Yet another hypothetic material... I'm liking hypothetic material those times... lol

Elements have 4 main caracteristics : Implicit/Explicit, Statics/Dynamics, Bodies/Fields, short range/long range. Let's put Implicit/Explicit aside, explaination will be simpler.

JE PE / JE PI = statics / dynamics ; everyone knows that, but +/- will complicate the things, generating more derivative caracteristics.

J- P+ / J+ P- = individual / collective, possibly simple / multiple or focusing on one object / focusing on the common properties of multiple objects.

I+ E- / I- E+ = known / unknown, this possibly explains why Askers (Taciturns) like to ask questions (focusing on the unknown), and Declarers (Narrators) like to say statements (focusing on the known).

static - dynamic + / static + dynamic - = negative / positive.

Reading this document (article from Gulenko) can make you understand better this hypothesis.