very difficult. Often there is a negative development gives them a positive response and positive news - discontent.

    Something similar is also reflected in their eyes. Vibrator for uncharacteristic depth look. Expression of the eyes varies from clear interest in you to complete indifference to you and your information. And the eyes attentive diagnostician pragmatism easily read their desires. What benefits will I have with this? Their eyes are like the lens focuses on the people, in which they see any benefit for himself. They zapechetlen obschekvadralnaya philosophy: everything in this world is dirty and corrupt, it is necessary and I do not miss your chance. How much of that life?

    3.4. Fourth Quadra: LSE, IEE, EII, SLI - perfectors.

    Title sociotypes four quadra recruitment describing their differentiating features - descending peripherally-aristocrats. With the advent of time fourth quadra enters into force ideology of perfectionism - bring to perfection, high-quality finishing. Perfector therefore mean uplifters. In the era of the fourth quadra nothing new is created, but is brought to perfection and completeness of all that survived the previous period tretekvadralnoy cleaning.

    Period of perfection devoid of globalism and grandeur. Perfector prefer center offshoring. First, there is no perfection in the thick of things when there is war or reform. Therefore, stable life in perfect public forms distant in time from the revolutions and abrupt turns. Secondly, life on the periphery always calmer than in the prestigious center where eager and ambitious careerists. Perfection is not there, where there is a show and the fight for the championship.

    Perfectionists do not tend to intensify social life. Before them, and so it was too violent and restless. With the advent of fourth quadra people get a chance to rest and save his strength for the simple everyday life. Oschestvo going through a phase of slow aging, politics and ideology no one is interested, predatory war is not going to lead. Who works well, does well and lives. No you do not push in the fight for ideals, no one tore off you high taxes.

    Aristocracy Perfector concluded basically that they do not want to deal with violent and intrusive people. All those who can not make a living on sound principles, they simply reject, consider themselves below the level of development. They create their own small territory maintained a comfortable life, and represents the interests of narrow specialization. Therefore chetverokvadralnaya life devoid of urgency and passion. State centralization minimal management is dispersed on a self-governing territory of the middle scale.

    Society fourth quadra slowly dying to a certain limit, beyond which comes obscuration - blackout, every kind of loss of interest in life until the complete dullness and inability to meet the basic instincts of the body. This ends the period of perfectionism. Self-destruction leads to the loss of special units of expanded reproduction and society is being reshaped to form enclave that is symbiotic existence with nature. And this is a transition in the first quadrupole - germ of a new life.

    The most telling sign of the fourth quadra external manifestations - this coldness of his eyes and expressionless facial expressions. The smallest dose of extremeness in the outside world hurt hurt them, so they destroy their critical communicative priority - calm and stable living conditions. Therefore Perfector pretty nervous sotsiotipy. If it is not immediately clear, it still opens at rapprochement with them.

    They accounted for a special destiny - to be perfected all macroevolutionary cycle. And print sophistication and tired of life embodied in all their characteristic appearance and manners. Perfector look as healthy conservatives that life is little that need. Their tastes and habits are far from the excesses and bombast. They prefer low-key items, but quality. They too appreciate the emotional energy to recklessly give it away to the right and to the left in the form of passion, or at least lively gestures.

    4. One Turn of Quadral Estafette

    Analyzing the processes of transition from one socio-historical era to another, I noticed that the elements of a new way of life spills out immediately, one all-encompassing wave. Usually the period going to replace the obsolete, deployed initially passive and hidden. From this fact, I concluded that each period quadra relay begins with introverted site.

    And only after introverted work to penetrate the "pores" of the social organism is done to the end, there is a bright flash of extroverted activity was concentrated wafting all members of society to changing priorities. And if at the initial stage of introverted quadra many still doubt that the new rules will supersede the old, with the onset of the last subperiod extroverted doubt the victory of reputation lifestyle completely disappear.

    Another fact that I noted in the analysis of the dynamics of the historical process - is puzzling many people due to the fact that seemingly reached a complete success and social texture suddenly very quickly and gives a crack collapses before our eyes generations of his followers. This means that people are confused flowering (akmaticheskuyu phase) era with its finale that takes place in expansively extroverted.

    4.1. Intraquadral Roles

    All this led me to construct a theory vnutrikvadralnoy turnover types - quadra sweep. I am convinced that represent quadrupole as a gradual increase in activity to a climax with its subsequent decline to a level below the initial untrue. Quadra period is not a bright flash with dull beginning and end, and a chain of two flashes separated introverted subperiod stabilization.

