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Thread: Subtypes of E. Filatova and Stratiyevskaya?

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    Default Subtypes of E. Filatova and Stratiyevskaya?

    Was E. Filatove the Fi subtype and Stratiyevskaya the Se subtype?

    I'm not 100% sure. Because while E. Filatova's logic is simpler and more similar to mine while Stratiyevskaya's work is more original and more in-depth (and better), Stratiyevskaya's description of ESI describes me well and I think I'm the Fi subtype. I like the Se subtype better, I think most people do although the Se subtype isn't necessarily nicer all the time, they do have better qualities.

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    There is different degree of the balance of functions and mb dichotomies in different people. That "subtypes" mentioned by Filatova is a try to take this difference into account. From practical point it can be thought as useless still.

    Filatova mentioned one of subtypes hypothesis variant. It should be not her, but taken somewhere.
    Mainly this is about higher balance to traits of 1st or 2nd Jung functions. Alike ILE-Ne and ILE-Ti, where ILE-Ne has more traits shift to N, E, P and mb F side.
    Different degree of functions balance at different people fits to Jung theory. But some parts of this subtypes hypothesis may be baseless, wrong or practically not useful. For example, it's doubtful to suppose such "subtypes" as significant at majority of people as they have both 1 and 2 functions as similarly strong, doubtful to think the degree of functions balance as stable, to suppose as common case the significant influence on IR effects. Also today typing methods are doubtful to be accurate enough for measuring this.

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