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Thread: need help defining functions

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    Default need help defining functions

    Extraverted Feeling: passion, self-expression, emotions, moods
    Introverted Feeling: relationships, ethics, values, conscience
    Extraverted Thinking: realism, commitments, practicality, facts
    Introverted Thinking: analysis, objectivity, rules, structure
    Extraverted Intuition: potential, creativity, inventiveness, possibilities
    Introverted Intuition: time, foresight, optimism, patterns
    Extraverted Sensing: appearance, determination, will-power, initiative
    Introverted Sensing: health, aesthetics, atmosphere, comfort

    Like others on this forum I am attempting to design a socionics test. The purpose of this test is to help people determine which quadra they belong to. The problem is, the accuracy of this test is contingent upon the accuaracy of eight sets of key words. I've already read all the function descriptions I can find and you can see what I've come up with. Let me know if you would change/add any words. Thanks.

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    models? no... too static

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