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Thread: How can I assess subtypes ?

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    Default How can I assess subtypes ?

    Let's consider this "fifth" dichotomy : accepting / producing subtype.

    One possible strict definition for that would be : accepting is stronger / producing is stronger.

    I'm an INTj ; I hesitate because :

    Does that make me a subtype ?

    - I feel more logical than intuitive.
    - I'm not really action-oriented ; I live mainly in a "correlations" world and for me is a way to "read" these correlations. I'm pretty satisfied knowing correlations.
    - I think I'm more rigid than adaptive ; I could be a rational subtype.
    - is associated to verbal rigidity, complicated syntaxes, theoretical logics.
    - If 0-100 is an E-I scale, I would be 80-85 ; does above 75 would be introvert subtype ?

    Does that make me a subtype ?

    - Sometimes, I somewhat want to repress ethics.
    - I'm pretty expressive for an I-Type.
    - I'm very sensitive for a T-Type ; I really hate things which ethical types hate too, such as violence, lack of sincerity, etc. ; does it mean my accepting and are weaker than and ?
    - is associated to intellectual independance.

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    subtype lacks such strict definitions because, to a certain extent, all of socionics lacks absolute definitions.

    if you use your accepting function disproportionately to the creative function, you may be an accepting subtype; alternately, if you use your creative function about the same as or more than your dominant function, you might be a producing subtype.

    another perhaps effective method is to consider the actions and motivations of your lookalike and comparative; a creative subtype is likely to identify more with the former, and vice versa.

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