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Thread: Can someone type me/quadra/enneagram based on this honest list of self-observed characteristics?

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    Default Can someone type me/quadra/enneagram based on this honest list of self-observed characteristics?

    • Not concerned with living in the moment or reminiscing about the past, only care and am concerned about the future. I live by the future.
    • Not interested at all in world history or astrology. very skeptical of most conspiracy theories (I feel most conspiracies are fear-driven or ego-driven (wanting to seem smarter) and therefore lack enough rational to take serious) but they can be interesting at times
    • Constantly discontented with life, always want more, hard to be satisfied. Hard to enjoy what I have even when I try to
    • i'm terrible at saving money. I often try but I always fail. There's always something out there that I want to buy.
    • i'm a music producer -- -- it's much easier for me to be creative musically when i'm down/depressed. when i'm happy or upbeat my musical creativity is suppressed
    • Very low energy person, most of the time my temperament/mood is down beat and melancholic. Can have short spurts of positive emotions and liveliness but most things don’t interest me enough to perk me up. People see me as being a laid-back person even though internally I don't feel that way. My inner-self is much more lively/chaotic/anxious than I let on.
    • Don’t care for parties/celebrations.. too much stimulation/social/can feel fake at times
    • I find taking care of myself to be an absolute chore (exercising, dieting, grooming) but I have hypochondria symptoms and tend to be an alarmist self-diagnose-r. I don't like going to doctors for this reason. I think I have good eye for fashion and aesthetics but if I don't feel confident in my body image I tend to put those things to the wayside.
    • I'm not a fan of bias. I like when someone can prove a point or state something without bias. However, I respect that we all have biases because we're human.
    • I hate building things and using tools. I can get by if I have to but I rather not, it frustrates the shit out of me. However, I can build computers and for some reason I find that kind of fun and exciting.
    • I’m married to an SEI and I live with my ESE mother. I get along with both of them but my ESE mother can be too pushy and dramatic for me. My SEI wife is an absolute sweetheart and a ray of sunshine that pierces my clouds (that’s why I married her), but I find her to be too settling at times and not willing to push for more in life
    • I’m naturally sensitive but try to cling onto logic, possibly as a defense mechanism
    • Very opinionated about music but not at all opinionated about most other things in the world
    • Not interested in most social media or current events
    • my dream is to be famous music producer and/or rapper/singer. I lack the energy, drive and confidence to pursue this dream though and it depresses me because I feel like it's my calling in life and i'm getting old.
    • Very picky about how things are done, I like things that I’m involved in to be done a certain way
    • Can be a big perfectionist but only when it’s something I’m personally invested in
    • I mostly avoid conflict but when I am involved in conflict I’m extremely stubborn and know how to verbally attack people because I'm very aware of people insecurities and weak spots and have hurt peoples feelings a lot in conflict but have felt bad afterwards. I can’t say I’m too afraid of conflict overall but 9/10 times I avoid conflict situations. Although, I believe conflict to be necessary at times but not often.
    • Have never been a grudge holder. It’s not a principle of mine to not hold a grudge but I just literally don’t care to hold a grudge, its a waste of energy and time to me
    • Don’t care about friends/friendships, I treat most people equally
    • Extremely observant of people and their behavior patterns, can easily get into other peoples mindset
    • Can be somewhat chameleon-like in social situations depending on what group of people I’m talking to
    • Hard for me to offend people especially in real life, again not a conscious principle of mine, just takes a lot of effort to be offensive.
    • However I love watching people offend others because it’s usually hilarious to me to see
    • I’m rarely offended by anything in general.. I tend to think most people take things too seriously
    • Extremely introverted. Rarely ever leave the house or go out. Constantly reading or watching TV
    • Don’t like reading things that are written very long.. I tend to read long content out of order (start with the first paragraph, jump to the fourth, then read the second or third). Hard for me to read things in order
    • Extremely visual mindset.. constantly running future scenarios in my head.. when I listen to music I get a lot of visuals and mental imagery and emotional feedback. Main reason why I’m a big fan of music
    • When things become too logically complex I can sort of keep up, but at some point I get very confused and lose track
    • I can’t ever hide my true emotions. I don’t purposely express my emotions but it’s also basically impossible to externally hide how I’m feeling, plus I rather not.. feels in authentic to the soul
    • Always extremely into technology and anything futuristic. I don’t like technology for the nuts and bolts and complexity, mainly for the aesthetics. I love futuristic aesthetics.
    • I tend not to trust my own logical conclusions. I am a very doubtful/skeptical person (even skeptical of my own thoughts) but when I do (very rarely) reach a clear logical conclusion I can be very stubborn.
    • I always know how people are feeling without them telling me, I can also predict a lot of actions people I know will take
    • I don’t care at all for politics and social justice. I am not at all against it but I am also not an activist. I am simply indifferent. rather observe from a birds-eye perspective than get involved on the ground.
    • I like being different from other people. I don’t like the idea of being an average joe. I like to be unique and stand out even though I am very socially introverted. I prize authenticity and originality in others and myself. Always felt I was different from everyone around me and could never fit in with other people even when I wanted to.
    • I don’t idolize celebrities as a principle, I find it unwise as everyone is flawed and it's important to be unbiased. But I admire Kanye West the most out of any celebrity. For his unapologetic demeanor and his futurist perceptions
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    > honest list of self-observed characteristics

    make a video and tell your story there

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