Some weeks back I decided to look for some posts around online that lambaste Big 5 (because I was feeling quite salty about that system that day), and on a Quora post I found something-... peculiar. Dunno how I could miss it because it was actually mentioned on another Socionics site. But anyways, this is a Freudian-esque system by, yet another Eastern European, named Yuri Burlan. It deals with "erogenous zones" or "vectors" and how they can be understood to predict behavior and thinking styles. The different vectors are the following: dermal and muscle (belonging to the space quartile), urethral and anal (for time), audial, visual (information), and finally olfactory and oral (energy). The descriptions of the types are, as one can expect, strange. Already, there are so many questions...
1. Why these vectors? Can they correspond with their aspects, such as time?
2. How do the personality portraits reflect their vectors? What really is the reasoning behind everything?
3. Is there legit some Russian guy wandering around now who identifies as an "anal man"?
and above all,
4. Who the fuck is Yuri Burlan and is he trustworthy? Does he know about Socionics?

I can't answer these questions in full as I'm still reading the literature. They have online courses, but I'm hesitant. The system honestly seems a little shady. If you poke around, you'll find out why. However, I'm not going to suggest it's barren of potential. Humans are strongly motivated by desire and our animal self shapes who we are greatly, and I think it's foolish to suggest otherwise. One thing I noticed about it that I like is that the system is fairly flexible. You could be more than one type for instance, which is refreshing.

If you're curious, here's some resources about the general idea and the types:

Also watch Mr. Yuri talk:

What do you guys think his Sociotype is?