    Also after the second burst of activity followed by a sharp break quadra quadra era and goes into oblivion. The second plot in extraverted quadra is final - this is her last burst of energy, but many researchers believe its climax than violate the logic of events: is there at the top and not only the rise of descent?

    Culmination of the present only the second plot: it is separated from both sides introverted, quiet areas, indicating that its key provisions. But the public consciousness for some reason does not keep up the historical process. That's when you need to operate at full capacity, winning the maximum number of points of support in society, many workers are just sleeping, waiting for better times. This is the cause of their subsequent failures.

    Thus, the whole quadra period should be divided into four sub-periods, or stages, each of which has the character of one of the members of the quadrupole sociotypes. And alternation types built on the principle of an introvert extrovert replaced. If we ignore the projection quadra relay on the dynamics of historical epochs, it is necessary to talk about the four roles in the quadra that should be assigned to its four sotsiotipy. What is this role?

    The first role is performed sotsiotipy interrupting previous deployment program quadra and sort it a piece of information that will serve as seed capital for the native quadra. Let us call this role delousing. Beginning of a new period proceeds always implicitly, so there can be only delousing introvert. In addition to the delousing as type, standing at the entrance quadra have the responsibility for compliance verification of actions obschekvadralnoy program.

    After skipping a quadrupole done, there is an intensive expansion quadra priorities in all areas of society. Active role distribution quadra values ​​assumes one of extroverts quadra. By the end of the second phase culminates with the entire period, so performing this role sotsiotip called culminators. In culminators in emphatic form concentrated all its advantages and disadvantages quadra.

    Then, a feedback mechanism that adjusts the degree and direction obschekvadralnoy activity. For the culmination should introverted stabilization phase, during which the expansion is reduced, there is an internal reallocation of resources. Sotsiotip responsible for these actions in the quadra called stabilizer. Stabilization subperiod gives quadra "second wind", preparing her for the final spurt.

    Ends beautiful squares and unexpected flash extroverted, during which finally settled contradictions accumulated throughout the quadra period. Sotsiotip performing sprint is called Finalist. Last shot quadra spawns many illusions about the inviolability of proven orders. With the collapse of hope and transformation processes are started, which resulted in the squares "throws a bridge" to the other side - his smenschitsy. Therefore Finalist - is both a type mezhkvadralnogo transition.

    If we arrange vnutrikvadralnye steps in chronological order, then line up the following chain of successive roles:

    Gatekeepers - Culminators - Stabilizers - Finalists.

    4.2. Chronological progression and unwinding of Quadra.

    4.2.1. Progression of quadra of preparers (Alpha).

    Propusknik preparer is Mediator. He ensures that the quadra was an atmosphere of friendliness, mental, emotional and physical comfort. In extreme circumstances (hype or its opposite spleen) its program of public search of alternatives is not realized. The culmination of the first quadra comes to the invention of a new system outlook. Satisfying the criterion of long-term cognitive theory offers inventor force.

    Its logical development analyst assumes that stabilizes the quadrupole and clearly aims at identifying and fixed target. Distributes logically reconciled system enthusiast. It was he who acts as a finalist quadra because largely committed to the organization and executive discipline coming from the second quadra.

    4.2.2. Progression of quadra of implementers (Beta).

    At the entrance to the quadrupole Voplotiteley worth Inspector. From the hands of the preparatory he will only what really rationalized and practically oriented. Behind him comes into operation frenetic Mentor, whose creed and ability to sacrifice themselves for the triumph of ideas is unparalleled. In tutorial subperiod new ideology really captures the masses.

    Over time, the Sturm und Drang should sotsiotip Lyric, whose mission - to mitigate the effects of terrorism and uncompromising mentor. Lyric stage quadra brings stabilization and romantic poetization victims who died in the struggle. Completes quadrupole marshal period when the final seizure of power, but also punched sprouts irrationality and monetary pragmatism (first as temporary concessions, and then regularly), giving a chance to rise in the third quadra.

