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    Greetings! If you need me to answer more questions, let me know. I'm more than willing if you're stuck between two or more types.

    What do you study or do for a living? How did you come to do that? What do you like or dislike about it?

    Well, I do a number of things. I have a part time job to earn a bit of money on the side. I got into that with familial connections. I like it since it makes me decent money for whatever I want and it allows me to spend some time with said family member. I've spent a year and a half studying the stock market. I have a plan for it, but that's for when I finish my original plan of my career and making a money. I will use it to grow my money instead of just having it sit there. However, I already have made a decent sum of money from the market. I got into that for a multitude of reasons. The main reason being that I wanted a way to become financially free, as a 9-5 seems bad to me. I would rather spend that with the family I'm going to make in the future, with my fiancee and our future children. Currently, I study medicine. I've bounced around majors because having a career was never really a goal of mine; it was more of a means to an end. I had to ask myself for a long time what I would actually enjoy, or at least, not hate doing. I ended up choosing medicine out of the information I have on it right now.

    What are your values, and why?

    Well, that's like asking me to recount how much air I breath, friend. I have plenty of opinions on a lot of things, with all of them interlocking with one another. They form a network to support one another, and make them even stronger. I would say it's difficult to state just one of my core beliefs on a value, for instance, love, when I have so much going on behind it, so much reasoning as to why I believe and do what I do.

    I'll try to TLDR one so that you can generally get the gist of what I mean. I believe that love is generally mistaken in the general population. It's something I spoke to my fiancee about last night. People think that the feeling is what makes love what it is, when that isn't the truth at all. Love is, above all, an understanding. People tend to permanently fall out of love for two main reasons: personality conflicts and fracturing paths. To love truly is to have an understanding of personality where they do not needlessly conflict and to aim for the same goal or goals that go side by side. Couples that not only grow together, but can face who they truly are, prime themselves for success. The issue is that many people pursue it with an aura of convenience, or an idea of it like in the movies, almost like a high. My ex-friend and old mentor showed me this when he would make people listen to whatever he said and do anything because they "loved" him, and they were so desperate for that feeling only he could provide. To succeed, a relationship needs the goal of the two people involved to heavily involve one another, for them to be the center. There are numerous other factors, like meddling of others, life circumstances, etc, all of which I have my own answers for. But, for the sake of brevity, I won't go into it here. That is how you give a relationship the best chance to succeed and have minimal friction between both parties.

    What else do you do on a daily basis? What are your interests and hobbies? Why do you do them?

    Well, I spend time with the people I care about, help strangers in numerous ways, study, read, work out, play games, watch anime, and write. I do the first two because they make me happy, and I like to spend time with people. I like to help people because they do have potential, and they can really become happier if they have certain situations dealt with in a positive way. I study because I need to be informed, this also ties into my goals. It's the same reason as to why I read. I play games and watch anime with others for fun and to bond with the people I spend time with. I work out to become stronger and exert my energy. I write because I like to bring out some ideas I have on the page, it makes me happy to see that I can orchestrate my ideas in such an eloquent manner.

    Describe your relations with family and friends.
    That's a bit of a weird question for me, in the fact that there's so much to them, I can't really just sum it up like that. Every person I've made it a point to understand within my friends and family have plenty of depth to them. For me to throw a blanket over it wouldn't really do it justice. The best I can really do is to say I'm normally a pillar of strength for them. I'm also known as the guy who understands everyone, hence why people tend to come to me for advice. Some appreciate that more than others, but it definitely plays a big role. For instance, I got very close to my fiancee specifically because of that ability, I could see the true her when no one else could.

    What do you like and dislike about them?

    Again, that's a hard statement for me to formulate a truly blanket answer. I like different things about each person, same as I dislike things about them. I guess I could use my fiancee as an example.

    Likes: she's beyond sweet, hardcore devoted, makes it a point to always think of me, supportive, takes all of my plans seriously, works with me to achieve said plans, only really shows her real side to me, etc etc. I doubt you'd wanna hear about all this.

