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Thread: A study of motivation requirement: ISTp & INTj

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    Default A study of motivation requirement: ISTp & INTj

    Quote Originally Posted by ISTp
    4. Goals and methods. Sometimes he may be mistaken for a lazybones and a chatterbox, especially when being without his dual for long: he speaks a lot but does nothing, as if waiting for something. In such a situation he is really waiting: for a scream for help. He will not work without a goal, and is not capable of inventing goals himself. Only The Psychologist, the ardent enthusiast, has a key, which starts up the precise and flawless mechanism of The Craftsman. As a reward The Craftsman considers the joy he has brought by his labor. He judges about sincerity of others by voice inflection, which automatically mobilizes him. Both desire and joy are often best expressed by his dual – The Psychologist – who is in addition a great specialist of finding talents and admiring them sincerely. And The Craftsman has to be a favorite, for he does not tolerate equal rewarding regardless of contribution. Only sincere feelings expressed by the eyes and intonations can win him over.

    I was going to post part of the INTj strativyaska (spelling) profile, but it is no longer there.

    Anyways, I am interested in how both of these types require motivation from outside sources.

    It sounds like for an INTj, the excitement comes from outside, societal forces. Ti logic in and of itself tends to neutralize preferences.

    But I wonder if there is a connection between the two types, or how INTj Si hidden agenda works similarly or differently from leading function in ISTps, in regard to requiring motivation from an outside source.
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    The highlighted portion seems to capture me pretty well. I've always needed a fixed goal and somehow always ended up lost if it was open-ended.
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