On the big five test, I scored 38 out of 100 on openness, 15 out of 100 on conscientiousness, 50 out of 100 on extroversion, 51 out of 100 on agreeableness, and 26 out of 100 on emotional stability or 74 out of 100 on neuroticism. I'm considering becoming a psychologist, and im aware psychologists are generally more neurotic and mentally ill than the general population (not saying that would guarantee my success just saying it wouldn't automatically disqualify me), and ive gotten a lot better with therapy. I'm also learning to keep my sexual instincts under control in therapy, as my social worker believes my stress is causing me to be hypersexual at times. Also, im not obsessing over contingency planning over who to date or get married to anymore, but I still nonetheless find some feelings distracting at times due to my high neuroticism, but i am working on it. my social worker suggested i become a forensic psychologist, but he didn't believe what i portray here on the site as being a sex maniac, would necessarily get in the way of working with clinical clients, but thought i might become emotionally drained.