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Thread: ISTp description (Filatova) edited!

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    Default ISTp description (Filatova) edited!

    Sensory-Logical Introvert
    SLI – ISTp – Gaben (Artisan)

    Installation of the consciousness in the leading bloc: for the SLI everything in the world must be harmonious, proportional and balanced; the best way to achieve this is through aesthetical, qualitative activity.

    Descriptions of the Strong Functions

    Si – Represented by the sensation of harmony, beauty and health. Everything must be balanced. This is applied to his work, relations with people, selection of household articles, and in the comprehensive development of a physically healthy body.

    SLI capably remembers colours, odours, and somatic sensations; and can easily draw pictures of these in his memory. He remembers the taste of a delicious meal for years. In many respects he’s an aesthete. He often possesses a good artistic taste. Such, for him, is characteristically steady and contemplative, deprived of emotionalism. He does not relate to people that, by means of sensual energy, immediately give in to the very basic sensory pleasures: he prefers to leisurely “relish” his experiences, to in time separate the pleasant from the unpleasant. The surrounding world provides him a large range of sensations to which he’s very attentive. He magnificently realizes his physical state, understands his body’s possibilities and, therefore, may successfully occupy himself with sports – of predominately individual forms. But even in view of these things SLI often distances himself from sports in favour of a healthy mode of life, which provides him with the general feeling of being harmonious and balanced.

    This function’s manifestation makes itself noticed in regards to the SLI’s exterior appearance: he always dresses appropriately in a simple, elegant, sporty style: his clothing is primarily chosen based on convenience.

    Te – In order to realize the program of the first function everything around him is made convenient, useful, and attractive by means of practical activity. SLI is a master in his work. What he does, he does with perfection; he works thoroughly and makes things not only useful but also attractively designed. He understands well the possibilities of using one material over another, and knows precisely in which cases the one better to use. He studies models of high-quality production. He is interested in the most effective methodology. He loves his work to be sound. If necessary he can work from early in the morning until late at night. In such cases he does not take shortcuts to make his work more convenient or pleasant.

    SLI knows how to focus on the primary objective whilst not forgetting about the components. This ability is inherent in reading lectures, constructing a house, and sport training. If, in his point of view, he has attained perfection then he loves to change the objective of his activity: he finds it tiresome to be occupied with the same routine work over a long period of time. In regards to such his irrationality is developed.

    SLI spends time making sufficient preparations before beginning a new project; he collects material and accumulates different information. He likes to try different things so that he may better sense the possibilities inherent in forthcoming work.

    On the one hand he has a characteristic perseverance. On the other hand portrays certain inertness. He may take a while to start things but at the last moment mobilize and rapidly complete his work. He will not begin a task deemed doubtful. He prefers reliability and definition, calculation, but not risk.

    He loves to work independently so that he does not have to adapt himself to anyone else. Is especially irritated by illogical instructions.

    Description of the Weak Functions:

    Fe – SLI prefers to hide his emotions. Outwardly he seems impenetrable. This is partly connected with the fact that he is poorly capable of detecting the moods of people around him and also he fears that showing his emotions may seem inappropriate or ridiculous. This forces him to retain a psychological distance. But this distance will not be applied to those that seek his support – he will most likely not reject such people but will listen and aid them, even sympathize with their misfortune.

    However, sensitivity and sentimentality is alien to him: he’s more likely to participate with others in order to belong than to develop emotions. Introspection as well is not his element.

    In conflict situations SLI tries to stay away from possible scandals. To a certain degree he appears to be steady and inert. However, if someone suddenly invades his secret psychological “territory”, where no one is allowed, or attempts to debase his sense of personal value – SLI can unexpectedly flare up and be driven into fury. In such a state he may lose control of himself and is even capable of striking the offender. In regards to his emotions, just as with his practical works, he cannot be quickly swayed or calmed – especially after an explosion.

    Ni – Flashes of fantasy and boundlessness are not at all characteristic of SLI. He cannot sufficiently evaluate the prospects of one task over another, and thus finds it difficult to solve strategic problems. It often occurs that he makes mistakes in judging people: sometimes he is inclined to view them in an overly advantageous light and then later feels deceived by his expectations. He compulsively relies on his ability to design in order to deal with long-term plans, rather than intuition. He looks to the plans of those around him and conforms his own to their norms.

    SLI at Work and in the House

    As a leader SLI implements his plans with regards to aesthetics and practicality; therefore productions of this psycho-type will be of high quality and beautiful design. However, he doesn’t strive to be leader, even if gifted with talent. If nevertheless it’s necessary to occupy an office of leadership he will first attempt to understand who is capable of what, as it is more rational to use each worker in the area that corresponds with his/her level of skill. In leadership SLI adheres to the principles of the collective, he tries to materially stimulate his coworkers.

    He finds it difficult to forecast distant prospects in the development of production. He is better at tactical questions, rather than strategy; therefore it is better that he leads a small group.

    He prefers to solve conflict situations with trade-offs. However, when such deals with fundamental principles he does not surrender his position.

    The characteristic qualities of his nature are vividly developed in family life. He is a good family man, leisurely, solid and reliable. It is very important to him to ensure his family materially: to ensure there are sufficient supplies of food, clothing and foot wear in the home. He often enjoys interacting with his children and being their guardian. While children sometimes distress him, he’s rarely hurt. Frequently he is a good educator, restrained and reasonable. He is inclined to take the weak under his steady and reliable protection.

    Not only does he not avoid domestic tasks but he loves them. Will wonderfully and thoroughly repair the apartment, firmly and solidly build a house, work on the vegetable-garden… It is necessary that others adapt to his habits. Urging him to do things irritates him.

    Summary of Functions:
    1. Si – Principally represented by the sensation of harmony, beauty and health. Everything must be balanced. Knows how to create his own invisible “territory”, is characterized by his perseverance, which sometimes passes into the realm of obstinacy; however is not inclined to aggression.
    2. Te – Knows how to use improvised material in obtaining practical results. Loves qualitative, scrupulous, and serial operations. Attempts to understand the general similarities in universal laws, to add details in the global scheme.
    3. Fe – Conceals his emotions, fears seeming ridiculous, retains a psychological distance. He seems steady and inert, however, is capable of unexpectedly flaring up if his sense of self-respect is threatened. Considers the observance of traditions and norms of behaviour necessary and useful not due to his internal sensations but due to the pragmatic benefits.
    4. Ni – Finds it difficult to foresee the ripening of various events, is not inclined to fantasies. Does not trust information sources, must check everything himself. Finds it difficult to invent something new – prefers to adapt something already known to his practical needs.

    Professional Possibilities:
    Is successful in any industrial or practical activity. A master in work, loves to work independently or in a small group, does not aim for offices of leadership. Can prove to be a capable artist, designer, musician. Connection with physical state and surroundings may lead to medicine, sports, and also to professions connected with cuisine (cooking).

    Potentially Favourable –
    IEE (ENFp), ILE (ENTp), SEE (ESFp), EII (INFj)
    Potentially Adverse –
    EIE (ENFj), ESE (ESFj), LIE (ENTj), SLE (ESTp)

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    Yay! The ISTp description! Thank you for doing that <3
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    My relations with ISTps aren't really that bad, good description anyway!
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    Thanks Misutii!! Great job.

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