    4.2.3. Progression of quadra of vibrators (Gamma).

    Vibration squares opens comprehensive critique of totalitarianism and antiekonomicheskih Voplotiteley methods. Sotsiotip critic produces a "smart" brain clearing people from ideological dogmas of the previous period. These vibrations are run at full power and reach its climax when comes the stage of Politics: blooms freedom of manners and commercial beginning in the relationship between people, organized representative forms of democracy and different electoral systems.
    But over time, people get tired of politicking and anarchy and begin to rely on themselves, thereby entering into an ethical conflict with their own kind. A stripe of preservation and survival in the absence of disorder and strong power. This is the stage of the Guardian. The winning healthy pragmatism pushes to entrepreneurial activity. Crumbling finally canceled bureaucracy and marching on its content more taxes. Vibration squares completed what is generally referred to as the Renaissance. In the public mind at this time gradually approved the principles of humanism. Coming fourth quadra.

    4.2.4. Progression of quadra of perfectors (Delta).

    Humanist flows into quadrupole uplifters revivalist tradition positive legacy of previous blocks. There is a change in the psychology of people in the direction of greater diligence and humanity in a relationship. Comes the turn of the administrative-production stage. Deployed construction, especially suburban reviving agricultural productivity based on farming, society goes to the level of quality and welfare.
    Feels accumulated fatigue. Now everyone wants to work at your own pace and no one could depend. Fever subsides administrative stage, honed individual skill. Sotsiotip Wizard reduces productivity, but also turns the production towards a more complete satisfaction of the customer. Perfector finish on stage Advisor. On the first place there is personal bias and at the same time falls discipline. Increased interest in non-traditional approaches. Selection of people goes unusual attitudes and behavior that inevitably sets the stage for the first quadra ideological quest.

    Thus, the beginning and the end converges macroevolution chain closes. General scheme quadra coil takes the following form:

    Preparationists - implementors
    - (SE IL LI ES) (LF ET TE FL) -
    | |
    | |
    L-(IR SP PS RI) (PT RF FR TP) -
    Perfectors - Vibrators

    The graph on the x-axis which represents time and the ordinate energy potential, quadra coil draws so-called M-shaped curve. It consists of a hollow cross section rising (subperiod preparatory), the following historical area of ​​exponential growth to climax (subperiod Voplotiteley) slump to a local minimum of the curve and the last spike (subperiod Vibrator) and the final round of the slow descent from the inflection point to the level of energy "vacuum" (subperiod Perfector).

    5. Reasons for Quadra Progression

    Macroevolution in society tipoanalize modeled by quadra spiral turns. That is its shape, which gives a decent approximation to the real historical processes. But what is the reason most turnover? Determining whether there is a factor that drives the wheel of human history?

    Chances are, if the only reason macroevolution and there, she succumbs to the formulation of a very, very abstract language that denies knowledge of his instrumental and transformative power. Much more practical to consider a whole range of reasons for the development of socio-psychological systems. Below I provide a variety of approaches to identifying factor "X" through which history disretna and we distinguish in its current qualitatively different periods.

    5.1. Natural causes - energy conservation

    In nature, in which global conservation laws, according to which there is no perpetual motion and any development has two opposite directions, based on the exchange of energy between them when it left unchanged, within a broader system.

    With the development in the first direction is a waste of energy, by which the developing system stronger and more complicated. This upward development, it is due to the fact that elsewhere in the system is simplified and some splits, giving its internal energy fledgling organization. Reached its highest growth, the first system in turn starts to degrade, pumping energy is released in the next place, etc. This downward development.

    The second circumstance global law of energy is that each system in a given time interacts at least with the other two systems. In other words, it has its predecessor, which is powered by and formed, as well as his successor, for which acts as the energy donor herself. Formed ternary sequence "thesis antithesis - synthesis" or "subsystem - system - the super-system."

    And finally, she is confronted by equal in strength, but with the opposite sign (orthogonal) system, with which it annihilates - destroying each other, highlighting the free energy. It is due to the latter kind of interaction in the communicative space is always a free energy. Due to this excess energy and vortex method originate more new spiral blocks. Hence the conclusion that macroevolution is on converging spiral. After all, without ever closer contact antipodes did not occur to energy-dissipating annihilation.
    Identified four phases of energy in physics oscillatory processes are called potential energy, the transition of potential energy into kinetic energy, kinetic energy and the return of the kinetic energy into potential energy. These phases are legitimate in nature universal. Think of the annual rhythm (spring, winter, summer, autumn), the daily rhythm (morning, afternoon, evening, night), periodization of human life (childhood, youth, maturity, old age). It is these phases correspond quadra periods. They have essentially phased attenuation initial hesitation, swung due to the annihilation of energy transfer.

