I have multiple crushes. I'll start with the most recent. serious answers only, but you can add your disappointment about the previous question's irony in the answer alongside the actual answer.

-always attends religious functions that aren't really necessary
-volunteers alot and travels alot
-writes poetic and "inspiring" descriptions of her thoughts and reflections on recent adventures and events in her life
-when approached for small talk years ago, especially because i used to be a bit of a creep, acted a bit cold and when i asked "aren't you going to ask what my name is?" said, "I don't.....care....?"
-wears headcovering and modest and at times simple yet always pretty clothing
-tall, slim, yet firm in stance.
pretty, slim face
-is gregarious (am i using the term right?) and tries new things
-keeps other people's spirits up during the outbreak, and encourages others not to stop doing stuff and helping others, as long as it's safe. (on social media)
-talks very eloquently
-is humanitarian