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    Quadra Progression by Gilly
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    I made a thread on this topic a while ago, but I wanted to elaborate on the distinct roles of each complimentary functional pairing to develop a clearer sense of each function's role in the larger picture of quadra progression.


    Delta is the quadra of establishment and unity. Under Delta, all aspects of life are organized and unified into a sustainable whole that attempts to treat each individual according to their needs and maximize their usefulness for the perceived common good.


    The Te/Fi axis of Delta is primarily concerned with the implementation and standardization of productive and useful methods and the spreading of universal morality. They seek to establish holistic goals, rather than specific ones, that are geared towards universal applicability and sustaining an established implicit communitarian structure. Their goal is to foster sustainable productivity and establish universal ethical standards that everyone can live by.


    The Ne/Si axis of delta is primarily concerned with the continual refinement of established structures and ethical principles. They like to make "little changes here and there," constantly perfecting and refining various standardized procedures. Their goal is to maximize their usefulness and that of those around them by continual maintenance of their lifestyles. They are sincerely open and questioning regarding matters of morals and ethics, maintaining a generalized standpoint with common sense ideas of right and wrong while adjusting their own perspective to align with that of a sense of common good.


    Alpha is the quadra of new beginnings. Alphas seek to foster creative activity and promote holistic change in their environments and people's ideas.


    The Ne/Si axis of Alpha is primarily concerned with generation of ideas and maintenance of environments conducive to fun, intellectual stimulation, and creativity. They examine and challenge existing standards on a purely intellectual level, rarely seeking to dogmatically criticize or berate, but rather to break things up piece by piece and attempt to put them back together in the proper order. They are primarily focused on ideas as intellectual "toys" that may or may not develop into something worthy of support or pursuit; when they are not, they are used for their intrinsic worth and abandoned when they prove useless. When the Ne/Si axis of Alpha unearths ideas worthy of pursuit, it seeks to spread them in a grassroots fashion, appealing to those whom they think will be interested in mutual pursuits.


    The Fe/Ti axis of Alpha is primarily concerned with the structuring and implementation of ideas that are seen as beneficial into everyday life. They often organize into loose collectivities that can resemble the tendencies of Aristocratic quadras, but are actually sublimations of common goals and a mutually perceived broader need for a sense of unity and collectivism.


    Beta is the quadra of rebellion and disruption. Betas seek to organize in the name of uniting under a worthy cause in order to enact drastic change, and to do whatever is necessary to accomplish their ends.


    The Fe/Ti axis of Beta is primarily concerned with the organization and standardization of ideas in order to unite. They are wary of doubters or non-believers, wanting everyone in their Aristocracy to agree on the matters that are deemed most important so that they can be united in common purpose and with equal resolve. Their role is to garner support for their cause and develop a central theme for organization that will carry them through to the end. Their purpose is to build the platform from which a final plan can be launched.


    The Se/Ni axis of Beta is primarily concerned with making the necessary push to accomplish their collective goals. Their focus is on determining when and where to strike for optimal impact. Typical tactics include inducing chaos intentionally, such that, though anyone affected, including themselves, is at a disadvantage for lack of structure or certainty, at least they are ready for it, and as such can capitalize on the lack of organization in order to establish a position or make a vital move. Their role in quadra progression is to do that which others are not willing to do in order to enact necessary change.


    Gamma is the quadra of reform, seeking to create stability in their environment, cultivate their individual potentialities, and organize themselves and others in pursuit of broad-scope productivity.


    The Se/Ni axis of Gamma is primarily concerned with steadfastness and genuine expression. They are acutely aware of the consequences of their actions, both concrete and personal, and are wary of those who seem blindly devoted or pious. They seek to surround themselves with others whom they can trust, searching out companions with strong character and moral fiber and banding together to "weather the storm." They are guided by common sense morals and a passionate sense of knowing their loved ones fully and being there for them at all costs under any circumstances. Their role in quadra progression is to jolt others back to reality, to properly assess their circumstances, and take the necessary action to begin


    The Te/Fi axis of Gamma is primarily concerned with organization and implementation of effective methods. They often live by an explicit personal code that is rooted in their own self-interest and that of those close to them. Perhaps more than any other pair, they pursue development of their own personal latent positive qualities as directly and fully as possibly in order to maximize their strength and usefulness. Their role in quadra progression is to promote personal growth and begin the natural process of organization and standardization that lays the ground work for collectivization.

