If the best thing you could do involved risking ur life and u knew it u wouldnt be afraid of dying because it would be the best way to live.

Dying is so scary and sad because people never figured life out. IF they did they would know death and know life. They cant figure anything out if that’s how they “live”. They know something really got lost in that lifetime they spent here. It was supposed to be a gift but was turned into torture. They came here to get something and give something. It was to improve themselves and everything else. That’s what life’s about. Instead they were lost in trying to survive they forgot they didn't know why, and they had to survive to figure it out in the first place. Resting/playing was forgotten that in it was the truth . Impulsive sex/relationships in existential frustration to feel the meaning while being ignorant little fuck. It's about having fun while sharing it. Feeling good is being loved sharing that is loving it. To live was supposed to be the spiritual manifestation of love. People hurt others because they don't feel loved themselves. The predatory instinct that transforms like into another through destroying and recreating it as a part of yourself. Assholes are people who feel disconnected from others (no empathy) so they hurt them. People who are afraid of getting hurt are more often thinking types who close themselves off which is also what makes them afraid. Being insensitive (feel less love) -> unaware (reduced empathy) as feelings are a type of awareness. Lack of awareness of others disposition towards them makes them suspicious and more inclined to violence. Feeling types tend to be a bit more neurotic with emotions towards themselves instead. Depreciate their efforts of being being beneficial as not good enough. More inclined to let themselves be violated. Intuitives are also more likely to let themselves be violated because they would think it's fair due to intuitive leaps. Sensor would be stuck in his more immediate experience. Extroverts would blame their issues on others more at the same time also placing virtue on others more.