There are also longer versions, by the way, in youtube if you search for "Hitchens Maher".

Look at the different behaviors and stances of Hitchens and Maher: Hitchens is blunt, fixed gaze, direct, does not let Maher interrupt him, he lists his information to support his opinion. Whatever else you see, that is definitely not a Se-superego type, and probably he's indeed a Se-ego type. Beta or Gamma. Further, he not only refuses to participate in the predominant Fe atmosphere around him, he is deeply irritated by it and actively goes against it. That is also what's behind his "don't look at me as if I were dumb" comment - he notices Maher's trick and is totally confident about exposing it. Not a Fe role or PoLR. That is a Se Fi quadra type, a Gamma. He doesn't seem ENTj because he doesn't show one bit of that slight insecurity and nervousness that ENTjs show when trying to be Se-forceful - like Tony Blair or Bill Gates for instance. That also speaks against INTp. From that video alone he might be ESFp, but he uses Se as a way to support the information he lists; an ESFp would be a bit different, like clearly more concerned with "winning" than with getting his arguments across. But I just know that, elsewhere, Hitchens goes for Fi more than sheer Se.

Maher is not intimidated by Hitchens's Se but neither does he match it: not a Se type, but probably not a Se PoLR type, either. He tries to "go around" Hitchens by using the Fe atmosphere between them and with the audience: that's a Fe>Fi, not Fi>Fe. Alpha or Beta, but no way a Se type like an ESTp or ISTj. But more likely a Ti ego than a Fe ego: the starting point of his argument was that, to him, Hitchens could not see what to Maher was obvious according to his Ti logic: that's when Hitchens starts to list his Te arguments, and Maher is clearly thinking, "doesn't he get it"? That is Ti reacting to Te. That is actually Maher's constant tack there.

So, Maher is more likely an INTj or ENTp. Which one? Now it's trickier for me to explain -- I can only say that he moves and talks more like an EP than IJ, that he doesn't seem to have a Se PoLR, that his overall "vibe" is that of an ENTp rather than INTj.

As another observartion, look at them both -- which one of them has an Aggressor vibe, and which one, Infantile?

From what I know of both of them elsewhere, it's clear to me that Maher is ENTp rather than INTj, and Hitchens, more ISFj than ESFp. Yet, in the absence of all other evidence, I could also have accepted them as ESFp and INTj as second option