I would normally put the types for reference, but too long. It's elsewhere.


There. Big chart.

Judicious/Decisive - How automatically do you think?
No/yes respectively.

Merry/Serious - Fun person, stick in the mud, respectively. Serious is incredibly formal relatively. Sudden bursts of joy is gonna surprise them, not that they can't do it.

Merry - She posts high quality cat photos.

Serious - I would rather discuss taxes.
((I wish I was joking. This has happened.))

Aristocratic/Democratic - Puts people into groups or adds on requirements to join a group, vs creating soft groups on based on character or behavior.

Aristocrat Example. There's a guy I know who hates all people from xxxxfield. It's probably because some people heckled at him while in the area.

A guy said I wasn't NT if I couldn't describe logic. I see the reasoning, but that would require knowledge of a definition of logic. Bad test.


Process - does things in order. Follows rules.

Result - Rules are guidelines. Seemingly random order.

Examples -

process builds legos. You know how lego manuals work, I hope.

result - The format of this text will slowly mutate over time. Also, I am not doing this in any specific order. Good news is, top to bottom seems pretty efficient right now.


Carefree - person relies on what they have in hand. Does not trust their own information, and thus will limit it to what they recently read or quickly lookup the thing they need to know. Programmers often do this.

Farsighted - person uses all their knowledge to solve the problem at hand. I guess fits the trope of walking dictionary, at least on what they know.

Carefree - computers are great. Google is great. Why do people not use google.

Farsighted - people who rely on google are stupid.

Yielding Obstinate -

Yielding - Money is important, I'll tell you how to get some. I can't do x, I don't have the money, time, willpower.

Yielding - You can use my computer but if I need it, get off.

Obstinate - Information is important, I need it to make money. I can't do x, I'll gain the money, time, willpower.

Obstinate - You need my computer? We'll take turns.

Static - Episodic stories. More focused on the stuff that's there.

Dynamic - Continuous stories. More focused on what's happening.

Static- yesterday I went to the park, and there was a pretty brown tree, a nice wood bench, a pretty blue bird. I had a cherry pie. It was delicious.

That guy from twin Peaks. Dale Cooper. The pie scene.

Dynamic- yesterday I went to the park, and hung out with friends, then we went to the mall, and then I got a new shirt. Pretty good time.

Tactics/Strategic -

Tactics - method. Focus on methods. Goals are not very cared about as much. Nebulous goals.

Strategic - method. Focus on Goals. Methods are not very cared about as much. Nebulous methods.

Ex tactics

I actually use method in my general speech. Like I think in terms of I have a method that can be applied, and say it like that verbatim.


I assume they would sub out goal for method. I have achieved my goals.


Emotivist - Emotionally does not like negativity. Difficulty in disregarding people's requests.

Ex Obama would not read anything critical of himself.

Constructivist - Doesn't care except to achieve business. Difficulty in disregarding with other people's emotions.

Ex. Trump does not care about not insulting people to get them to make themselves look bad.

Positivist - optimization focused. Make the thing run better. Little jumps in efficiency.

Negativist - solution focused. Entirely new solution to a problem.

Example -
positivist - The little solutions I've found when coding are always universally to make things easier on myself.
Negativist I don't got one.


Ask - Dialogue. Notong rambly thing.

Declare - Monologue. Long, rambly thing.

Example. Declare - Go to the shoutbox, and ask me a question.

Also ******, he monologued in public and private. Hugely famous for it.

I'm not doing ask. I'm done.