Don't you think you're overgeneralizing a bit a here? I really do think most extraverts sound a lot more intelligent than what you wrote below. And the sample introvert passage, sounds like an INTx type. I don't think that would be the style of all introverts.

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In the past year, I've been meeting people I've met online in person, and have come across something interesting.

Here is an example of the typing style of an extrovert:
gggrrrr......grose !!!!!! siff !! how can you watch that sort of stuff ? haha lol idk im weird i geuss lol, well cuz its such an awsome movie!, lol its not that bad. i love "starski & hutch" like the blonde guy i cant remember what is name was though..i'm very lade back and dont worry much lol.....!!!


Here is an example of the typing style of an introvert:
We would have fewer victimless criminals clogging our prisons. There would be less crime, as much of the crime we suffer from today can be traced to drugs. Fewer children would have access to drugs. The drug cartels and all those slimy douche bags who make money off the sale of drugs would no longer have a market, and all the money they once made would be going towards more productive projects. We'd also be able to dramatically reduce the number of HIV infections among heroin users.

Keep in mind, there are people who are unaware of their type. Also, they are the two extremes that I've met. They are both teenagers, and I am pretty sure age plays a role in how one types. But I've noticed just about accross the board that, even if they aren't as pronounced as the examples above, extroverts generally are "messier" typists, and introverts the more "controlled and clean" typists. I am also convinced that there are variations between sensors and intuitives, feelers and thinkers that might be helpful in typing people.

Extroverted feelers (like the one above) tend not to pay attention to capitalization or punctuation, although their grammar may be fine... sometimes. Extroverted thinkers will often make grammatical mistakes, and spelling mistakes, but they will not correct them. They usually observe the conventions of punctuation (but not always capitalization) so they often come accross as more intelligable than their feeling counterparts.

Introverted thinkers usually come off as smart-asses - although they will not usually correct minor typos they are prone to make. Introverted feelers will eventually type what looks like an essay on human understanding - they will obsess over the details of what they want to say, and self-consciously correct any error that catches their eye.