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Thread: Reverse Infatuation

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    Default Reverse Infatuation

    So now there's this girl I've known for 10 years now.
    We got closer about 5 years now and we've been friendly attached to each other for about 2-3 years now.
    But I had never spent any time at her place.
    I had always a feeling that I liked her even though at the same time I felt that I liked a part in her that I had never seen
    It's like I knew deep down that she was someone else.

    So my feelings were confirmed. She's pretty much who I expected her to be all these years. And that's the one I really like.

    I could say that all those infatuation theory is bullshit, because the more I get closer to her the more I like her platonic-ally.

    Our friendship is becoming idealistic over time, and maybe no one cares about this, but I just wanted to share.

    I don't know if this is common for dual relationships, but I guess so
    Sometimes you don't have motivation because you lack purpose.
    Sometimes you don't have purpose, because you lack self-knowledge
    Sometimes you don't have self-knowledge because you lack love
    Sometimes you don't have love because you lack self-love
    Sometimes you don't have self-love because you lack guess what? Ask Gulenko!!

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    Nice that you appreciate this. Sounds like mature relating.

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