• Maxim, Male Portrait, ISTj by Beskova

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    Maxim, Male Portrait, ISTj by Beskova

    Reliable, proper, responsible, MAXIM is distinguished by good posture and wide straight shoulders - he has a true military bearing. Any uniform can suit him. With his hair cut shortly he looks tidy and taut in any clothing. He moves calmly, with measured moves, never in commotion. His open, volitional, manly face instills trust - it immediately becomes clear that such person will never fabricate or occupy himself with intrigues.

    During the first meeting, MAXIM demonstrates himself to be proper and well-meaning conversationalist. He smiles in a friendly manner, showing how glad he is to see you. He has a bribing smile, which magically transforms the usual withdrawn, somber expression on his face.

    If there isn't a suitable topic for conversation, MAXIM is not very talkative. He is also not one of those who attempts to become the "master of ceremonies" in a circle of guests. He has systematic thinking, and if you suggest a worthy topic he will provide you with logical basis for anything, from the workings of a computer to such concepts as art and love.

    Try to shake him up a little, tell a joke and laugh, and you will see how he will cheer up immediately and smile in response. In general, he enjoys the atmosphere of a holiday, a carnival, a theater performance. With pleasure he will spend time in a restaurant or at a bright, beautiful show. He will be drawn into the general merriment at a disco, will run around in a red cap and fool around during the New Year’s celebration at the office.

    MAXIM is not only responsive to merriment, but he can even be touchingly sentimental, although this is hard to see within this strict, dry person. He is capable of being imbued by much compassion and pity for the hero of a melodrama, that tears will come to his eyes. At work, MAXIMs sometimes experience assaults of unexpected, unmotivated sympathy for their colleagues, even if they behave in a way warranting their dismissal. Especially so if their colleague's relatives are ill, or a dog suddenly died, or a wife being unfaithful.

    But in reality, MAXIM's main dream is that in his life there wouldn't be any chaos and uncertainty, that everything around is understandable and reliable. He plans his life and painfully reacts to sudden changes. Furthermore, for him it is difficult to understand how future events will develop. With difficulty he can foresee the troubles and obstacles that lie ahead, and at the same time he stubbornly may not want to listen to admonitions of others around him. All this leads to the fact that MAXIM will have to learn from his own mistakes.

    The representatives of this type know their rights and responsibilities and are capable of steadily carrying them out. Thus, they make for excellent, reliable workers and managers. Perhaps this is the only type that will with indignation will wave away even the possibility of starting a romance with a coworker. A coworker for him is not a woman. She is at work in order to work, not to introduce variety into his love life. He never confuses official and personal relations.

    MAXIM is a conscientious, responsible person, on whom it is possible to rely on, both in the service, and in family life. But he will not act until he has received clear instructions on what to do or until the situation has become well defined. He, in everything, strives for complete clarity - both in work matters and in personal relations.

    Story from real life: A man of 38 years of age was living together with his beloved. Since he thought that the relationship between them was good, he asked her to wed him, and, meanwhile, began to construct a house for his future family. However, suddenly it was discovered that his beloved allowed herself a certain romantic adventure with a young man from another city. His first impulse was to dissolve relations with her, but, in his mind doubts have accumulated: it was not clear how something like this could happen, if, to him it seemed that everything between them was well. He decided to first "conduct an inquiry": to have a talk with her, to make everything clear; to understand what occurred between them and how much of her enthusiasm was of random, unpremeditated nature; to clarify how she evaluates this situation; how seriously she is drawn to her lover and what she plans to do in future. Without this, he could not undertake any important steps.

    Towards strangers MAXIM is suspicious and approaches them only with distrust, but if one draws him into a conversation about the family, he can open up his heart and can even tell a bit too much. It can be said that representatives of this type treat everyone with distrust exactly because of this large internal readiness to trust and open up. But since they are not good at sorting out people, they prefer to be not open for anyone, but only to those few who are very close to them.

    Thus, if you have entered into this inner circle (for example, gotten married to MAXIM), then with confidence you can feel yourself as if behind a rock wall. This, at first glance, serious and cheerless person adores his family and his relatives and is prepared for daily heroic acts for them. At home, these are good, tender, thoughtful husbands and fathers, for whom the interests of family always stand in first place.

    Of course, for MAXIMs there aren't only responsibilities, but also personal interests and hobbies. They love to collect things, moreover, things of the most varied natures. These can be collections of coins, match boxes, subway tokens, bus tickets, models, tallies and so forth. Men of this type also show interest in history and politics. In both in these subjects they can be very knowledgeable, in any case, they will talk about such topics with pleasure.

    MAXIMs do not like to resort to physical force and will do so only in the worst case scenarios, when they don't know what else they can do. First, they try to dissuade a man from taking aggressive action, to regulate the matter in by more peaceful methods. And only if these methods completely fails, they strike so that you will remember it for a long while.

    Troubles in relations with MAXIMs are most usually manifested in their persistent unwillingness to respond to your completely serious business proposals, for example, to quickly glue wallpaper in the kitchen tomorrow. Also a sudden request to loan some money does not please them.

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