    Dislikes: she can lie, she can generally avoid saying things if she thinks it will hurt someone, she can try to retreat behind her masks if she feels too exposed.

    What do you look for in friends? In romantic relationships?

    For friends, it's pretty broad. I'm able to chill and hang with just about anyone. Granted, they won't see the real me. But, I can generally hang with quite a few people, with a few exceptions of course. Romantic relationships is where I get very specific. My fiancee had to pass a long list of standards, and fit with me as a person, in order for me to be serious about the relationship. All of said standards are based in personality and goals for the future, as well as previous acts in the past. For example, respectively to all those three:

    - Supportive towards our futures
    - Shares my ambitions or one that can worked alongside it
    - Limited amount of past sexual experience, if any at all

    What conflicts have you encountered recently with other people? Why did they happen? Which kinds seem to happen on a regular basis?

    Well, I've really only encountered three recently. One was me trolling on DOTA since my fiancee was there and I wanted to make her laugh. I also wanted to make the BMer's uncomfortable, so I just cussed and cursed them into oblivion for the fun of it, then got off to laugh our asses off. That's just for pure fun. The second conflict was about a month or so ago with a friend who took his self improvement too far.* TLDR: His thesis was that he took things to the extreme, and furthering that, it was the same with self improvement. We were shit posting with one another and I called him stupid. He apparently took that to heart and decided to take it as a challenge. I told him that I thought he was one of the smartest guys I knew, and that if he did this, he would eventually see me as a threat and we would likely end the friendship. He didn't listen, I let it drop, a few days later, exactly what I said happened. This happened because he couldn't see it as a friendship, and that bothered me. I didn't want to be friends with a guy who saw me as someone so... transactional. I wanted a friend, not a business associate. This was specific to him. The third conflict I faced would be mediating family struggles by showing the parties why they do the things they do, and how to understand everyone involved. I'm the only one who can do it, so they tend to come to me for advice with it. This is repeating and semi-frequent. It can get kinda tiring, but I do it because I know the end result if the fights get worse. It will hurt both of them exponentially, so hopefully, I can buy them enough time and share enough insight to get them to understand one another without me.

    How would your friends describe you?

    Strong, smart, witty, an asshole sometimes, but really sweet other times, protective, forward thinking, and understanding

    What do people generally see as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?

    Well, how people see me and how I really am are two very different things. For me, I tend to really value my own strength and make it a point to be almost immovable in that strength. People know they can rely on me, and never feel more protective than when they are around me. I don't take shit, and im able to stand up for anything and anyone if I think its the right thing to do.

    On the flip side, inside, I am a bit more emotional, and I genuinely want to be close to people. I want to be able to show who I really am to a select amount of people. However, I really only do that with my fiancee. I'm happy that I can, and I think that's one of the main reasons she takes the relationship so seriously.

    What are your weaknesses? What criticism do you often face from others? What do you dislike about yourself?

    I don't really get much anymore. I spent my life vehemently self improving my personality and habits. At worst, people can critique that I am not as neat as they would like, particularly because people around me are very perfectionistic with that sort of endevour. For me, I don't really mind as long as I know where things are, and clean when things get too dirty. I can get involved with others and helping them, but detach very quickly which really tends to startle them.

    I've lived my life to where I could look at myself and have very little, if any, regrets. I didn't like how I used to be weaker because of my heart and desire to help people, but I found a balance to that as I grew up.

    In what areas of life can you manage well on your own? In what areas of your life would you like help?

    I can manage pretty much everything well on my own, although I like to be the leader and command others to do things to make tasks more efficient.

    What things do you dislike doing? What things do you enjoy more than others?

    I dislike doing things that hurt others or are contrary to what I know to be true, like when I have to bullshit my beliefs for college. It's very easy for me, but I find it meaningless, I just do it to get an easy A. I dislike higher education because its all just a game of stroking the professors ego and telling them what they want to hear, its so useless it hurts. Learning isn't the primary focus as it should be, hence why I find more of a home in STEM. Critical thought isn't that important anymore. It really does bug me. But, on the flip side, it's why my GPA ks borderline perfect, with the only B I ever obtained stemming from not knowing that I needed to stroke the professors ego and belief system.

