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    Default Hello there

    I'm Claudius, I've been a lurker of this forum for months and finally decided to create an account. I hope to learn more about this system and how to make best of my natural abilities and further cultivate them. I'm an EII-Fi.

    Short stuff:
    -Found out about MBTI three years ago, was and have been typed as INFP
    -Originally typed myself as 9w1 in ennea, then revised to 9w8
    -Stumbled upon Socionics roughly a year ago, found that INFPs are usually either EII or IEI in the system
    -Read the profiles, narrowed it down to EII as I match Delta values much more than Beta
    -Chose Fi subtype as it sounds more like how I present myself than the Ne one
    -I have a love-hate relationship with Te

    Bonus points to anyone who responds with General Kenobi.

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    you seem J
    to be sure in your type is useful to check this by IR with people near

    > found that INFPs are usually either EII or IEI in the system

    INFP = IEI
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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