    5.2. Demographic reasons - population density

    More specific language community macroevolution live specimens can be explained by the effects of changes in population density, inhabiting rendered habitable territory.
    Starting position is a residence on the territory of the number of individuals that exactly matches the capabilities of the environment to feed the population without much damage to themselves. When dynamic equilibrium number of individuals who were born on average equal to the number of deaths, so such a symbiotic population does not increase, but not decrease. Occur only minor fluctuations population, which, however once lead to the fact that one-half of the total area of ​​the excess of births over deaths ends flash exponential population growth.

    Resources of the natural environment in this part of the population is not enough, therefore dramatically sharpened the struggle for existence. Stronger individuals displace weaker. Increases the concentration of active and aggressive members of the community on the upper floors of communicative hierarchy which redistribute limited natural resources in their favor, selecting them from the repressed to the lower level of existence relatives. In parallel with this process, the dominant part of the population forcibly seizes living on the territory of the old order of individuals and distributes them to its inequities.

    However, the vertical stratification of the population does not solve the problem fundamentally limited livelihood. By the end of the second phase of the population reaches a concentration of features, then there are two types of confrontational war: the oppressed against their masters, as well as newcomers against natives. The entire community is split into warring factions, destroying each other fiercely.
    By the end of the third phase of the excess population is more than eliminated, and killed most socially active figures. Population gradually calms down. Population growth stops because in the era of internecine clashes there is a significant drop in living standards and few among the impoverished population at risk start a large number of children. People think of daily survival, not for heirs murky unknown future. Having children is delayed until later - to peace and acquisition comfortable living conditions.
    However, when the strife and turmoil subside, population numbers have never recovered because the birth rate is slowly but steadily declining. Parents do not need a lot of children, because in a stable phase, they can count on guaranteed a secure old age. And educate children because of increased demands for material security is becoming harder and harder. Population therefore returns to self-sustaining balance of births and deaths, that is, in the first phase.

    5.3. Economic reasons - labor productivity

    Classics of Marxism at the forefront change of socio-economic formations predict factor productivity. According to their theory, when the existing formation ceases to satisfy demand growth in production efficiency, it becomes a drag on the economy and is coming from the historical arena, giving way to a more progressive way of.

    Marx's theory of the development of society through five socio-economic formations is consistent with the concept of the socionics quadra. However, analysis of the evolution quadra does an exceptional emphasis on economic reasons. Basic and superstructural phenomena in society are equal and can not be argued that the first defines the second. Social consciousness is equivalent to its force being exerted.

    First squares corresponds in its basic communicative characteristics of tribal formation. At the preparatory norm is precisely the family atmosphere of dialogue: a relaxed and informal, as between brothers and sisters. Authority in this quadra not be won by force or wealth, and personal experiences and knowledge. Labor productivity in the preparatory low, there is no organizational types with F or producing P.

    Living in non-violent manner and in harmony with the environment, pervokvadraly not need in government. They have no class division of society and, as their lowly requests fully satisfies egalitarian distribution of wealth. Their own squares preparer can somehow settle on any portion of unspoilt nature.

    Communicative features are very similar to the second quadra feudal system. It is a power and heroic Quadra, which is waging a war exists only in aristocratic forms. Voplotiteli create class society with rigid class barriers. Normal form of government they have - it's an absolute monarchy. Religion or ideology in general has in this quadra precedence over science. Dissent is eliminated as erodes public order.

    Production in the second quadra built on non-economic methods of coercion producers of wealth. Business logic P is not included in the kit voplotitelskih regulators, but rather revered strength and power - aspect F. Commodity production virtually no trade exists in the form of barter products. A large proportion of the gross national product goes to the maintenance of the army and state apparatus branched.

    Capitalist formation - this is the era of the third quadra, vibration. Instead of the power of coercion in this quadra included economic incentives. Production is regulated by market mechanisms, there is no centralized control. Dominated by commodity-money relations, everything can be bought and sold. Production is not the individual, as in the second quadra and massive. Vtorokvadralnye class mixed together.

    During tretekvadralnogo capitalism observed rise in elective politics and democratic forms. Form of government is gradually acquiring a bipartisan nature. The government is staying alternately left-centrist (social democratic, tax increases and this bill strengthening Social Security), then right-centrist (liberal, reduce taxes and encourage increased profits due to production) party and the radicals and extremists (active supporters of the second quadra) have political weight.

