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    pls Type me
    What is beauty? What is love?
    I don't know how to describe beauty as it's a subjective thing, i think. I also don't know what love is (and i'm honestly not comfortable talking about it), all i know is that there are different forms of love like romantic love and brotherly love etc. all these forms of love have different characteristics and they present themselves differently in people, but there is one trait that can be found in all of them, i can't describe it well but it's the type of thing that i look for in a relationship (regardless of its kind), what i know is, a person who loves you, he/she will be willing to put aside their agenda, their mission, their likes, desires etc for you, they will put you first (of-course not always).
    What are your most important values?
    Do you have any sort of spiritual/religious beliefs, and why do you hold (or don't) those beliefs in the first place?
    Opinion on war and militaries? What is power to you?
    well, I am not a fan of war but i do think the existence of a military is crucial.
    Power to me, is the ability and a type of influence a person has that he/she can use to accomplish his or her goal.
    What have you had long conversations about? What are your interests? Why?
    I have never had conversations that were focused on one subject for a long time and most of the time all i do is listen.
    I am interested in personality types of-course, because i'm interested in behavioral psychology, i just have this need to understand people, I'm also interested in physics, astronomy, economics, history, linguistics, cultures and cultural beliefs, engineering , because in short, i just want to understand, i get a sense of inner peace when i'm in the realm of knowledge (for lack of a better way to describe this), they way i look at people, things, everything changes. I'm a neurotic person and my view of life is a bit negative, but when i read and understand how big the world and the universe is, even if it's temporary, i get a chance to see life as something amazing, and all of that brings me inner peace. I'm also interested in cooking, not sure why. Also interested in tinkering, music, anime, movies, audiobooks. There are things i'm interested in doing later on life, but i don't know if i should write them down or not.
    Interested in health/medicine as a conversation topic? Are you focused on your body?
    honestly no, i got interested once but it was because of show called Md House.
    What do you think of daily chores?
    To be honest, it's not that i don't like chores I'm just lazy, every time i think about chores I immediately lose energy.
    Books or films you liked? Recently read/watched or otherwise. Examples welcome.
    A recent movie i watched is called the martian, I also watched an anime called vivy, if you were asking about genre, i don't have one.
    What has made you cry? What has made you smile? Why?
    I don't know how to answer this
    Where do you feel: at one with the environment/a sense of belonging?
    What have people seen as your weaknesses? What do you dislike about yourself?
    Sensitivity, Sensitivity.
    What have people seen as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?
    Focus i guess, the ability to focus on a task for a long time until it's done.
    I like that i am open minded.
    In what areas of your life would you like help?
    Social life.
    Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and your reaction to it.
    What qualities do you most like and dislike in other people? What types do you get along with?
    I usually don't have a problem with any type, but i tend to avoid judgmental, narrow minded people.
    How do you feel about romance/sex? What qualities do you want in a partner?
    If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?
    A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward and outward reaction?
    Depends on my mental state, but i would honestly get interested in why he/she thinks in that particular way, i would try to understand where that claim comes from and what it is based on.
    Describe your relationship to society. How do you see people as a whole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.
    I like humanity as whole, its kind of entertaining to just watch everyone do their own thing, but I don't like interacting with them.
    I don't have an answer to the second questions, haven't thought about this kinds of stuff.
    How do you choose your friends and how do you behave around them?
    I honestly don't choose friends, it just happens, and i behave normally
    How do you behave around strangers?
    depends on my mental state, on whether i feel secure or not
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