Series 11 (2020)

Laura - SEI-Fe
Painful Te, demonstrated most distinctly in the last few episodes where she says that Technical challenges are her worst nightmare and that she just doesn't have a logical brain. Very pleasant Fe creative. Although she doesn't fit Si base stereotypes due to her messiness and lack of coordination, we can see that she welcomes and enjoys Ne from the 2 commentators.

Peter - IEI
His designs are consistently the most inspired. He always has that wide beta smile. I'm glad he won cause I was rooting for him since the beginning!

Rowan - IEE
Gah, all the ideas in the world don't mean anything if your execution sucks. Consistent with irl IEE-Nes I know.

Sura - ESI?
4D Si emanates off of her, but I think ESI>SEI. Love her expressions. ESIs tend to have funny expressions.

The 2 commentators - IEE

Paul London - SLI
Introverted delta ST is clear. Also helps explain why he doesn't mind their humor too much (which I view as obnoxious).

I'm curious what types Prue, Hermine, Dave, Lottie are. What I got from Lottie is so/sp e3.