    Communist formation, which has not yet been realized, and many do not believe in its reality, nevertheless agrees well with the communicative priorities fourth quadra. Perfector for revealing the highest productivity (PS - the most productive type in socion) in this quadra people live the abundance of material goods. Productive accumulation is not being spent on the war, bloated bureaucracy, grandiose project of the century. Blurs the distinction between town and country. Cities monsters, these wreck nature works the third quadra lose appeal.

    In the minds of the people approved the principles of humanism and tolerance. Emotions and passions fade into the background, people are guided by a calm and respectful relationship. No crime, no one encroaches on the property of another. Political struggle few people are interested, all problems are solved locally by local authorities. Honesty and hard work is not based on some mythical consciousness (Perfector - the same people with their weaknesses, as well as other types of blocks), and at the elementary reluctance to interfere, disrupt tradition. Perfector live maximum use of each unit of energy and spend it on destructive acts will not.

    Apart from the four analyzed my main socio-economic systems, there is also the intermediate corresponding to transitions between quadra periods. Slave system - is the transition from the first to the second quadra: it combines the democratic forms of government with power operation, bold advances in science with the dominance of the religious worldview.

    Between feudalism and capitalism arose not allocated as an independent science in between traditional social structure that is logically called postfeodalnoy community. It is about the Cossack settlements in which military force forms of life intertwine with free commodity production the third quadra. Such a form of social life is not complete mandatory step in changing economic structures, as well as slavery.

    The transition from the third to the fourth quadra generates the intermediate mode, which could be called socialism, referring not so much his Soviet as the Swedish model. Under socialism, the role of public authorities is quite significant, because somebody has to redistribute wealth in favor of the weaker, but labor productivity should not suffer from the fact that there is a significant layer of not seeking to work and waiting for handouts from the government people.

    It is possible that in a more global way the transition to a quadra uplifters is a so-called post-industrial society, in which almost the contradiction between capital and labor: owners of large states voluntarily deduct a portion of their income to the needs of science, culture and social benefits. Developed computer communications allow you to participate in the production of material and information without leaving their places of residence. All this - the periphery elements inherent Perfector.

    5.4. Historical reasons - passionate impulse

    Convincing picture of the historical development of ethnic groups sketched LNGumilev author ethnogenesis theory [2]. However, he explains protsiskhozhdenie initial push ethnic cosmo-biological factors - special micromutations in humans, occurring under the influence of cosmic radiation. It is difficult to agree that the level of social communication space is reduced to the phenomena of the physical order. But whatever it was, Gumilev introduced the concept of drive, as the driving force of the history of peoples perfectly conveys the relationship of micro-and makrosotsiuma, man and society, are the subject of Socionics.

    LNGumilev distinguishes between three types of individuals according to their degree of drive, which is the ability to give their psychic energy not selfish, and obscheetnicheskie purpose. First, it passionary individuals who sacrifice themselves for the sake of the business, and secondly, it subpassionate who are not able to suppress my baser instincts, and harmonious people whose energy is distributed approximately equally between personal and public.

    From the point of view of socionics passionarnost most similar to the communicative aspect of the T - dependence on fate, missionary work, sacrifice, detachment from earthly things. Subpassionarnost - it's the same aspect, but taken with the opposite sign. Therefore, directly related to the actions passionarnym sotsionicheskie groups are central quadra. Most Passionary Voplotiteley squares and most squares subpassionarna Vibrator. Peripherals are Passionary quadra-neutral, or, if we take on Gumilev consist of harmonious individuals.

    The first phase of ethnogenesis - this initial shove collecting passionary personalities in one place and provides a rise of a new ethnic group that creates the state and expands its habitat due to conquest and absorption of other, weaker ethnic groups. By the end of the total phase of the lift comes akmaticheskaya phase - the flowering of the ethnic group, the time of his greatest power.

    Akmaticheskuyu phase unexpectedly but naturally replaces phase fracture. During this period the collapse of the empire, there were bloody clashes intraethnic raging civil war. Ethnicity shock vibrations of drive opposite signs. Surplus energy is spent on destroying passionaries each other, and part with drive leaves the nation and populates vacant land.

    After fracture ethnicity expects inertial phase - a period of slow consumption remaining stocks passionate energy. This phase is called civilization historians because ethnicity live in it peacefully and prosperously, accumulates a large amount of material culture products and leaves a lot of written sources.

