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Thread: Your subjective list of the most annoying Vlogers / Youtubers.

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    Lightbulb Your subjective list of the most annoying Vlogers / Youtubers.

    I have no idea if this is the correct category, but ok.

    Sorry for my english and the fact that movies and channels are not in English. But I could only post such channels. I can compensate for this only with descriptions.

    1) Carrioner

    Yeah. This guy quite often right and is quite logical. Sometimes I like watching his videos, but generally he is very annoying in his behavior. He thinks he has eaten all brains, is rude, makes fun of others, generally makes a moron of himself and Arguing with everyone about everything.
    He creates his own definitions or changes the definitions of existing words (Ti). He creates his own "truths" based on own experience. (This probably suggests Merry in The Merry / Serious Dichotomy and Subjectivist in the Subjectivist/Objectivist Dichotomy). He even mocks the appearance other people.
    It shows how mentally immature he is. He makes fun of other people's emotions publicly and then he cries in front of the camera when he talks about his ex-girlfriend. I think that is embarrassing. Even his explosions of expressiveness make me annoyed.... . I think undoubtedly it's beta. I think it could be SLE ??

    2) Ator

    It provides many interesting news from the world and he is a very good visionary, but it is unreliable and you need to verify the sources after it. Tells nonsense and changes facts. The sources from the internet forum are enough reliable credible to him to place in vlog.... Many things he do for sensation.
    He often draws too hasty conclusions and guided by stereotypes. In my opinion too much guided by the good of other people (Humanitarianism) instead of focusing on efficiency and optimal solution. He considers himself politically incorrect.... But it's not....
    He smoothes his words as much as possible because he don't want to offend anyone (even if this sentence that would be fact) and afraid of other people's reaction.... I am annoyed by his touchiness, drama, exaggeration and his expresion. Rather on 95% XNFX. And rather extraverted. Probably EIE or IEE.

    You can also type these vloggers. In particular 2) Ator. I am interested in his type (VI), whether EIE or IEE.
    It's your turn.

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    all of them are pretty annoying tbh

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    Yo Jake Paul, you're a #SOCIOPATH!

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