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Thread: Lord of the Flies

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    Default Lord of the Flies

    It's been decades since I read this...but something made me think of it.

    Here are my type guesses:

    Piggy: INTp...He seems the absolute perfect INTp image.
    Simon: INFp?
    Ralph: Probably E and F in there somewhere...maybe ESFp or ENFj or something?
    The bad folks: ESTp

    As I said...It's been a long time. Piggy's the only one I'm pretty sure about.

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    piggy seems totally INTp.
    6w5 sx
    model Φ: -+0
    sloan - rcuei

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    Super bump! I love this novel.
    I think most people would agree:
    Jack SLE
    Piggy ILI
    Simon IEI

    But what about Ralph? I'd say he's IEE.

    Upon arriving on the island he immediately soaks in a reverie of happiness. He strikes me as having Ep temperament, and as being an NF.
    Superego seems to characterize Jack and Ralph's ITR -- they're attracted to each other yet at a closer look can't understand the other, "baffled in love and hate"

    His personality is on a different wavelength than Jack's Beta outlook, so I wouldn't say he's EIE. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so "apart" from Jack's leadership competition and would've rather "joined" it when recognizing the threat to both his leadership and possibility of escape.. For him it was never about being strong and on top but rather about being rescued, even if being on top is what could lead to rescue.

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