    Following the coming phase inertial obscuration - the agony of drive, loss of orientation and goal setting in general, chaotic turnover priorities, decomposition and degradation of ethnicity to the most primitive forms. Dying ethnicity may actually disappear because of assimilation - traceless dissolution among younger people, and may become a relic. Relic ethnicity will exist indefinitely, while in homeostasis with the environment, or give rise to a new ethnic group.

    Thus, the scheme is slightly different from ENU our order of the quadra phases. Etnogenez Gumilev begins with quadra Voplotiteley, followed quadra Vibrator and perfector, and death ethnicity accounted for quadrupole preparer. It should be noted that the beginning of an ethnic movement Gumilev explains not earthly and cosmic causes, so preparatory macroevolution in the world to him were not needed. Yet he described as a relic of the first quadratic and have the generator mutations of products which Voplotiteli and create their unifying and spiritualize the idea.

    On the other hand, the arrangement of blocks according to Gumilev suggests that a rectangular projection on the plane turn quadra incompletely reflects the true relations between the periods. Much closer to reality volume model, which has the geometric shape of a tetrahedron.

    If we compare with each of the four tetrahedron faceted one quadra (this must be attributed to the triple form a face value corresponding edges differentiating features), then one of them will act as a base. Outside communicative space is irrelevant, what is at the bottom of the blocks. But in the real historical process as a fulcrum acts as a first time quadrature, which therefore is perceived background macroevolutionary spiral rotation axis.

    5.5. Socionic reasons - social order

    Clean socionical cause quadra relay makes sense to consider asymmetrical mezhkvadralnye ties that still dosotsionicheskih studies called social order. The basis of symmetry breaking is the division of all living forms of nature and society on the left and right modification. Most researchers are of the opinion that it is the left-right asymmetry, not occurring in inorganic matter, hides a secret of the origin of life [3].
    Quadra in its structure is the formation of non-equilibrium, one of the components of its dual pairs of polarized, and the second, following it - left polarized. It is for this reason that the period has quadra dvupikovy rather than the single peak dates. Because the left and right halves of the quadra pulled in opposite directions, there is the potential difference which is holding back, then pushes quadra deployment program.
    Through this internal mechanism bootstrapping one squares behind the average pace, and the other, on the contrary, accelerated, taking the place of the outsider, if the natural and social environmental conditions require a different method of adaptation. Social order plays the role of an external force to choose between two alternatives the one that best fits into the altered communicative space.

    Social order internally chain stitch all quadra inversely proportional relationship. The stronger transmitter works, the lower the activity of the receiver. Conversely, the weaker become the impulses coming from the transmitter, the receiver is more activated. Thus, the internal clash of right-and levoorientirovannyh processes enable or disable deployment speed quadra programs that provide a total displacement mechanism obsolete communicative paradigm of its neighbor-rival.

    Voplotiteli supersede social arena conditioner in his strength and organization. Preparatory give rise to vague and distant goal, but can not do anything for their implementation. To overcome passivity and primitive interests of the majority of the population, need energy and ability to get people to face the force of the new. To agitate and organize the masses can only second squared. Preparatory just come to Voplotitelyam themselves at the service to be able to stably organized and doing things you love.

    Vibrators displace Voplotiteley its pluralism and efficiency. Suppress or even eliminate dissent, why so eager second squared, it is impossible in principle. Removing bounding boxes can be due to natural competition and selfishness of people achieve better meet the needs of society. This makes the third quadra, shifting the focus from coercion on the material interest. Just buy vibrators Voplotiteley than make split their once powerful ranks.

    Perfector coming to replace vibrator being pushed by their humanity and quality of life. In an era vibrating badly people get tired of instability, corruption of politicians, low-quality goods, the pursuit of short-term profit. Good attitude to man can do more than financial reward. Reliance on healthy tradition, confidence in the future - that's what your change Vibrators liberalism and commercialism.

    Preparatory, vospryanuvshie spirit between perfectionism take over the baton from the hands of the fourth thanks to its quadra intellectualism and enthusiasm. Conservatism and traditionalism stable, unfortunately, quite easily bored, people want variety and strangeness. Grounding and pessimism tired of life perfectors not compete with the enthusiasm and intelligent search preparer.

    That's so multifaceted, but at the same time making its way purposefully quadra relay, each type is indispensable contribution to the overall process. Many benefits for themselves would benefit the intellectual forces of society, if taken into account in its activities quadra system timing. Constructible where you started and where its development are now, think and vote on new habits and aspirations of their friends and enemies. This will help you to understand what awaits you in the future, as well as, perhaps, make your way to the goal shorter.

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