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Thread: worldbuilding a socionics-based civilisation

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    Lightbulb worldbuilding a socionics-based civilisation

    so like imagine everyone just magically knows their type once they're like born

    imagine socionics is taught in school

    so anyways duality (or activator) is the new het now and anything else is basically avoided and looked down upon causing people only to reproduce within their own quadra, causing quadra to slowly, over thousands of years split off into different species, now all the betas die of/cause mass genocide and war. i think betas should cause AND die of mass genocide and war. against themselves perhaps, humanity sure does kill a lot of our own kind. or maybe against the deltas. but the deltas are a different species now so mayyybe they're not sentient so mayyybe it's acceptable to murder them.

    due to their hArD wORk, gammas end up building an industrious space civilisation and exploits alien races for space oil and economic gain. alphas are so harmless and ineffective they party underground because a neighbouring star yeeted earth away from the solar system into open space so they now live off geothermal energy deep in Earth's mantle, stuck deep in earth's crust. homo delticus are either genocided by the betas or go off to colonise a planet or start a space station or invent a Beta repellent and a bunch of spaceships or stay on Earth digging up treasure and dead ancient people from layers of Earth's snow or living with those underground alphas, everyone went off to do their own shit. what do you expect, they're deltas. wonder how they stay one species lmao


    anyway it's a bad idea, but do you have any built worlds based upon socionics?

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    Types is _one of_ factors for good friendship. Mostly useful for long-time pairs.
    Also _one of_ factors to improve the psyche.
    One of ways for humanitarian progress for stronger, happier, better cooperating people.

    Thigh, it's hypothetical still.

    > hArD wORk, gammas end up building an industrious space civilisation

    All functions have equal importance in the life.

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    I do think that if everyone suddenly knew their types, chaos would happen. Maybe something like type-racism would occur? Maybe even war?

    "Knowledge is a deadly friend, if no one sets the rules," Epitaph, King Crimson.

    I think this quote says a lot. Yes, if everyone knew about socionics, that would be cool! But it would cause disharmony and maybe type supremacy. People could misuse the information. It is already pretty clear within the MBTI community that Sensors are bad and Intuitives are good, at least according to the NT's. So people would split up and think some humans are better than others based on their type, even though we're all needed in society and no type is objectively better or worse. We don't exactly need people to be more seperated than they already are, or what do you think?

    It's still a cool idea though. Been playing around with it in my head for a while.

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