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    Sensing Logical Extravert: The Marshall

    General Description

    SLE is a decisive and goal-oriented person. Prefers to set only major goals and will move towards them no matter the obstacles. His persistence increases proportionally to the number of obstacles that must be overcome. If there is no excitement of a struggle or competition, he plunges into low mood and doubts.

    Attempts to give instruction and orders, but himself dislikes commanding tones. Makes others concede and fall under his influence. Often assumes the position of a "shadow" leader. Can accept a temporary compromise.

    Logically calculates a plan of action in advance, as if playing a game of chess; a flexible tactician. Poorly foresees the future development of events; may halt in indecision if things get out of control or take an unexpected turn. Controls his activities from point of view of the final result. In the decisive moment, he is able to concentrate all his forces.

    Distrustful, tests people in action. Feels unsure about how others relate to him. Prone to first notice the weaknesses and shortcomings. Finds it difficult to restrain negative emotions in his relationships. Can be intolerant in communication with his loved ones. In an extreme situation leaves no room for pity and sympathy. His feelings always have a physical component of possessing his partner.

    Detailed description

    SLE is a resolute person who can provide volitional pressure if the situation requires this. He is determined to win at any cost. The more obstacles he encounters along the way, the more collected and energetic his advance becomes. Doubt and hesitation are foreign to him; he feels convinced of his right. Categorical in his assessments, reserves the last word. He is primarily interested in the result, not the process of achieving it. Adept at calculating various plans of action in his mind, choosing the most logical one for the given situation. Knows how to find the most compromised point of his opposition. If a direct attack does not bring success, can try to bypass from the sides or from the back, work through third parties. Feels lost in unusual, illogical situations.

    Able to unite people around him to achieve a specific goal. Clearly delineates everyone’s position on the team. Confidently coordinates joint actions. Presents an ultimatum: "If you have chosen me, now you have to listen to me." Explains everything simply and clearly, citing illustrative examples. Tries to control the key points only without wasting efforts on details. Grasps the situation as a whole. Flexibly readjusts if the activity is no longer promising. For each task he devotes a certain period of time after which he makes the final decision: to continue on or to stop. Captures well the logic of actions of other people; thus the only ones who can win with him are those who are constantly changing it. Tests people in action, throwing those who lack training into the midst of things.

    SLE experiences difficulty establishing personal relations in informal situations. Often he is too intolerant and uncompromising, predisposed to dictate his own way in his relations. Intolerant when someone else places demands of personal commitment from him. Constructs a system of ethical values for himself that often does not correspond to what is generally accepted. Frequently disbelieves that there exist pure, platonic relations. Sometimes declares that he is for "fairness", for equal treatment of everyone; nevertheless, has favorites and scapegoats. Treats well those who respect his friends and oppose his enemies. Does not let go of those to whom he has grown attached; attempts in any way to make them enter a dependent relationship with him, to "tame" or "placate" them.

    Receives well calm words, positive forecasts, faith in the future. Pessimism and superstitions anger him. He is soothed and relaxed by a light, hassle-free communication style and optimistic outlook. Periodically turns to thoughtful introspection. Withdraws into himself, reflecting on future prospects and emerging opportunities. Time softens his harsh temper. After suffering a series of inexplicable losses and defeats, he begins to wonder about fate, may turn to religion, occupy himself with charity work. He is very enterprising and venturous. Enjoys competition, boisterous company, where he can relax and emotionally recharge. Likes to be inspired and uplifted. His emotional state heavily depends on the emotional state of others around him. He likes to listen to music. It puts him in the right disposition, creates balance in his soul. Grows offended if he is called an uncaring person.

    Forces himself to achieve that which for others may seem almost impossible. Boldly responds to a challenge when his abilities are questioned. Considers himself to be intelligent. Handles well problems that test for ingenuity. In public, he gladly demonstrates his erudition and knowledge of the fundamentals. Not averse to act in role of a patron. If he is taken to the edge, he is able to manifest merciless and relentless fury. At such moments he cannot stop himself in anger. Does not give more than one chance.

    Comfort, good material conditions for life are his secret desire. He seeks to provide for himself and his loved ones. Without this feels unfulfilled, a failure. Does not respect people who are frail, lacking in physical exercise and training. Proud of his own good physical constitution and feels upset if he does not possess one. Due to excess drive and energy, he is prone to quickly dissipate his natural reserves of health. External appearance tends to be either inconspicuous or underscoring his high status. Has poorly developed sense of harmony and aesthetic taste. Highly susceptible to physical drives and tends to meet his physical needs before soulful ones.

    A good manager, skillfully manages his matters. Tries to derive benefit out of any businesses venture. Not inclined to save money, especially small amounts. Pays attention only to substantial sums of money. Often teaches himself a few handy skills. When faced with excessive work load will try to hire other people to do the work for him. Likes to manage complex technology in extreme and trying situations.

