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Thread: w1 and rage

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    Default w1 and rage

    What types (besides 8 of course) do you associate with rage?
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    ^^^what Pyre said

    Also, what I've observed about 1s is that the moment a sort of proper/acceptable excuse to be angry (for the 1) comes up, any previously pent up anger will come out at once and to someone who doesn't understand, it may seem very disproportionate to the actual situation and unexpected.
    1s are always trying to justify their anger. They need to feel like whatever they do is right. so any emotion that seems to be "wrong" will be stifled.

    As a 1 fix I was especially out of touch with my anger when I was younger, but i have noticed that I let myself be angry more with no need to judge the feeling, and it feels freeing. Once I finally express it, it tends to disappear quickly and I just go back to being my mellow self. It's like how crying is good for when you're sad. (this observation maybe has a 4 bent to it)

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