    I enjoy spending my time with the people close to me, a lot of time, as well as the opposite, having a lot of alone time. Im always thinking, and the alone time helps me gather my thoughts, while I bounce my thoughts off of the people later. It's great, and lots of fun.

    What goals, aspirations, or plans do you have for the future? How did you come to have them?

    This is where I'm most conflicted. I've already obtained my life's purpose, which is to get married and have a family. That is my primary focus and it is the most important thing in my life. It's why I looked into how people worked so much, and improved myself to such a degree. I spent essentially all day learning about others and about myself, how they interlocked, and dated a looooottttt of women. When I found my fiancee and realized my thesis was correct, that my dream is in reality, that was that. The primary focus came on securing the future for us. That's nothing to me, it's so easy i could do it with my eyes closed. I am the miracle worker after all, so I already had that settled before we met, and added more with the stocks and such as time passed. However, I have already accomplished my life's purpose. So, what now? If I had my way, I would seek to revolutionize this world and change it. I would want to rule, completely and totally. I want to change this world for the better, and make it better for my future children. I know that I can do, and that's why I study and read so much. If I am to rule, I must know as much as I can. Through searching for my dream, I saw two extremes: the beauty of humanity, and the rot society has instilled in it. It sickened me, made me angry, pissed me off royally that people were being manipulated to think certain things, believe things, and do things for the benefit of corporations and politicians. It pissed me off how people are being encouraged to take on bad habits and hurt themselves. Hell, plenty of people willingly subject themselves to a cycle of debt for status, because they are told to. People suffer, and die, for absolutely nothing. People go through relationships and break their own hearts for nothing. I won't lie, they refuse to look into what they're doing. They refuse to truly see what it is. That's where the struggle comes into play. If I pursue that level of leadership, I may put my family in danger, and if I do, I could never forgive myself of something happened to them. On the other side, I want to change all of this, and I have very specific plans as to how to accomplish this. So, a big part of my journey would be deciding whether I want to spark this revolution if I get the chance, and then lead till my death, or if I want to seclude my family away, and take my winnings while I'm ahead, abusing the financial system to take care of them.

    If you had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life without working, what would you do with your time?

    Well, that depends on which route I went down as mentioned before. In either way, I would spend a lot of time with the family I am making, likely buying land in the USA and a few foreign countries in case of the dollar starts to tank too fast in my lifetime. Additionally, I would want to move out of the USA before my first child would be six, as the values they teach her border on insanity. I would heavily prefer a more traditional culture to make sure they have the best chance to critically assess their beliefs, and the power structure presented. After that, or just on my free time, I would likely just take my fiancee to different places, whatever I wanted to do, whenever. I would make it a point to show her an amazing time, where she would never forget. After all, she excels in sentimental gifts, but I excel in actually giving her the best of the best in terms of experiences.

    What traits do you find endearing that others might dislike? What traits are considered positive/neutral by others but tend to annoy you?

    Well, from what I know of socionics, my fiancee is likely an ethical type, either Beta or Delta. If you asked me, Beta is the most likely. Ironically, I find clingyness to be quite wonderful. I like giving and receiving that attention to my SO. I like her being fake with others, since I take pride in knowing she only wants to show the real her to me. I like how she can prioritize, know when to cut people off when it needs be.

    I dislike it when people are altruistic when they shouldn't be. I've been there, where I helped people where I shouldn't have. I quickly learned to limit it when it goes too far. For instance, if someone is willing to sacrifice good things in their life for people who genuinely don't care. That gets on my nerves.

    I dislike it when people play the victim, I hate that display of weakness without a desire to change. A lot of people enjoy giving pity points, I can fake it well, but I find it disgusting. Same as to my opinion on self destruction.

    What kinds of things do you do to manage and/or beautify your environment (your room, your house, etc.)? What do you think of daily chores?

    I mean, it's fine, and I do have quite a few decorations of things I like in my house. Generally, I think they look good, and I clean my room when it gets too dirty. My fiancee has the whole cutsey aesthetic going, while I mainly just put together different things I like for my house.

