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    Default Hi!

    This is my first time to be in a forum, it is nice. I have already surveyed a lot of articles. It is nice to learn from other people especially from their experiences. I am a Game Developer. I am an enthusiast learning about psychology matter. And I am trying to make a Game. A 3D Third Person Role Playing Game about Socionics and Attitudinal with the inspiration of Tron Legacy movie and Tron Uprising Series.

    I am gathering more info here, so I know I will learn a lot here. And I am so looking forward to learn more.

    In MBTI, I am an INTJ, but on Socionics I am an ILI-INTp. My Enneagram is 8w7, it is 6 percent higher to my other result which is 1w2. Don't much time to study it yet. My Attitudinal Type is much more complex, I get 4 results sometimes 3 in the same percentages.

    They are FVLE, VELF, EVLF, and FELV. I already know MBTI for 2 years now, but socionics just for 2 months. So, I know I can dig more knowledge in here.

    This is a great site. Thanks for the creators and founders of this especially to someone who introduce to me this site. It means a lot.

    Have a nice day to everyone!
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    Use this:
    Infro from Strat and Gulenko is interesting, look for those.
    Use google translate to read Gulenko's Russian site, a lot of good info there:
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    Welcome. Interesting that you mention game development. I've been been digging into software like Blender pretty often for the past year now, with the aim of getting involved in that (mainly for creating the 3D assets, at least).

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