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    Sensing Logical Introvert: The Craftsman

    General Description

    Values convenience and quality. Gives preference to comfort in clothing rather than appearance. Sensitively reacts to touch and any extraneous odors. Enjoys quiet communion with nature. Caring in relation to family and friends.

    Prudent and economical. Inventive and resourceful at home and at work, if he happens to enjoy it. Skeptical of slogans and boisterous appeals, prefers to go by common sense. Stubborn and uncompromising in that which he considers to be correct. Though he is distrustful of new ideas, after testing them in practice is able to extract benefit from them.

    Independent. Proud, even haughty. In need of a sensitive approach, praise, and attention. Inclined towards skepticism. Poorly sees the future evolution of events. Concerned about making timely choices in life, yet feels dependent on the vicissitudes of fate.

    Impressionable, poorly controls his emotions during a dispute. Doesn't know how to express his feelings openly. Life's hardships make him resort to "black" humor. At times he is taken by pessimism and apathy; instead of encouraging a person, he becomes taken in by their negative state.

    Detailed description

    Learns about the world through first-hand experience and travel. Sensitive towards all that disrupts the natural harmony. Rejects any artificiality, factitious displays, unhealthy instincts. Caring in relations to close ones. If he sees that the person is not feeling well will come to his aid. If he considers someone to be his friend, doesn't leave that person in need. Perceptive of potentialities that are related to senses. In pursuit of sensory novelty often leads an active way of life (fishing, hiking, swimming, travel, etc.). Cannot tolerate monotony and descent into inertia. Internally sensitive and vulnerable, easily wounded, although does not show this outwardly. In order to survive, adapts to the prevailing mores; if necessary, follows the established norms.

    SLI is economical and prudent in dealing with material resources. He is more likely to try to mend old and worn out things than to throw them away. His mindset has a technological bent. He searches for simple but effective methods for resolving problems. Before taking on some task, SLI thinks over several options to achieve the desired result, and stops on the most economical one. Works only by methods that are most convenient to him. Notes those who shrink away from work and ponders about how to make them work or get rid of them. Himself will do only that which is necessary. Works well with any instruments, masterfully applies technical equipment. Often can work well with his hands. Constantly tries to improve his knowledge, skill, and professional level in any chosen field of activity. Hopes for guaranteed and quick results based on rational organization of his labor and studies.

    Usually doesn't run late turning in his assignments and work, but enjoys turning things in on time. Worries that he will be assigned an inconvenient for him schedule. In dealing with people demonstrates a quality of "being taken in by life". Shows his skepticism by employing specific kind of humor, ironizes. However, deep in his soul he remains an optimist and doesn't lose hope in a positive outcome. In an emergency situation, he doesn't panic but looks for ways to buy time. Follows and orients by his inner impressions to the external events. Feels dependent on the vicissitudes of fate. Takes on life's shocks, trying to protect his loved ones from them; however, it is difficult for him to bear such burden for long.

    Shows a contrast in expression of his emotions: at times he is cool and self-absorbed, like "iceberg in the ocean", at other times – excited and energetic. Evaluates human relations by degree of emotional displays. Turbulent emotions for him are an indicator of instability and potentially poor relations. During a conflict does not get involved too deeply in the dispute, but if he feels that his values have been trespassed upon he responds harshly. Won't be frank with outsiders. Doesn't like it when someone tries to "peer into his soul" and penetrate into his inner feelings. He must be understood without words.

    SLI likes it when his abilities and achievements are appreciated. If his achievements are not noticed, he may lose all desire to try, or even fall sick if his abilities are not needed or requested for a long time. Needs new, challenging situations and unusual problems that can distract him from the monotony of everyday life. If he feels uninterested in something, he will simply detach and go about his business. Needs to be inspired and encouraged to take up a task, otherwise he will demobilize and fall into inertia and melancholy. Without new and exciting goals, his mood drops. He responds well to a language of compliments and praises that promises timely success. His state is optimal when the success is just out of reach, yet nearby.

    SLI's mood depends on how he is treated by others. He trusts only deep affections – steady feelings that have been tested by time. In dealing with others, he sets his own psychological distance and grows very anxious if someone transgresses it. Intolerant of intrusive and imposing people. Smoothness of relations to him is an indispensable condition for living a fulfilling life. Despite the scruples and distance in communication, he is quite tolerant of human weaknesses, gentle and forgiving of people.

    Critical of violence and coercion. He won't pressure anyone himself, and neither will he give into any attempts to pressure him. SLI estimates the potential and achievements of a man by his rhythm speech, mannerisms, appearance. Possessing prior life experience can discern boasting from real possibilities. Knows how much force needs to be applied and where to apply it to achieve the desired result. However, himself often cannot exert an effective influence on these points. Resorts to violence rarely and usually due to the pressure of external circumstances.

