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Thread: la Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Types

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    Default la Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Types

    I'm surprised not to find a thread for this here.

    For me the series has a very strong Gamma vibe. Strong awareness of finance, the concept of money and power and how it affects large scale decisions in the long run and governments and people.
    I would compare it with movies such as "V for Vendetta" yet here, since it is a series, there are more elements of creativity and "systematic playfulness" (in terms of calculated risks).
    Inducing feelings of nonconformism and skepticism in the viewers, paying attention to internal relations in order to strengthen the elements of justice seeking; making the audience question what good and evil ultimately are.

    These types of movies also happen to be becoming more and more popular. It seems maybe for the first time in history, some sort of nonconformist thinking style is growing all around the world from Berlin to Tokyo to Hong Kong to NY.

    Even the relatively new street styles emerging in China and US (Clothing brands such as Khaotic Collective from Ethan Cutkosky) are representing a new wave of trends in thoughts.

    The pattern in these movies seems to be: showing corruption in authorities in terms of unjust distribution of resources, revealing authoritarian theatrical tactics used to deceive the masses, making minority groups such as immigrants and LGBT a large part of the story (present both in V for Vendetta and la Casa), showing the "other side" of a criminal's life (broadening the viewer's scope of perception in terms of ethics and morality) and having "masked" heroes who are more than ever similar to people and have no special superpowers but are using their pain in order to achieve something bigger and make the world a better place for all, not just the top 1%.

    I am not sure about the true nature of this trend at its core (political and social) and that is a debate for another thread. Would be very interested if someone wants to discuss about it. Yet, that is for another time and another thread.

    >> What I'm absolutely sure of in terms of typology for this movie:

    Professor: ILI
    Raquel Mourinho (Lisbon): ESI
    Monica (Stockholm): SEI
    Suárez: ESI-Se

    >> What I'm not 100% sure about:

    Berlin: SEE
    Arturito: ILE
    Martín Berrote (Palermo): LIE-Ni
    Coronel Prieto: LSI-Se

    >> What I can only guess about:

    Rio: IEE (Child/ Ne ego)
    Helsinki: ESE (alpha friendliness present/surgeries and care taking are always trusted with him)
    Nairobi: EII-Ne
    Denver: SLE (aggressive/macho)
    Moscow: SLI (traditional/craftsman)

    >> What I don't know:

    Tokyo: (complicated character)
    Other characters I don't remember now:
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    Meh the show didn't grab me and there are much better shows about money like Ozark. I couldn't stand the cringe writing

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    El Profesor: ILI
    Raquel: LIE or IEE
    Berlin: EIE
    Tokyo: Beta ST
    Rio: IEI
    Denver: Se-base
    Monica: ESI
    Nairobi: SEE
    Helsinki: Si-base
    Arturo: Fe-base
    Palermo: Ti-ILE or EIE
    Gandia: Ti-SLE
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    season 5 bump

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