    How do you behave around strangers?

    Fake, fake, and more fake, niceties, pleasantries, and tell them what they want to hear. I can be very bold very easily, so I can flatter people well. I don't really try to be myself until I know that they are someone I can be myself around.

    How do you react to conflict? What do you do if somebody insults or attacks you?

    I can handle it really well. One of my greatest strengths is knowing when to pick my battles, and knowing when someone is trying to slight me in that way. If someone insults me, I assess the situation to see if I should engage or just focus on something else. Sometimes, you stand more to gain by not saying anything. Sometimes, ill engage and insult back if I have something to gain or if its for fun. If someone attacks me physically, ill fight back. However, it rarely gets to that since I'm great with my tongue, and it can get me out of situations and into good positions with the right words.

    What is one common misconception that people have about things? Explain why it is wrong.

    I think I already did that earlier.

    What did you do last Friday?

    Well, to my best recollection, I was refining an essay to suit my professors' taste. After that, I spent my time with my fiancee. I played some games, then jotted down quite a few figures from the stock market. I studied some history, and then went to sleep while my fiancee played some games for me to watch.

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    A quick read would indicate IEI.

    That might be a Ready, Fire, Aim, though.

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    EIE? you seem to have more energy than a normal introvert, and I can see some Te role here.

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    I can see Se valuing , ethical , maybe EIE or SEE

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    Default I think IEE

    Immediately when reading I thought "Not ruling IEE out". As I read I saw a very different person from me, yet, I kept thinking "IEE" the more I read. People are different in how they are raised and their life experiences and how their relationships form who they are. Identical does not mean "twin". Also probably you are a different astrology sun sign, perhaps a different prominent element (I have a lot of air; after that some earth, some fire, then water least).

    You do write as if the world is your oyster, which is not a prominent theme of my life. But that might be related to your time of life. I remember very occasional time periods in my life feeling the very same way.

    Story about me ("stories about me" are very IEE): One time in particular, in college, I landed summer work in a beautiful place on a lake, during which I had a few days of delightful reunion with a very old friend from childhood vacations. We spent an entire day adventuring from sunrise to sunset, first an early climb up a small mountain view for a spectacular view of the lake and surrounding mountains and lakes, then all day canoeing upstream from one end of the lake, requiring some portaging. Also we camped one night on the beach of the uninhabited island. So many stars in the mountains! Such silence! We awoke to an unexpected new adventure - the fog was so thick and dense we could not see past the head of the canoe, and had to hurriedly navigate blind to the Inn in time for me to serve breakfast. There was the sleepover at her cottage with her college friends. We all made Quiche Lorraine from "The Art of French Cooking" - her friends were so interesting! She was an Ivy Leaguer now, experiencing life in the midst of a lot of other super-intelligent and highly privileged people. And she saw something in me in a conversation, as, immediately after, she wrote in my sketchbook, "O, wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us!" (This is from Robert Burns, translating, "Oh would some power, the gift give us, to see ourselves...") I think the magicalness of my life at the time (I would waterski to her cabin!) is something I naively generalized as how my life would always be. And she, wise (not only smart, but had navigated through some very tough experiences), responded to that.

    Not saying you are a magical thinker! But there is a bit of that "my oyster" in your worldview.

    It also reminds me of a smart, handsome, likeable high school boy when I was subbing. He took all AP classes in a great school, got top grades, starred in sports, and he just had a huge disappointment of a rejection letter from Harvard. He confided that his interview stumble was getting stumped by a question he had no preparation for - "What is humility"?

    Also I am not saying you lack that. Just the "oyster" view lacks it, usually.

    Another thing I recognize in you, like me, and like IEE, are that you are verbose when explaining your beliefs or your experiences and what your values are or how what you learned relates to that. Me, too. Also the focus on understanding others and seeking to understand others is a big IEE tell, you just "get" the people in your life, and you have given it contemplation. You also know who "gets you" and who doesn't, and that is fine with you, becasue you enjoy getting along with everyone (in each Quadra there is one who gets along well with all the other types, and in Delta it's IEE). IEE's Hidden Agenda is "To Know" which really translates, to me, "To understand" (you have to know things to understand things, and I do seek to know things for that purpose).