    As a business partner, he follows his obligations if he considers them to be reasonable. Prefers sincerity, informality, and clarity in business relationships. Very stubborn. If he is sure of something, it is virtually impossible to convince him otherwise. He will stick to his cold-blooded understanding of the situation. In business, demonstrates prudence and methodicality. Always tries to make do with minimal force, attract fewer people. Opposes bureaucracy and detailed control. Flexibly adapts to changes in specifics while adhering to the overarching plan.

    Manner of communication

    The peculiarities of SLI's manner of communication that attract attention - are skepticism in evaluations and great stubbornness in judgements. The SLI is oriented from the very start to not agree with his conversation partners. Arguments can last indefinitely. Even if he agrees in words, he will keep his opinion. The SLI can also be recognized by the nature of manifestations of emotions in communication. Most often seems cold and dispassionate, but does not control his emotions: can becomes harsh, rude, choleric. In such a state, he gesticulates animatedly, gets excited, raises his voice. Does not share his inner worries with people around him. Dislikes excess familiarly in communication, intrusive hugs and embraces. This is indicated even physiologically: often people of this type have very sensitive skin. Does not tolerate when someone tries to pry and "climb into his soul". Most of all appreciates a state of inner equilibrium. Can give clear and understandable explanations. Gravitates towards exemplarity and brightness in presenting some information or material. Gives effective advice on suitable working methods.

    Features of behavior

    The main features of SLI's behavior that become noticeable at close contact - is pragmatism and orientation at tangible returns. The SLI is always economical and prudent, never does work for free, on enthusiasm alone. He begins working with some difficulty. Usually, some time passes before he is actively working. But once he has started on something, then tries to squeeze things to their very last drop. In everyday practicality he has no equals. In behavior SLI strives for full independence. Allows unfamiliar people close to himself only up to a certain point, where they can't have real impact on him. He values friendship very much. Will host people at his place any time. Does everything to save a person if hears cries for help. Loves thrilling experiences which he attains by a variety of ways: active vacations, fast driving in a car, etc. The record for thrills was set by Grigory Rasputin, who, due to this trait which was exaggerated in him, became a historical figure. Has clear internal convictions and beliefs, and a clear set of requirements for himself, which he persistently follows. Moreover, his internal "code of honor" may diverge from the accepted norms of behavior. Considers others' opinion about him very little. Always shows great tenacity. Does not listen to and obey unreasonable, from his point of view, commands. Acts only as he sees it fit. This can create a reputation for him of being obstinate, quarrelsome, mischief-seeker, hooligan, punk, and so on.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your strength is an inexhaustible curiosity of the phenomena of the surrounding world. You aspire to be knowledgeable in different fields, willingly travel, while not just being an observer to the circumstances of life, nature and architecture. You have a well-developed sense of taste and measure.

    The main value in your life is convenience, both in physical sense and in relations with other people. Crude manners, tactlessness, lack of human warmth from those around you deeply wound you. You strive for inner emotional harmony and a healthy style of life.

    Your other strong point is your logic that allows you to efficiently conduct your business. You possess a sense of what constitutes actual, concrete benefit. In your actions you adhere to what is sensible to do. You steer away from useless projects.

    If some work interests you, you can develop a great working tenacity, acting in an accurate, steady, measured manner. In such cases, you will think of all the practical details in advance, prepare all that is necessary, displaying ingenuity, industriousness and alacrity.

    Your weak trait - an inability to express your feelings to other people, due to which others may think of you as a cold and heartless person. Internal tensions that are inherent to you sometimes prompt flashes of anger and aggression, when you find it hard to contain your emotions, and later you may come to regret this.

    Since displaying emotional nuances is hard for you, you prefer to talk in a joking manner to sentimentality, due to this you can sometimes be misunderstood. Failures you prefer to endure in silence and solitude. To avoid any misunderstanding of situations, try to trust your partner and talk to him in a serious tone.

    Another significant problem is your considerable propensity towards skepticism, which contributes to your pessimistic attitude toward the future. At times you indulge in melancholy and gloom, lose your motivation and give up. Your apathy in many cases narrows your scope and prevents you from achieving more in life, which you can see from your personal experience.

    You may be recommended to travel more often, seek changes even in details of habitual way of life. New experiences may lead to an interest in history.

    Try to find a job to your liking, which will fill your life with meaning, and will orient you towards the future. Enthusiasm for your work is a good cure for skepticism and apathy.

    Don't let the melancholy take over you. At such times, go visit friends, or for a walk, to the movies, the park. Spend more time around cheerful, enthusiastic people, that will charge you up with positive emotions and new impressions.

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      Ryan -
      there are some LSI descriptions thrown in there, or could be typos I guess
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      I love the first line; it is a good example of an SLI who will arrange things in a room according to himself rather than according to the flow of the entire scene for not only him but for others, as Michael mentioned that he previously observed about SLI.
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      Sounds like a person I could really chill with.
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      I like this article. Everytime I read the SLI articles, I wonder how on earth I ever thought I was a different type.
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      Quote Originally Posted by jessica129 View Post
      I like this article. Everytime I read the SLI articles, I wonder how on earth I ever thought I was a different type.