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Thread: Help me to type my friend

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    Default Help me to type my friend

    I have my friend irl , he is male SEI. I still can't decide , he is SEI-Si or SEI-Fe. And , i see him as ESE too. But ,
    But , when i met him. He was calm and i ever mistyped him as LSI. He was passive.

    I will describe him , He is really soft spoken person , friendly , and calm too. He never pushes to others.
    At first meeting. He wasn't expressive or share his feeling to me like now. But he can really expressive and friendly than mine , when i'm close with him at second semester till now. Although , he ever said he was trying to be extroverts but fail. He ever shared his disappointment to me , coz he was failed to submitted his work. After that , he disappeared one day. ( Yeah , his Fi demonstrative makes me pissed off. ) I was liked , i should reacted his emotions and i just felt his feelings too.
    And , he ever said he is envy to someone who has a lot knowledge. Coz , he ever said he can't talk at other topics like anime. But , when i talk to him. We can talk a lot besides anime. Till now. We never fight and if we rarely argue. Just small arguments and we accept our sides.
    He has same personality like me , he has trouble to says no and too trusting to others.
    He ever said , he never selects his friend unlike me. He ever said , if someone has good attitude. It is enough to him. He can behave like other , when he is into outside.
    He doesn't like being rushed and he has inability to does with multitasking.

    He is rather fashionable to his style , like he wears varsity , jackets , and polo shirt. He ever wore ripped jeans to college.
    He is aware to his appearance. Like , he ever talked to me. He was worried to his hair like hair loss or acne. He always washes his hair everyday.
    When , he talked it. It reminded me to my ESE friends at senior high school.

    Can u type him ?

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