    I also felt I could pick any career or occupation, like they were all open to me, and the hard part was picking which path, out of so many possibilities. (Unfortunately, you have to pick!). Also I did not want the 9-5 route, preferring time/flexibility for interests, and that is an IEE thing. Stocks is something I never had an interest in, but your particular interest can be related to other things. Also zero interest in video games or whatever you were referring to there. So I see big differences in us, but how you answer and explain your thinking is very IEE.

    Also the drive for self-improvement is very IEE, and very Delta. Trying to be very, very excellent at everything you do is IEE's response to weak Ti. Also being a perfectionist about love. Your have a list of expectations. IEE tend to strive for the ideal in love. It makes it possible to date a lot because besides enjoying getting to know new people, it is fun and interesting to do the fast evaluations on if they would be a good life mate. Since you seek an ideal mate, evaluating a lot of possible candidates seems prudent.

    How long have you known about Socionics and what led you to it? Once you learn it (and there is so much to learn and it is so interesting) you will be fast at typing. Quadra values, Cognitive Styles, Relationship Types, the Renin Dichotomies, the Romance Styles (also called erotic attitudes) - it all makes for an amazing conglomeration of info that will reform your thinking and you will find yourself able to type people you meet pretty easily. It will come to you when you aren't even trying! I find my first guess or stab in the dark turns out to be right quite often (not always). I am often surprised they turned out right since I originally put little thought in the first guess. It is because of our intuition and our lifetime of studying people.

    My stab in the dark guess for your fiancé, from the little you shared, is SEI. That is Alpha, an easy other-Quadra to get along with, and the Romance Style is good for you. Also she would fit all your criteria, I can see. Lying - any type can tell lies, for their own reasons; I think life experiences influence this. Also it's situational, often a stressful unexpected situation can bring it about. Since she loves you and your intuitive thinking can be baffling to her Sensing thinking at times, and it is harder for her to navigate your Fi than the Fe she favors, I can see when suddenly feeling disoriented and scared that she might lose you over some unseen expectation that arose out of nowhere, that might lead her to lie at times when caught unawares, and she makes a save-face effort to keep things positive until she can think through what just happened, what she perceives she said or did wrong, when she didn't mean to, since she is totally dedicated to you. We IEEs tend to be candid and can be offended by deceit, but when you see the deceit of lying doesn't come from a mode of deceit in her, it won't bother you so much. SEI will always be deeply loyal and very supportive of you. Also, showing SEIs great vacation and life experiences is a huge gift for them. You will both be happy.

    Omigoodness I spent a whole lot of time on this. I have some flexibility with time, being between jobs now, but I have so much I need to do, including things for job search (not a lot out there at the moment) and preps for interviews (some time-consuming things i have to do I don't like doing) as well as all the stuff at home I don't have enough time for when working. I decided to read here on The16T with my soup lunch, and only read this post of yours, and afternoon went where??

    So I have to go. I think you will enjoy Socionics, WeaverofFate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliza Thomason View Post
    Also the drive for self-improvement is very IEE, and very Delta. Trying to be very, very excellent at everything you do is IEE's response to weak Ti. Also being a perfectionist about love. Your have a list of expectations. IEE tend to strive for the ideal in love. It makes it possible to date a lot because besides enjoying getting to know new people, it is fun and interesting to do the fast evaluations on if they would be a good life mate. Since you seek an ideal mate, evaluating a lot of possible candidates seems prudent. being extremely driven towards self-improvement is a Delta thing. That explains a lot about my life so far.
    I'm quoting this because I relate so strongly to this, that makes me feel sane to know this
    Sometimes you don't have motivation because you lack purpose.
    Sometimes you don't have purpose, because you lack self-knowledge
    Sometimes you don't have self-knowledge because you lack love
    Sometimes you don't have love because you lack self-love
    Sometimes you don't have self-love because you lack guess what? Ask Gulenko!!

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