• Robespierre, Male Portrait, INTj by Beskova

    Socionics LII INTj James Woods.png
    Robespierre, Male Portrait, INTj by Beskova

    Slender, taut, and slightly stoop-shouldered, the male LII imparts a pleasant impression. Men of this type usually keep their hair short. Their clothing style often consists of soft pullovers and well ironed trousers, although they will wear suits on rare occasions.

    Being an intellectual person, somewhat distanced in his own thoughts, the LII behaves softly and with some caution. However, if he is positively predisposed to you, his eyes will suddenly become kind and a disarming smile will appear on his lips.

    Most of the time the LII male is occupied by pressing concerns and intelligent thoughts, and thus he is somewhat submerged into himself. However, if he has someone he can talk to, he blossoms, becomes sociable and demonstrative, even artistic, tells funny stories and jokes, and generally livens up.

    From a very early age, the little LII boy shows impressible abilities. His analytical mind strives for knowledge. He loves to read, to think, to systematize everything that comes into his head. Generally children of this type are very smart, well-read, erudite, and attend school for the purpose of learning and becoming more knowledgeable. As a rule, they have good memory and a remarkable ability to understand the material, which they structure and categorize in their talented heads. Boys of this type often demonstrate excellent abilities in precise and natural sciences. Moreover, they are keen to the process of learning itself. They have all the qualities needed for this: deep interest in the subject, an encyclopedic mind, diligence, and self-discipline. They often finish school with good grades, participate and win at local student competitions, thus contributing to the pride of their class and school.

    With other children they are usually well-wishing and gentle, try to maintain stable relations and avoid conflict situations, and especially physical confrontations. Most of all they dislike being pressured into having to resolve heated issues by direct forceful measures.

    If the male LIIs take up sports, they are drawn to the ones that involve speed. Often this is running, lancing, badminton, air gliding. Team sports appeal much less to them because of inevitable need to do what others tell them, which infringes on their sense of independence, and possible power clashes on the field. Generally, however, male LIIs are much more interested in developing and expanding their creative and intellectual horizons rather than developing own physical attributes.

    To spend time in the company of a male LII is often sheer pleasure. He is typically courteous and gallant around others, witty, and sociable. Elegant and light in conversation, he with pleasure helps to maintain positive atmosphere with his jokes, puns, and anecdotes, willingly dances, and charmingly plays around.

    Male LIIs are not indifferent to women. With pleasure they become acquainted and maintain relations. They are often liked, since they are usually friendly and deprived of direct aggressiveness, well brought up, educated, and clever. By his noble manners and refinement in manners, the LII male usually makes an impression of a somewhat behind the times, academic person. In the process of courtship, his chosen woman will soon discover that this is a vulnerable, romantic, and imaginative man.

    If you have decided to conquer the heart of this man, you will have to act sufficiently actively and decisively. Showing ardency of feelings is also welcome here. Indeed, it is exactly this trait that is lacking in the male LII. An open display of your feelings will meet a response in his heart.

    Men of this type are rarely jealous and possessive. Usually, they are proud of their partners and see nothing wrong if their partner is also attractive to others.

    With his seeming external softness, the male LII is, nevertheless, a sufficiently reliable and dependable person. He is responsible, stable, and ordered, although not always inclined to finish up dull, in his opinion, tasks. He tries to avoid that which he considers to be unintelligent and meaningless. The elevated, romantic view of life combines well in representatives of this type with their inclination to be economical and financial soberness. While not greedy, the LII male is always inclined to certain thriftiness: "The thought of having to drive across the entire city to the airport, pay for the gas, then the hourly parking, is unpleasant. The cost is seemingly small, but somehow upsetting to think about. I don't like paying money into the air. Especially since now they have an express train that goes from the airport to the city, which I think is quite acceptable. Their trip will be even quicker this way."

    From time to time, the ordered male LII gets taken in by desire for adventure. When this occurs, he may suddenly (so it seems from outside) lift himself up and move to a new place, for example, to a distant country - for residence or simply for a trip. Making a trek across Europe using public transportation, for example, is entirely possible.

    Generally male LIIs make for good and caring husbands and fathers. With some rare exceptions, they are inclined to family life. They know how to earn money, value familial warmth, cleanliness, order, and are grateful for the concern and care shown to them by close people. When they fall ill, male LIIs like to be cared for. This for them is very enjoyable and warming. If a male LII is not cared for, he may lose weight, go hungry, look neglected and unhappy, and not even notice this himself.

    At home the male LII behaves softly, somewhat passively, and is responsive to requests of his family members. He is not lazy and strives to carry out his obligations. The male LII will not refuse to look after children, to change diapers, to walk to the store and buy produce. What he will not tolerate is arm-twisting, tactlessness, and rudeness from those close to him. Being defenseless against this, in situations where he cannot avoid aggression, he can withdraw and cut off any contact with the offender for weeks and even months.

    Male LIIs, especially in mature age, may wish to have a large family and many children. They love their children and are sincerely attached to them, however, they may also be somewhat neglectful if they are seriously taken in by their favorite work. Having a well developed sense of fairness, a father of this type rarely punishes his children and usually dislikes taking harsh disciplinary action, but first tries to appeal to the child's reason. If needed, he will help his children with doing homework. He explains material very well, with great clarity, and does this without irritation and with patience.

    Sometimes the male LII can be overly edifying and excessively meticulous in his explanations when he's trying to teach reason to his children. He can be strict and principled, requiring his children to heed certain rules, as well as be orderly and thoughtful in their behavior. He also likes telling about how to build and manage relations with other people in order to avoid direct confrontation, pressuring, and rudeness.

    The LII male expects this not only from his children, but also from adults around him, that they won't behave in unintelligent manner, but in accordance with reasonable, universal human norms. He wishes that other people would strive to understand what is happening around them, to analyze given facts, and make conclusions. In this, he is frequently disappointed when he encounters stupidity, brashness of actions, shallow estimations, and poorly thought-out ideas and plans.

    At work, given sufficient level of education, the male LII is capable of handling any assignments, although he is primarily drawn to research and scientific engagements. However, staying in the same position for a long time, where no more thought and resolution of problems is required, is uninteresting to him. Therefore, once all of the possibilities to attain mastery at some position dry out, he will leave to work at another place, where he will be more interested and intellectually engaged.

    With his co-workers and colleagues the male LII holds himself on equals and in well-wishing benevolent manner. He attempts to treat people fairly and objectively and tries not to accuse or condemn anyone. He is also not inclined to make exceptions for anyone or to have favorites.

    The male LII, as a rule, is a good manager and leader. He is intelligent, and treats his subordinates with impartiality, fairness, and humanism. Additionally - he makes for a fine diplomat. He is typically prudent and judicious, and does not voice everything that he thinks and knows. In a complicated situation at work, for example during a power struggle, he can easily calculate the behind-the-scenes contrarian actions of other people, foresee any antagonistic moves, figure out likely motives, and predict the consequences of behavior of an adversary or competition. He sees work relations as a kind of an elaborate pattern in which the motives of other people, their self-interests, possible cunning intents, and potential actions that they can undertake under various circumstances - are all interwoven. The male LII then attempts to account for all of this and predict adversarial actions in order not to fall under their blow. This is a cautious and careful person, who almost never does something thoughtlessly.

    Sometimes though the LII may actively and loudly protest. This usually happens when his interests have been infringed upon unfairly in his view. Then the male LII may show strict adherence to principles, stubbornness, and obstinacy.

    But in domestic sphere, where he can relax and laugh in the company of friends and family, the male LII softens, warms up, and becomes more cheerful and completely domestic.

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