    Various Notes:

    The beginning of each Aristocratic quadra is Rational and aligned with a cathexic attitude, seeking to gather resources and support, organize, and align systems of belief. They are probably the most inclined to view others as generally disorganized, uncommitted, or behaving below standards. The end of each Aristocratic quadra is Irrational, focused on catharsis, seeking to release the strain or tension of rigid organization and focus on the constant dissolution that is necessary in order for true idealism to be maintained. They are probably the most likely to disdain others as impure or "fake," not willing to do what is necessary to earnestly uphold truth and do what is necessary.

    The beginning of each Democratic quadra is irrational, aligned with catharsis; they are the afterbirth of the releasing of strained organization of the preceding Aristocratic quadra. They are probably the most laid-back types, likely to regard others as up-tight, pushy, or invasive; they insist upon their rights. The end of each Democratic quadra is rational, aligned with cathexis: they are the precursor to Rational Aristocrat encompassing structures, organizing not at the behest of simply ideals but rather because they see more than other types the actual, concrete benefit, and indeed necessity, of organization, that "two heads are better than one," whereas Aristocratic types tend to assume this, or even take it for granted.

    The Ti/Fe axis of the Socion represents the peak of sublimation of human emotion and instincts, while the Te/Fi axis represents the peak of repression of these for the sake of organization; one Quadra cycle moves from Ti/Fe to Te/Fi (this is traditional quadra progression, DABGD) while the other moves from Te/Fi to Ti/Fe (quadra regression, DGBAD).

    When Delta, being the lowest state of energy and thus the beginning and end of each quadra cycle, moves towards Alpha, it is the result of slow stagnation in society caused by Delta's puritanically practical approach; Alphas rise, at first in an attempt to provide a fresh perspective on things, and suggest a few changes, but as moral boundaries are stripped away in the progression of Ne/Si towards Ti/Fe, the need for more integral social change is recognized, and an upwelling of public opinion begins, eventually organizing at the peak of Ti/Fe between Alpha and Beta. The transition from Alpha to Beta represents the decision for commitment and dedication, to narrow the scope of focus and target attempts at making change in society. As Beta progresses towards the Se/Ni axis, its actions become more drastic as the extent of repression becomes apparent, eventually culminating in an act of desperation or cataclysm on the part of the most invested individuals. This cataclysm serves as a moral lesson in the progression to Gamma, who begin to see the necessity to place moral boundaries on actions, and dictate conditions of societal cooperation as they lock down in an attempt to control the chaos created by Beta. Slowly, the momentum of Beta dissent is halted, and the transition back to Delta represents the return to organization and stability. Examples: Communist Russia/The Cold War, Fight Club

    When Delta regresses to Gamma, it initiates the cycle by passing through the peak of repression, as opposed to progressing towards it. Delta, representing the peak of societal organization and stability, moves towards Gamma in an attempt to expand the boundaries of society and its influence while maintaining its collective moral contract; this, however, breaks down when Gamma attempts aggressive expansion and more direct control of its populace without appeasing changing social sentiments. This invariably leads to an upwelling of dissent in the form of grassroots organization, perhaps terrorism or riots of some sort, in the transition to Beta, which gradually becomes tempered by the ensuing chaos and obvious need for reorganization, lest social structure crumble completely. The transition from Beta to Alpha encompasses a compromise of sorts, in which more radical thinkers are supported by those who have reestablished stability in an attempt to reorganize society in a manner that is more accommodating of human nature; however their ideas are inevitably dismissed as impractical and not conducive to broad-spectrum cooperation, eventually transitioning back to the formulated long-term stability of Delta, hopefully having left a few shards of regret and caution lodged in the minds of survivors. Examples: V for Vendetta, Children of Men

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