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Thread: Marriage Story (film)

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    Default Marriage Story (film)

    I finally got around to watching Marriage Story on Netflix. I had it on my list to watch since it came out last year because I like Scar Jo but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because of the depressing topic. I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was witty and funny, sorta like Royal Tenenbaums without all the Alpha-ness.

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    I can't type those characters because the main actors (Scarlett Johansson and Kylo Ren Adam Driver) always act the same. All the characters of Scarlett are herself, and she's EIE-Fe. Good acting skills make me forget who's the actor and buy them the character in scene, but bad acting skills are just like "oh, look, its Scarlett now pretending to be an angry wife". I saw them going nuts but it was Scarlet and Adam going nuts. So EIE-Fe and Gamma NT for him (mb they were supposed to be deltas, just from the lifestyle, not sure because as I said, acting didnt help).

    That said, I think its another awful movie courtesy of netflix.

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