RTGame is a gamer on Youtube that I encountered a while ago. I saw the following aspects in him:
-What seems like good planning skills.
-What seems like good logic, but not necessarily argumentative.
-A low care for having a job. Whatever characteristics he has, he doesn't seem to care much about looking efficient or capable. I don't think that this is necessarily related to Te.
-Friendly attitude, generally willing to do things for others and help them. Overall, a very nice guy.
-Comfortable in social situations, seems to make jokes.
-A fairly expansive knowledge base.

Personality-Database seems to think that he's an IEI, and I'm kind of inclined to agree. I don't know what PoLR he has, so I can't say for sure. Based on his knowledge base, the farsighted dichotomy makes sense.

Generally, I'd say that due to what seems like a skill in logic, he's probably either logical in Socionics and bad at logic in Attitudinal Psyche, or ethical in Socionics and good at logic in Attitudinal Psyche. I initially guessed that he might be 3F due to his fear of spiders, but I realized that he might actually fit the EF block in Attitudinal Psyche. I don't know whether he has a self positive or self negative relationship with physics.

I could also be perceiving him to be good at logic due to his likely Enneagram 6 characteristics.

Edit: I realized that he also might be able to fit the FE block in Attitudinal Psyche. So depending on his attitude towards volition, he could be a FELV or a FEVL.