    Manner of communication

    A correct and somewhat restrained manner of interaction is characteristic of the SLE. If logical component is emphasized, the communication is more relaxed, less inhibited, with smiles and expressions of positive emotions. The SLE often greets people first. Doesn't directly express his opinion on a topic of discussion. Tries to positively predispose a person towards himself with attentiveness and sensitivity, asks many questions, inquires about their problems, voices a wish to hear his or her opinions. All of this is done in a delicate, correct form, which very much predisposes people to give him answers. In a dialogue, the following moment is characteristic of this sociotype. After the replica of his conversation partner, the SLE makes a pause, as if thinking things over, trying to comprehend the information and provide the needed answer. During this deliberation he tends to squint his eyes. Another peculiarity of his manner of communication - is no fear in showing his ignorance or lack of understanding of some question. The SLE doesn't hesitate to ask, and re-ask, and to clarify things once again. When he is giving an explanation, he does so slowly, with logical prioritization, explaining everything in terms of simple examples from practical experience. For the purposes of type diagnosis, SLE's way of finishing up a discussion is also noteworthy. Once he has given everyone the opportunity to speak, he expresses himself, as if giving a summary of the discussion. Keeps the last word for himself. If necessary, he can "put a person into a puddle", crush him with one remark or phrase said at the right time. If this moment hasn't happened in a long time, can provoke a person to activity in order to strike at the "weak" place.

    Features of behavior

    SLE's behavior is characterized by iron self-control and composure. The conceived global goal he reaches no matter what. Pays no attention to the hustle and fuss around him. If it is needed, he doesn't stop at any methods, not taking ethics into account. His activities grow and expand in breadth. As the SLE starts to lose control of his project because of its large scale, he turns over the control for the less significant parts of it to other people, with whom he establishes mutually beneficial relations on contractual basis. After this, does not interfere with their work. Flexible tactician, can adapt to the situation while not losing sight of the main target. Agrees only to temporary concessions. Knows how to arrange his own people according to their usefulness towards his purpose. Prefers informal and undemonstrative leadership. Directs people while staying in the shade. May attempt to get rid of opponents by using someone else's hands. Characterized by a large capacity for work and perseverance, which increase proportionally to the number of obstacles he faces. Under normal circumstances, without any difficulties and excitement, the SLE walks around relaxed, pessimistic. When a difficulty comes up, he comes alive and regains his passion. Tends to give ultimatums: either it is done the way I want, or I won't do anything at all. It is difficult to make him lose his temper, but if it does he cannot stay angry for long. For achieving the goal he attracts all subordinates to work, even the people who are not prepared for its implementation. Assesses effectiveness only by the final result. Does not control the methods of accomplishing a project. Likes games that involve risk and gambling, in which one has to think. Often wins in them, because he is able to confuse his opposition and provoke them to make a false move.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    You are without a doubt, a strong-willed and determined person. You always set large, far-reaching goals and do not like to waste energy on small, inconsequential things. You know how to flexibly respond to situations and accept temporary compromises, but do not lose sight of the main goal.

    Your character is particularly evident in critical situations. Your persistence in overcoming obstacles increases in proportion to their number. You are very reckless, although will not take unnecessary risks. You like activities that allow to show the qualities of resourcefulness, strength of will, and composure during an emergency. You have good organizational skills. You know how to find the right people and the right to place, depending on their skills, able to direct their efforts to achieve the main goal.

    You do not try to put your accomplishments on display. You prefer to stay in the background, encouraging others to necessary activities. For you, a sense of responsibility is characteristic.

    The main problem of your life - the lack of tact and diplomacy in dealing with people. Sometimes you openly demonstrate intolerance of other people's shortcomings and weaknesses. To achieve your goals sometimes you can step over the interests of other people, which can evoke negative evaluations and moral judgment of others in your address.

    Remember that the formula of "the end justifies the means" is not always true. Cultivate tolerance, and respect the dignity and feelings of others. A deep study of philosophies and religions where human values are advocated and justified will help you to better understand the essence of man. Cultivate in yourself polite and proper manners.

    Show more respect towards persons of the opposite sex. Do not lose your sense of romanticism, without which your life can turn into a colorless existence. Do not always expect exceptional initiative in expression of feelings from your partner, try to demonstrate or communicate to him or her your disposition. Another problem – your excessive focus on the shortcomings of the person. This can create an unfair attitude toward him or her. Be more sensitive and careful, take care of people, not only in words but also in deeds. Do not leave unanswered questions that were asked of you. When listening to someone, do not think of extraneous things, but instead focus on the person’s problems. Do not underestimate the role of intellectual labor in the workplace.

    More often reflect on the possible consequences of your actions. Never shift the responsibility for mistakes onto shoulders of other people - it can affect your reputation in the future. Try to keep track of situations that go beyond formal communication. You can put yourself in an awkward position by asking irrelevant questions, which can be perceived by others as tactless.

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