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Thread: ENFp description (Filatova) edited!

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    Default ENFp description (Filatova) edited!

    Intuitive-Ethical Extrovert
    IEE – ENFp – Huxley (Instigator)

    Installation of the consciousness in the leading bloc: the IEE: importance is place on what’s most interesting and gripping – in these they see potential possibilities and promising trends, both in human society and in the sphere of production, and organize people towards realizing these possibilities.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Ne – For the IEE it is most important to find, to see, to comprehend the new possibility where there previously never was one. Her attention is always riveted towards the unique and unusual. She’s stimulated by new ideas and is willing to receive information from any sources. This can lead her to unexpected scientific discoveries, museum exhibitions, non-traditional methods of entertainment and medicine, journeys, meeting with new people…

    Her interest flashes rapidly, like that of a child at the sight of a new toy, but as soon as the object of entertainment loses its novelty she becomes uninterested, her interest vanishes rapidly and she hurries to be charmed by a new possibility. Because of her fresh views and openness to new things IEE often possesses a set of abilities and talents. It pleases her to test herself in different fields – many representatives of this psycho-type design well, can be easily trained for sports and in musical instruments, fascinated by psychology, theatre, cinematography, and art. They test their abilities in the moment, write verses, and are ingenious storytellers.

    As a rule IEE is very penetrating: she can easily predict what it is possible to expect in the future from another individual, especially if she is sufficiently familiar with him/her. As no other she knows how to inspire, to reveal the abilities and talents of others, to manifest support towards others to realize themselves. In people she values kindness, uniqueness and talent. Envy is alien to her – her creative nature allows her to see many possible avenues worth following. Even in old age she’s always ready to learn new things.

    Fi – All possibilities must be made aware to others so that they may act on them. IEE easily makes contact with others and rapidly becomes the soul of the company. Is able to connect with spectators and students, and is ready to play with their attention. Her behaviour is noticeably impulsive, her mood frequently varies, but she tries to hide all of her negative experiences from others to avoid their judgments.

    IEE possesses the gift of inspiring those that surround her towards activities, which can be considered promising and revealing in the long-term. She finds it rather interesting to manipulate – literally to juggle with the moods of others. Here she is an experimenter, curiously observing the reactions of others to her emotional provocations. She wonderfully manages the emotional sphere, she gives compliments to others and is sincere for she is always ready to notice the positive traits inherent in others, but she may sometimes chaff, and attempt to tease a little… this is never done with actual spite but in a playful manner, as if it’s a game.

    Benevolence and optimism are generally inherent in people of this psycho-type. They are eager to offer aid, but one ought not to rely too heavily on their promises for they are often forgetful, and easily distracted by other people.

    By wonderfully understanding the moods of people IEE knows how to deftly avoid conflict, to extinguish such with a joke. But when the reason for conflict aligns with her inherent interests she may get caught up in the conflict, in such situations she acts actively and decisively.

    Description of the Weak Functions:

    Ti – Represents “working activity” and always supposes a definite organization. By this is meant punctuality, the function of responsibilities, instruction, regulation, the hierarchy of subordination, accountability… And these are all which serve to drive the IEE away – any weighty framework that dictates to her “to fulfill responsibilities.” Her creativity sees nothing as predetermined. Therefore it is especially important that she find work in which her gifts are revealed.

    The nontrivial course of thoughts characteristic for many representatives of this psycho-type may lead them to realize themselves in scientific research work, where with ease they propose unexpected views on problems. However, they poorly respond to manual labor and logical analysis. Anything that requires they be thorough and systematic in their investigations will lead them to quickly tire. They prefer to hand these aspects of scientific work to others and instead assume the role of “generator of ideas.” However, when they fail to find creative work, in which something new can always be seen, their previously indefatigable inquisitiveness severely weakens.

    After having tried 10 – 15 different specialties she may prove to be without anything, to have attained nothing in life, the entirety of her talent gone unrealized. After completing necessary preparations in a new project, if she sees something, which she finds more attractive, she may throw away everything. She prefers not to plan, but to improvise; it is dangerous to rely on her business qualities for she can get caught up in the moment.

