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Thread: Stackemup Typology Presents The True Origin Of "Tritype" (Aka Mulitple Personality Disorder)

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    Default Stackemup Typology Presents The True Origin Of "Tritype" (Aka Mulitple Personality Disorder)

    Table of Contents:
    I. The True Origin of Enneagram Talk Styles
    II. The True Origin of Enneagram Typing by Gestalt
    III. The True Origin of Tritype (Multiple Personality Disorder)

    do not click on any links until after reading through all three chapters.

    I. The True Origin Of Enneagram Talk Styles

    Katherine Fauvre failed to give credit in her blog to Eli Jaxon Bear for Eli Jaxon Bear's talk styles.

    These are Eli Jaxon Bear's talk styles:


    ("The above descriptions are based on extract from Eli Jaxon-Bear’s book "The Enneagram of Liberation – From Fixation to Freedom".)

    This is what Katherine Fauvre wrote on her blog in what she calls the enneagram talk styles:

    1 Teaching, Moralizing, Educating
    2 Flattering, Advising, Supporting
    3 Wooing, Promoting, Self-Promoting
    4 Lamenting, Sad Stories, Personalizing
    5 Explaining, Systemizing, Treatises
    6 Cautioning, Questioning, Doubting, Group Thought
    7 Anecdotes, Story-telling, Sarcasm
    8 Imperatives, Unmasking, Teasing
    9 Monotonous, Sagas, Pleasantries

    Apparently Katherine wants to give enneagram newbies reading the blog the impression that she came up with Eli Jaxon Bear's talk styles. Check out what she writes:

    "Enneastyle talk styles was one of my early studies in 1995. This study was after I had learned a great deal about the most common words used by the 9 Enneagram types to describe themselves to a total stranger. From this initial group of words, I learned even more about the talk styles."

    No credit in her blog post was given to Eli Jaxon Bear for coming up with those talk styles. Eli Jaxon Bear deserves all the credit for that. I believe he also has his talk styles copyrighted, so he could even file suit to enjoin her from using his talk styles without proper attribution.

    II. The True Origin of Enneagram Typing By Gestalt

    As some will already recall, Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-Side) introduced the typology world to enneagram typing by gestalt way back. I first laid out Stackemup Typology's revolutionary approach on here at 16types (as well as other forums) in detail in late 2018 and it spread like wildfire: (scroll down)

    On February 15, 2019, Katherine Fauvre essentially adopts Stackemup Typology's Typing Method but doesn't give Me or Stackemup Typology any credit for Stackemup Typology's Leadership on enneagram typing by Gestalt.

    Katherine writes:
    "Then, after that, I find it is best to go with the ‘Gestalt’ ….for with respect to the nuances of typing, the whole appears to be far greater than the sum of its parts."

    Sound familiar? It should. I wrote this in December 2018:

    "The gestalt is the type's overall instinctive truth sometimes referred to as the chief characteristic. It gives unity to all the various sides/parts to one's personality." (scroll down to FAQ)

    She doesn't even provide a link to my 3,000+ exemplars breakdown which empirically validates my original, customized and developed approach of enneagram typing by Gestalt (she could always say she was using that approach since 1995, to which I say, prove it):

    I believe Katherine has to try to close the differences between Fauvres' enneagram with Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-Side) so Stackemup Typology doesn't present less of a true alternative; otherwise, Stackemup Typology will push the fauvre's ideas right out of the mainstream. I've already put the last rites on tritype (aka multiple personality disorder).

    In a year from now let's see whether Katherine will start talking about Core Action Sets for each gestalt (the concept I laid out) and then trying to define each gestalt as a I already did. If she does, Stackemup Typology better get credit for it!

    III. The True Origin of Tritype (AKA multiple personality disorder)

    Now onto the main event.

    So its well known to a select bunch of early enneagrammers that the fauvres' tritype concept (aka multiple personality disorder) originated from ideas that had developed out of and the eidb (enneagram institute discussion board) by an individual who was never given credit for it.

    Screenshots have been saved for posterity and even though a lot of enneagrammers on this forum no longer regard tritype (multiple personality disorder) as a viable concept, it is worth noting the actual history of tritype even as tritype is being read its last rites.

    Check out the original outline for multifix theory from June 13, 2003 and compare it to what the fauvres have on their site for tritype theory. Its substantially the same.

    the fauvres' site:

    The fauvres have made blanket assertions that they were talking about tritype way back when, but they have never shown any time-stamped proof that they introduced this concept prior to June 13, 2003 or even 2006.

    By 2006 Multifix was being used at the eidb by Koolkatkuhner, who was Cjarlez at and had also developed it at another old enneagram board ediots:

    To date, the Fauvres have never produced a single piece of time-stamped documentation showing that they had introduced tritype anywhere on the internet or in the world prior to the aforementioned dates. I've challenged them on it before. My research indicates that "Cjarlez" from is the first in time to ever introduce any such classification-fixation scheme to the enneagram. The fauvres read both and the eidb. It appears that the Fauvres just tweeked it, changed the name, and then claimed it came out of the "sacred" teachings of Oscar Ichazo to give it some aesthetic flourish (of course Ichazo's people disclaimed any connection to it). That's because tritype didn't come from Oscar Ichazo. It came from

    Now, obviously tritype (aka multiple personality disorder) is the apotheosis of fake enneagram and nobody needs to be using it because it has not only led to a mistyping explosion but a more superficial understanding of each enneagram type (don't bother with Katherine fauvre's blog or site which she named after herself since tritype is irrelevant). Nevertheless, the actual history bears repeating.
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    For type 8, you mean laying traps, right?

    I'm amused.

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    Chapter I shows a blatant rip-off of Eli Jaxon Bear's talk styles. This reminds me of when Olimpia copied all the ideas on syn-flow/contra-flow from into her barren of bad typings blog but gave no credit and then told people she would type them for a fee. They do that because they want the newcomers reading it to think they came up with the ideas all on their own. It makes said newcomer more likely to pull out their credit cards. Now if I told you that all of Fauvres' base enneagram typings on her site were pretty much a regurgitation of Tom Condon's typings on Tom Condon's lesser known enneagram site, it would come as no surprise. the Fauvres' enneagram is primarily based on a repackaging and remarketing of stuff from more insightful minds. Obviously Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-side) has the best stuff out there so it comes as no surprise that we see Katherine Fauvre copycatting my typing by gestalts. Watch, in a year from now the Fauvres will come out with names for each gestalt, instead of my self-confident gestalt for type 3, they will call theirs the self-assured gestalt. That's the problem. They won't give credit to the proper source. They will pretend like they came up with it all on their own and the sheep will eat it up, "Like oh how brilliant." A number of people are just sheep who have no barometer to gage the quality of ideas except to the look at the name of the person pushing it. Same thing happened with tritype. The Fauvres GOT the idea of Tritype from other people in the enneagram. When other people talked about it, it fell on deaf ears. Only because it comes out of the Fauvres' mouth, people ape it up. Like I said, a lot of people are sheep.

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