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    Intuitive-Logical Extrovert
    ILE – ENTp – Don Quixote (Inventor)

    To the ILE the world is full of riddles, which conceal unusual possibilities. By solving these he learns of their embodied possibilities, which capably aid him in the creation of fundamentally new logical concepts.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Ne – Program function. ILE possesses an inextinguishable interest in the new and unusual, which promise to provide him with gripping prospects and possibilities in the future. The greater such possibilities are, the more they will interest the ILE. His interest flashes instantly, causing him to dip boundlessly into a new area of activity, but just as quickly his interest towards the subject may cool if it doesn’t seem to promise anything in the long-range.

    He is exceptionally creative, constantly in search of the best way to realize his abilities. His greatest enemy is someone who will not allow him to realize himself, a person that tries to crush his sincere enthusiasm with things such as routine work. ILE also wonderfully sees the potential possibilities in the people that surround him. He pushes others towards disclosing their abilities; he inspires them, before them revealing prospects one more brilliant than another. His approaches do not take heed of the established norms, nor does he hesitate in overthrowing them, with ease he tosses the old aside where they’ve become obsolete. The ILE’s behavior may frequently appear to be unpredictable, even chaotic. This is because his indefatigable inquisitiveness is subordinated by moments of illumination – such moments provide the occasion needed for him to immediately act. When not inspired by such moments he willingly spends his time with others where he’ll find meaning in whatever activity he partakes in.

    Ti – Creative function. The ILE’s ability to think represents his strong side. In solving problems he always attempts to see the connection between the specific problem and the general situation; he tries to estimate his response on the basis of general consideration. If he estimates the essence/root, then the logical description becomes obvious; consequences derive themselves from their general conformity with the laws.

    In work he is attracted to the development of strategic tasks, but not to the scrupulous study of fine details. The ILE’s principal difficulty is to settle down and concentrate on one area [of study/work]. To do this he needs to have a genuine need or especially strong interest.

    After regarding and studying all of the data, which interests him, he is able to conclude facts where others haven’t, and to create a generalized theory of nature.

    When only one aspect of his work fascinates him it sometimes occurs that he will inadequately perceive the situation. In such cases he will be defeated. However, this does not overly distress him: he can rapidly move away from an unsuccessful enterprise and direct himself towards anything new.

    The ILE usually does not attempt to plan his activities in advance, but in a crisis situation he is capable of concentrating, of finding the set of variants for overcoming the deadlock, he knows how to yield to panic. ILE is able to inspire others with his enthusiasm, he may promise much but he is not always able to follow through: this is not because he refuses to acknowledge his shortcomings but because his euphoric, and enthusiastic, states may lead him to overestimate the possibilities of a new idea.

    His basic interest often lies within the sphere of natural sciences, but is not excluded from humanitarian activity. If the idea of something suddenly lights up, in his mind, he will offer leisure time to it. He frequently varies the course of his life, from one profession to another.

    He finds it difficult to subordinate himself to routine, to strictly regulate his work conditions; his impulsiveness may lead him to conflict with the authorities. However, should he find work that quenches the thirst of his creativity, he is able to bring himself to exhaustion whilst at the same time deriving great pleasure from his work.

    Physical work may also inspire him, especially when it gives him the chance to comprehend something new, to discover the unexpected sides of his abilities. The possibility of learning something is sometimes more important than the eventual result.

    Description of the Weak Functions:

    Fi – Vulnerable function. The ILE feels nervously in the sphere of human relations. He usually interprets his relations badly, therefore he allows relations to develop with care, he waits until he learns something for sure rather than assuming. Thus he behaves with restraint in front of people he doesn’t know.

    He cannot always discern the state of another person; he may therefore offend others in the manner by which he expresses what he’s discovered for he doesn’t seem to take into account other’s feelings in regards to the situation. But this is never the consequence of evil intent, envy or arrogance. ILE simply believes that he is speaking about something objectively, and that the truth will not offend anyone…

    ILE places vast value on the decency of a person. The criterion of decency, as a rule, is overstated. If someone seeks his company he assumes that mutual respect exists. He strongly suffers offense and injustice. He will not reconcile with others, unless the offender apologizes before him.