    She doesn’t respond well to templates and standards. IEE recognizes no formal subordination, feels no piety towards authorities; this may lead to trouble. The observations of authorities, especially if they, in her opinion, are wrong, are answered to sharply disregarding of who they are. It is therefore understandable that she is not at place in conditions subordinate to strict authority.

    Se – IEE assumes that society values daring, decisive, volitional people, and she attempts to create about herself the impression that she is such a person. In some cases she can actually manifest in herself willpower, and in some situations is capable of acting with pressure, but most frequently such pressure is not sufficient in the long-term and her persistence proves to be short-lived.

    IEE is not too interested in the world of material things. She is not able to keep up with it and prefers that another take charge of such matters. She is not confident in the necessity of one purchase over another and needs another person with which to confer. Financially she’s often negligent, her money interests her more so in terms of its immediate use than in terms of obtaining new experiences in life.

    IEE at Work and in the Home:

    IEE does not aim for leadership positions for it is difficult for her to control the collective at an intermediate level, where it is necessary to observe regulations and transient functions from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top. She is much better able to manifest her abilities at the head of the whole collective. From this office she’s able to glance at the problem, to see prospects of development in the enterprise, and to strategically solve such in a way that proves greatly successful to the collective. Her ability to put forth nontrivial ideas can prove to be the decisive factor in competitive activity. However, the study of components should be charged to those nearby, who will manage such better than she.

    IEE also has the useful ability, at any rank of leadership, to arrange cadres in a way that effectively uses the best abilities of each. However, enforcing discipline, and the evaluation of work’s execution and its quality should be charged to deputies.

    Due to her ability to foresee new possibilities, and rapidly act on such, she is irreplaceable in proprietor activity, in the organization of new work, in the creation of advertising, in journalism… in a sense anywhere her ardor, and curiosity to the novel, works together with her ability to establish contacts.

    In relations towards representatives of intimate attraction the IEE has a tendency towards newness and change. In the conjugal life this position is rarely well understood by others. If her partner does not know how to always be novel and mysterious then her love can rapidly die out. It’s helpful if her significant other possesses stability, the patience to understand that each new entertainment will pass just as rapidly as the one before. Otherwise it will be difficult to avoid scandals and separation.

    Domestic economical activity is completely alien to IEE. She attempts to solve household problems with a minimum of effort, finding no pleasure in this.

    Despite the fact that IEE corresponds weakly to the family ideals of society she’s able to adapt by means of constant newness and mutability… It is not surprising that even at an elderly age she retains the ability to charm and be charmed by others.

    Summary of Functions:
    1. Ne – For the IEE it is most important to find and comprehend the most important and most interesting – to find, to see, to comprehend new possibilities where there previously was none. From a set of variants is capable of selecting the most controversial and promising in the long-term. Loves to dream and fantasize, can sufficiently forecast the course of events.
    2. Fi – Possesses the gift of inspiring people towards long-term promising activities. Knows how to juggle the moods and relations of those that surround her. Conceals negative moods within her so as not to suffer other’s judgments; but is more willing to share with friends, in this regard.
    3. Ti – Regime, duty, regulations, accountability, all disarm her. Finds it difficult to be inscribed in any framework. Works exclusively based on her mood, is better able to focus on ‘big picture’ work than to be occupied by thorough study.
    4. Se – In regards to volitional methods acts exclusively for purposes of defense. Is not very attracted to the material world, finds it difficult to keep up, is often negligent in regards to her finances.

    Professional Possibilities:
    IEE’s ability to foresee new possibilities is irreplaceable in proprietorship, in the organization of new work, in advertising, in journalism, anywhere their ardor, curiosity for novelty, can be combined with their ability to establish contacts. Representatives of this type may also work in the sciences, with ease proposing an unexpected view towards a problem; some of them also work successfully as psychologists.

    Potentially Favourable:
    SLI (ISTp), SEI (ISFp), ILI (INTp), LSE (ESTj)
    Potentially Adverse:
    LSI (ISTj), LII (INTj), ESI (ISFj), IEI (INFp)

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    That's good. I haven't seen that description of Ti for us before and I like that particularly.
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    This is a good description and more easily understood than the Stravensky one.

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