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Thread: Took the RHETI v2.5 test | RESULTS

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    Default Took the RHETI v2.5 test | RESULTS

    so I took the RHETI test, answered as honestly as I could.. even if I hated the answer (because it was true and it sucked admitting it). Results seem consistent with how I worked it out for myself years ago after reading Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson's book on the Enneagram. Initially when I encountered the enneagram I thought I was a 4 with 8-ish tendencies but over time and with arguing I became increasingly convinced that I was just a in MBTI terms "non SJ-ish" counter type 6 aka a 6 that leans towards counter-phobic.

    As per the book, enneagram can be translated into Jung as follows:

    Table 14.2 The Jungian Correlations

    The One corresponds to the extroverted thinking type.
    The Two corresponds to the extroverted feeling type.
    The Three does not correstpond to any Jungian type.
    The Four corresponds to the introverted intuitive type.
    The Five corresponds to the introverted thinking type.
    The Six corresponds to the introverted feeling type.
    The Seven corresponds to the extroverted sensation type.
    The Eight corresponds to the extroverted intuitive type.
    The Nine corresponds to the introverted sensation type.

    so.. in my case Fi > Ni > Ne >=Ti & Se.. this roughly corresponds with my tritype: 6w(5or7)-4-8 however under socionics type 8 is more Se than Ne, so: Fi>Ni>Se>=Ti & Ne with atrocious Fe.

    Dominant type leading the 648

    These Tritypes with type 6 leading are paradoxical. Ironically the 6s with this Tritype are the most hyper-reactive 6 but they are still tentative and apprehensive. Their mental projections can make their reactions very confusing to others. They may at times show their anxiety and look timid and in need of support and at other times they can be so intensely assertive and provocative that their needs go unseen. The high side of these Tritypes is that they are extremely devoted and dutiful to those to whom they are attached. They are very loyal and protective.

    The 468s have a finely tuned sense of emotional attunement and sense what others feel (4). They feel potential threats at a sharper pitch (6) than the other Tritypes. They also have a visceral experience of their emotions with an intense need to take immediate action (8) and voice their concerns (468). They are highly intuitive and are alert to imminent threats long before others. They are fiercely loyal and protective of those they love and whomever or whatever they care about. They are willing to speak their truth regardless of the consequences. They track their instinctual intuitions and warn others in an attempt to manage their own emotional distress.

    "Your primary Enneagram personality type is most likely the highest of these scores, and almost certainly among
    the highest two or three." - RHETI results PDF.


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