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Thread: Sad Duality Scenarios

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    Default Sad Duality Scenarios

    Hatsumomo was ENTJ in Geisha (Gong Li played her). I don't think Hannibal was ESI necessarily. But the actor Gaspard Ulliel is ESI-Se. I'm thinking this is a good example of unhealthy duality
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    There are no health/unhealthy "scenarios" of IR. There are other factors besides IR which influence on relations.
    There is many what can be against relations to be good. Concrete duals may have anything from that.

    In IR related specifics deserves to mention one thing.
    The attitude and behavior against friendship - when people see no interest for such relations or do not enough efforts for them - is the common obstacle for good IR factor be stronger. The main advantage of good IR is friendship abbility - to share one life in whole together - to be sincere, open and care about interests of each other, to join minds with other human and perceive what he thinks and feels as a part of you too. It's not common for today very individualistic culture to have friendship relations. People make pairs and bring there this individualistic attitude which does not allow them to be closer as persons and so good IR give them lesser. The problem can be tried to be reduced by consciousness and unconsciousness influencing methods - to remove interpersonal borders between people and to establish the attitude on unconditional acceptance. This would allow good IR to give the more. While the same with bad IR may lead to problems, as a personality accepted too alien components may increase inner conflict and neurotic symptoms. In case duality influence would balanced the type closer to equality of functions then bad IR people with their "alien" values may be accepted easier and this integration of people alike conflictors mb useful as all 8 functions are important in equal degree.

    Examples of badly went pairs with good IR may be in a quantity. You'll find there a lot of general mistakes and problems people have in different relations. When the weight of this appears higher than what good IR and other good gives then relations become not good. In marriages duality mb allows to reduce divorces twice from 50% common for today to 25%. There is good chance to help people to use advantages of duality effects so they'd were more satisfied there - to help them find such pairs and to help them to get "joined minds" state. Though, it's experimental and hypothetical still. Even duality/complementary functions effect is not objectively proved still, to have a basis to study people to use it.
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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