    ILE frequently has a wide circle of friends. He loves to consider different problems with them. They, alongside reading, radio and television, provide him with an excellent source of information.

    Se – Role function. ILE usually prefers not to exert volitional pressure in his actions.

    An exception to this case is when another person desires to use him for their own purposes, to force him into some activities. In such a situation he will give energetic resistance, decisively defending himself from another’s pressure. In protecting himself he can often manifest his hot temper and impatience.

    In regards to everything concerning health, and the organization of household conveniences, ILE requires another’s guardianship. He rarely takes the effort to disturb his dwelling place, whether to organize or cause disorder. He will only episodically arrange and/or dismantle things if they prevent him from living and working.

    The organization of his financial situation usually leaves much to be desired. It often occurs that he does not live within his means; he immediately spends everything he earns. But his ingenuity is always sufficient in finding the new possibility to earn and/or acquire money.

    ILE at Work and in the Home:

    As a boss ILE is especially good at strategic questions, the ability to see the distant prospect in regards to the selected direction of work.

    He attempts to garner the attention of subordinates, to fascinate them with the grandeur of tasks, to gather adherents around him. He prefers not to enforce strict rules, to give others freedom. To do this he accurately discerns the abilities of each member of the collective. He gives them a detailed study/outline of the project for when those above him fail to do so he becomes impatient.

    In an office of position ILE is capable of manifesting persistence, he is able to deal with a coworker that badly manages their work, however, in such a case he doesn’t let power get to his head, there is no arrogance or egotism.

    The ILE is very sociable, however, he is not always able to create a successful family. He does not really understand the feeling of love. Love seems to occur outside of his control. Although it occurs that during life he may never be the one rejected or abandoned by another, even women of this psycho-type rarely agree to completely dedicate themselves to family.

    Although he feels the strong need for the heat of contact with another, his weakness in the emotional-sensory areas does not often permit him to take initiative into his own hands.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. – Possesses an inextinguishable interest in the entirely new, which promises him with gripping prospects and possibilities. He readily puts to use any information source. He knows how to foresee the consequences of large events, possesses the gift of presentation. His mind is rich in fantasy.
    2. – He is capable of creating a fundamentally new theory, after conjoining its details. He is frequently the initiator of new directions in science. Is able to qualitatively and consistently execute work, to scrupulously study its components, should it fascinate him.
    3. – He establishes both for himself and others high standards of moral behavior. Is irreconcilable in his requirements, he does not pardon those that do not correspond. He is easily emotionally carried away by something, thus easily cooling to the previous object of interest. Is sometimes capable of victimizing others.
    4. – He does not attempt to obtain something by force and, at the same time, will never give into another’s offense. Another’s pressure will be met with resistance. He rarely disturbs anything in regards to health and household conveniences. His financial situation leaves much to be desired, but his ingenuity is sufficient in obtaining money when necessary.

    Professional Assessment:

    ILE develops abilities most vividly in scientific work, in research. For the representatives of this psycho-type, like no other, is the possibility of initiating science in new directions on the basis of the synthesis of fields of knowledge, which would at first seem, distant from each other. May also successfully work in the sphere of business and commerce; also in the carrying out of intellectual production (i.e. book publishing).

    Career Possibilities:
    • Project Manager
    • Entrepreneur / Inventor
    • Professor / Teacher
    • Artist / Writer / Actor / Comedian
    • Scientist / Researcher
    • Applied Engineer / Electrical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer / Chemical Engineer
    • Stockbroker / Credit Analyst
    • Database Manager / Computer Systems Analyst / Computer Programmer / Game Developer
    • Computer Sales / Purchasing Manager
    • Social Services Worker
    • Physician / Dentist / Pharmacist / Clinical Technician
    • Cook
    • Real Estate Sales

    Potentially Favorable:
    SEI (ISFp), ESE (ESFj), SLI (ISTp), IEI (INFp), EIE (ENFj), LSE (ESTj)
    Potentially Adverse:
    ESI (ISFj), EII (INFj), LSI (ISTj), SEE (ESFp)

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