Get ready for a mind bender... these types are the stuff of popular religion. They blur the line between fantasy and reality.

The Releaser

Function Order:
Fe -> Ni -> Te -> Si -> Ti -> Se -> Fi -> Ne
Se -> Ti -> Ne -> Fi -> Ni -> Fe -> Si -> Te

The Releaser frees potential within objects and others by establishing
relationships/partnerships between them. These partnerships act as conduits
through which the potential can flow, strengthening both parties. The Releaser
seeks to form meaningful bonds between people and things, and seeks a role which
allows them to forge these bonds. The influence of these bonds on the
external field dynamics they observe colors their outlook. Feelings of
dissatisfaction with the status quo naturally leave the Releaser looking for
answers. Determined to make a difference but unsure how to go about doing it,
they receive suggestive content and scrutinize it for its influence on
time. After adopting the suggestion they foresee as having maximum positive
influence on time from those offered, they estimate the influence of
current events on subjective perception. From this percept they perceive
the need to change the balance of the forces in play as a means of altering
the perceptive basis which underlies the unsatisfactory status quo. Observing
their objective powerlessness in this regard they draw upon their personal
knowledge, reorienting the world's field dynamics by force of feeling.
This expression of sheer will creates a new potential between the fields,
which in turn instantiates a new objective dynamic between their objects.
Will trumps the objective world, and reality is changed.

In the scope of this reality arises new subjective experiences. The
Releaser evaluates these subjective experiences in regard to their influence
on the balance of powers. The releaser's adoption of the most suitable
subjective percept changes the balance of powers and redirects the course of
history towards a new external field static. Under the auspice of
this static more relational dynamics may be feasible, the stimulation
of which releases the new potentials created by the Releaser's personal
I was wrong about this: Keanu Reeves is an ENTj-ESFp, as was the Enlightenment philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseu. (how did I ever convince myself the Devil's Advocate was anything but an ENTj!?)

Te -> Ni -> Fe -> Si -> Fi -> Se -> Ti -> Ne
Se -> Fi -> Ne -> Ti -> Ni -> Te -> Si -> Fe

Keanu Reeves exhibits this function pattern. It is also consistent with his movie roles (The Matrix, Constantine, Devil's Advocate). This type would be in essence the (fill this in) of Jesus of Nazareth's INFj-IXXX type, which explains the role of religion and themes of salvation in Keanu Reeve's work. Of course it also posits that, if he really wanted to, he could heal the sick. (?) Excuse me, he could make a deal that could heal the sick. That sounds more likely.

Raelian leader Rael is ENFj-EXXx.

Napoleon Bonaparte was ESFp-EXXx.

These types are notable for excitability and high energy levels.