Some uncensored news on that, below. But I am surprised that no one is discussing this news story here. Are you ALL dependent on censored main stream media news, only, for ALL your news? Doesn't that seem highly "off" to you, yet? I am really curious.

You can see why the truck driver didn't need to spend money on a campaign, here:
Video of this dad speaking:
More trouble for parents:

This is shocking. Why is aren't any of you guys talking about this here on the forum??

And also here:

So yes, how could that incumbent possibly win,m even by a narrow margin? I don 't think New Jersey is that asleep. It has to be fraud.

All the signs of fraud are there anyway:

Yes, "rescanning" the ballots, sure, just that:

Good news:

More on the unfixed election fraud; it happened then so it can and does still happen now: