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Thread: When a dual is your only friend

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    Default When a dual is your only friend

    I've seen people who say THEY HAVE NO FRIENDS, but are in a very close romantic relationship. In other words, despite their antisocial personality, they managed to find someone who loved them at some point in life.

    So this leads to my question:

    What's like to have a dual as your only friend (maybe lover or not). Do you know anyone like this?
    Sometimes you don't have motivation because you lack purpose.
    Sometimes you don't have purpose, because you lack self-knowledge
    Sometimes you don't have self-knowledge because you lack love
    Sometimes you don't have love because you lack self-love
    Sometimes you don't have self-love because you lack guess what? Ask Gulenko!!

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    Dunno, IRL I think I prefer EP temperament people no matter the quadra, I often easily get along with even IEEs at times but we often feel like we're fighting for different corporations or organizations or something despite not really being hostile with each other (and also understanding each other pretty well) so it can get awkward. I have been close friends with both ILEs, SLEs (and a few SEEs) while I 'shut the rest of the world out.'

    When people say they have no friends it's probably an exaggeration, or there's some truth to it- but it's still an exaggeration. I can hang around people sometimes but I usually don't like to. Cuz I know social relationships are about giving to the energy, but I'm an introvert and I just take/and I selfishly just make everything about me without even meaning to. But then when I don't make things about myself I come off as 'too nice and naive' and can't win either way. So fuck other people I'm playing this video game hum de dum dum.

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