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Thread: The brightest light has come to shine, baby!

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    Wink The brightest light has come to shine, baby!

    (I am already cringing at that tittle, oh whatever)

    Yo, hi. I think I have spent a huge part of my useful life on internet forums, actually I learned English with relative ease thanks to that. Jumping from one forum to another I found typology related stuff and with the time this has somehow become a strong interest of mine. Socionics is the last beast that I have been trying to tame(?) I don't really have that much knowledge about it yet so I don't really understand how I got the confidence to make an account on a Socionics forum, yeah I am here mostly to guest and learn from others I guess, but I'd still like to be an active member if I get confident later.

    I am a Venezuelan person born in Gen Z, I think I am a sp 6 after reading some enneagram literature and socionics wise I have been told that I am LII and EIE, totally similar types of course .

    Some non typology stuff that I like:

    Reading (let it be philosophy, psychology, manga, bad written Wattpad fanfiction, etc.) My favorite book is probably "The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation" by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. Also, audiobooks are nice too.

    Drawing, I have studied very thoroughly some drawing techniques, though I am still learning.

    Languages, I am studying Japanese right now. I can write "Yamete kudasai" in hiragana

    My favorite music is more along the lines of being generic Asian stuff, though I cringe from it sometimes. Also Hamilton, love it right now.

    Coding to some extent.

    Yeah, that's it. Thank you if someone read that

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    How dare you!

    I am the morning and the evening star!

    Also, welcome lol
    The Barnum or Forer effect is the tendency for people to judge that general, universally valid statements about personality are actually specific descriptions of their own personalities. A "universally valid" statement is one that is true of everyone—or, more likely, nearly everyone. It is not known why people tend to make such misjudgments, but the effect has been experimentally reproduced.

    The psychologist Paul Meehl named this fallacy "the P.T. Barnum effect" because Barnum built his circus and dime museum on the principle of having something for everyone. It is also called "the Forer effect" after its discoverer, the psychologist Bertram R. Forer, who modestly dubbed it "the fallacy of personal validation".

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    Then I challenge you to a duel, there shall be only O N E star here, and I bet that will be me ofc since I already won the Vietnam War in 1987 along with John Lennon, the one who invented being an EIE

    Lol thank you

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