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Thread: Workplace relationships

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    Default Workplace relationships

    I had to make a post to admire over my new EII coworkers both males and both amazing people who I get along with well. One of them is a real relationship mitigator in that he will send you or other to others who have knowledge of certain areas.
    Who do you get along with at work?
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    I'm constantly looking to align the real with the ideal.I've been more oriented toward being overly idealistic by expecting the real to match the ideal. My thinking side is dominent. The result is that sometimes I can be overly impersonal or self-centered in my approach, not being understanding of others in the process and simply thinking "you should do this" or "everyone should follor this rule"..."regardless of how they feel or where they're coming from"which just isn't a good attitude to have. It is a way, though, to give oneself an artificial sense of self-justification. LSE

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    I've been able to successfully work with most but have never admired anyone. I learned quite early in my career that it was better for me not to have friendships in the workplace. Maintaining distance becomes easier as one rises higher in management because fewer people seem to want to be friends and the ones who try to get close usually have a purpose other than friendship. Historically, I seem to have preferred working alone, followed by IXTjs, followed by IXTps. I've had difficulties with people of every type but I haven't had difficulty working with a specific type.

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